35 Best DIY Gift Baskets Perfect for Any Occasion - She Tried What (2022)

Are you stuck about what to get someone for a gift? Browse through these amazing DIY gift baskets to spark some inspiration! Many include free printables and step-by-step instructions to make it super easy to recreate these great ideas. Premade gift baskets can get really pricey, save a ton of money by making DIY gift baskets that you can personalize to be unique and thoughtful. We even have a list of various DIY gift basket theme ideasyou can save for future inspiration.

1. Coffee Themed DIY Gift Basket

We all have a coffee-obsessed friend or family member that this would be perfect for. Personalize it with their favorite type of coffee and a cute mug that reminds you of them. I love that they opted for the cool, industrial-looking crate instead of the basket to hold it all too. I would definitely reuse that afterward. (via TomKat Studio Blog)

2. Festive Fall DIY Gift Basket

Does anything say Fall more than apples and homemade caramel sauce? I love DIY gift baskets that are so easy and inexpensive but don’t look it. The cute labels and jar for the caramel sauce are the finishing touches on this adorable Fall-themed DIY gift basket. It would also be perfect for a Thanksgiving hostess gift. (via Boxwood Avenue)

3. Cookie-Themed DIY Gift Basket

Next up for food-themed DIY gift baskets, is this adorable cookie-themed one. There is something about a baking themed gift basket that I cannot get enough of. It is especially perfect for a young person who is just starting stocking up their kitchen with all their baking supplies. This one is geared towards holiday baking, but it doesn’t need to be. You could even customize it using your family’s favorite cookie recipe. (via TomKat Studio Blog)

4. Breakfast Hostess Gift Basket

For this inexpensive breakfast-themed gift basket, all you need is some homemade banana bread and honey butter, a linen napkin, and some coffee beans. It is so thoughtful and cute, but easy to make. (via Jenny Steffens)

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5. Summer Gift Basket

I love when gift baskets are packaged up in a creative way that relates to the gift instead of being in a literal basket. So, I find this summer hostess gift so creative! She found an inexpensive glass pitcher at TJMaxx for $5 and wrapped it up with all the supplies to make lemonade. Genius! (via Fashion Meets Food)

6. Sangria Gift “Basket”

Similar to above, I love how this DIY Sangria gift “basket” packaged up in a cool glass beverage dispenser that can be used to serve it. It is colorful, fun, and a unique gift idea they are sure to love. (via Fantabulosity)

7. Mini DIY Spa Kit

I always see tons of amazing DIY beauty projects on Pinterest for homemade face masks, bath salts, and DIY lip scrubs. This DIY spa gift basket is the perfect excuse to try out those projects you’ve pinned and create a thoughtful, trendy looking gift for a fraction of the price you would pay at the store. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

8. DIY Spa Gift Basket

My two favorite things on their take on the DIY Spa Gift Basket are: 1) the hexagon wood box (obsessed with it!) and 2) the adorable FREE printable spa cards that are included. It makes it look so luxe and professionally put together but for a DIY price. (via The Beauty Dojo)

9. Sunshine DIY Gift Basket

If you need ideas for “just because” or DIY thank you gift baskets, this is perfect. Pick a color and do a color-themed gift basket with fun treats. I love this yellow-themed “Box of Sunshine” gift basket idea, which will certainly brighten up someone’s day. (via Fantabulosity)

DIY Gift Basket Theme Ideas:

Pick a theme for your gift basket. It will make it so much easier to shop for and come up with ideas of what to include because it gives you some parameters to work within. Here are some great DIYgift basket theme ideas you can use or pin for later:

35 Best DIY Gift Baskets Perfect for Any Occasion - She Tried What (2)

10. Gardener DIY Gift Basket

Here’s the perfect gift basket idea for the gardener in your life. And, if it’s your mom, this would also make a great Mother’s Day gift. Fittingly placed in a planter box, put together some gardening supplies, vegetable seeds, and make your own pressed flower card. For more pressed flower ideas, check out our post. (via The Merry Thought)

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11. DIY Get WellKit

It means a lot to know that someone is thinking of you when you aren’t feeling well. So, put together a few ofthese DIY get well gift baskets to bring to friends who are feeling under the weather. They are cheap & easy to make, but small gestures like this are what people really remember. (via The Merry Thought)

12. Pastel DIY Get Well Gift Basket

For another DIY Get Well basket idea, this one is pretty in pink and sure to make them feel loved. (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Hello World New Baby Basket

Welcoming a new baby into the family is one of the biggest events of a person’s life, so putting together a sweet new baby gift basket will mean the world to them. While you may get some items off of their registry for the baby shower, it just feels more personal and thoughtful when it is packaged up in a cute gift basket. I especially love the DIY Balloon Animal Plush Toy included. (via Little Inspiration)

14. Gender Neutral Newborn Gift Basket

While the parents will be overwhelmed with gifts at the baby shower, a thoughtful “welcome baby” gift basket after the baby is born will surely be special. (via Fantabulosity)

15. Welcome Baby Gift Box

I love the idea of packaging up all the cute gifts in a personalized box with the baby’s name handpainted on it. Then, it can be repurposed into nursery storage. Not super crafty? Not to worry, anyone can pull it off by stenciling and using a paint pen. (via Style Me Pretty)

16. New Mama DIY Gift Basket

Caring for anew baby non-stop can be exhausting, so it is a great idea to give your new mom friend a gift basket with treats to remind her to find a bit of “me” time when she can. With all of the focus being on the baby, it can be so nice to give something specifically for her to let her know you’re thinking about her. You can also include your favorite products that helped you through this amazing but exhausting time. (via Mommy Like Whoa)

17. Bridal Shower Gift “Basket”

You want to give the bride something practical at her bridal shower, but there can be something a little less special about a generic box with a crockpot or kitchen appliance in it. Instead, make it much more special and memorable by turning that appliance into a gift basket! This is brilliant! Add some kitchen linens, utensils, a cookbook and create a unique gift everyone will be talking about. You could also do the same thing with a Kitchen Aid mixer or a set of mixing bowls. (via The Glitter Guide)

18. Perfect Pair Bridal Shower Gift Basket

This unique bridal shower DIY gift basket is a “perfect pairs” theme. Inside, they added a bunch of items that are commonly paired together like a knife and cutting board, salt & pepper shakers, chip & dip bowls, or gloves. Super creative yet practical with items they will actually use. This is truly the best combination when brainstorming DIY gift baskets. (via Dream Green DIY)

19. End of Year Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

If I was a teacher, I would love getting this end of year teacher appreciation gift basket. It is a summer fun theme with a tote, magazine, water bottle and any other fun goodies that they can take to the pool or beach. It even comes with the free printable gift tag! (via Skip to My Lou)


20. 16th Birthday New Driver Gift Basket

A new driver themed DIY gift basket is the perfect idea for a 16th birthday! I got a gift basket similar to this from one of my good friends for my 16th birthday. I thought it was so clever and, obviously, memorable. You can stock it with all the supplies to wash their car or put together a car emergency kit. For mine, she put it in a plastic bucket and drew on it with paint pens to personalize it – such a cute idea they will always remember! (via Shirley Pando)

21. DIY Back to School Gift Basket

For the perfect back to school or going away to college gift, put together a DIY gift basket full of cute school supplies. I have to admit, I am much more likely to stay organized if I have a cute planner to use! (via Tatertots & Jello)

22. Welcome Neighbor Homemade Gift Basket

This “welcome neighbor” DIY gift basket is absolutely adorable! I love everything about it from the cute container to the local goodies from the farmer’s market. Perhaps my favorite thing of all, though, is the Neighborhood Guide template that is included. You can fill it out with recommendations on your favorite restaurants and places to go. I am obsessed with this idea – it is so unique and thoughtful! (via Oh Joy)

23. Fun DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

Be sure to check out this DIY Housewarming Gift Basket which could not make it any easier for you. It has an easy to use checklist, step-by-step instructions, and free printable gift tags. It all will cost you less than $50 and can be put together in an hour or two in the afternoon. (via Dream Green DIY)

24. Practical & Cute Housewarming Bucket

This housewarming bucket is filled with such practical goodies that are guaranteed to come in handy when you move into a new house. It is such a busy time that they will be so appreciative that you thought of all the odds and ends for them. I think this would be especially perfect for parents to get their kids for a first house gift. (via Martha Stewart)

25. New Neighbor Gift Basket

Here’s another great idea for new neighbor DIY gift baskets. Similar to the last one, it comes with a fabulous free printable that you can fill out with your neighborhood favorites and your contact info. It has a bit more of a soft, farmhouse vibe to it that you may prefer. (via Handmade Mood)

26. Welcome Neighbor Gift Basket with Free Printable

When I first saw this one, I thought it was packaged in a mailbox, which made me think that would be a great idea for housewarming gift basket. It goes the more practical route as well, putting in items like a roll of paper towels, dish scrubber, etc. that they will need but may not have unpacked yet. (via Pretty Providence)

27. Farmhouse Themed DIY Gift Box

Calling all Fixer Upper fans! Don’t miss this last idea on our list of housewarming DIY gift baskets from the queen of farmhouse style,Joanna Gaines. I love her approach to include some home decor accessories to help them immediately make their kitchen feel more like home. It’s true, when you are moving, you have to focus on the essentials first and may not have time to decorate so this is perfect. (via Magnolia Market)

28. Happy Birthday in a Box

The packaging of this Happy Birthday in a Box is so cute! It is simple and inexpensive and yet so adorably put together and thoughtful that it will surely leave an impression. (via A Bubbly Life)


29. Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Basket

Valentine’s gifts aren’t just for our significant others. Put together cute acrylic totes for your besties or kids like this one with cute office supplies. Acrylic is a hot new trend and I love these dressed up acrylic totes used as the “basket.” She makes it super easy to recreate too with templates you can trace using paint pens. (via Sarah Hearts)

30. Mother’s Day Gift Basket

DIY gift baskets are the perfect idea for Mother’s Day. They show that you put thought and time into doing something special for them. Mom’s love DIY gifts! Put together some DIY or store bought beauty products like a sugar scrub or bath salts, a bottle of wine and some freshly cut flowers. Don’t feel limited to these ideas though and personalize with some of your Mom’s favorites. I also made note of her awesome tip to use dried moss as the filler for DIY gift baskets. (via Julie Blanner)

31. Father’s Day Grill Gift Basket

It may be stereotypical, but almost always true – dads love to grill! So, put together some fun new grilling accessories for a themed Father’s Day gift basket this year. Two recent grilling discoveries that my family can’t get enough of are cedar planks to grill salmon and a grilled vegetable basket. (via A Girl in Paradise)

32. DIY Adult Easter Basket

You’re never too old to celebrate the holidays. Even as adults, the idea of getting a grown-up Easter basket like this is so exciting. Make one for your sister, grown up daughter or best friend. (via The Blondie Locks)

33. Thankful DIY Gift Basket Idea

Put together these very cheap & easy DIY gift baskets to let your co-workers, mailman, teachers, or neighbors know that you are thankful for them. We underestimate the impact small gestures like this can have. (via Smashed Peas & Carrots)

34. DIY Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Crate

Tied up with red and green plaid ribbon, this DIY Christmas breakfast gift basket is very festive. Feel like you can never arrange your DIY gift baskets as well as in the photos, well check the link for a GIF showing just how she did it so you can recreate it perfectly. (via Craftberry Bush)

35. DIY Christmas Spa Gift Basket

The mini bottle brush trees truly make this DIY Spa Gift Basket. It is such an adorable touch to have them glued to the jar lid, making it perfect to reuse once all the body scrub is gone. (via Pastels & Macarons)

Hope you found an idea on our list of DIY gift baskets or pinned our gift basket theme list we shared above to spark an idea. If there’s an occasion you are still struggling to come up with ideas for, let us know.

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