5 Best Drop Foot Braces Reviews of 2021 (2022)

Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace Check price

Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

Power of Innovation

This ankle brace for foot drop from Step-Smart is believed to be one of the best models represented on the market thanks to its design that is somewhere in the middle between stiff and flexible braces. The brace is a truly innovative device for foot drop treatment since it features several technologies and looks more compact that the majority of its rivals. Jacob Joint technology provides perfect shock absorption ensuring painless and confident walk everytime you wear this brace.

One more feature that adds to better shock absorption is so-called bumpers. They come in the box and are of different resistance levels so that you can choose the best combination for your convenience. Also, don’t overlook a slight twist in the brace’s design for more natural foot position. All in all, the combination of these technologies makes the Step-Smart brace a reliable way to maintain proper ankle action, toes flexibility, and confident gait when you really need it.

As for the sizes, this model is available in small/medium and large/X large sizes. However, we want you to note that unlike the majority of modern ankle braces, this one is manufactured for left and right feet separately. So keep that in mind when choosing the Step-Smart model for your needs.

5 Best Drop Foot Braces Reviews of 2021 (2)

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5 Best Drop Foot Braces Reviews of 2021 (3)

Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

NEOFECT Adjustable Ankle Brace Check price
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NEOFECT Adjustable Ankle Brace

Restores Your Gait With Ease

Drop foot or ankle trauma, NEOFECT adjustable brace is the key to your renewed mobility and a more confident walk.

This soft neoprene ankle/foot brace applies moderate tension for foot dorsiflexion and doesn’t let it invert. As a result, the toes get lifted and the ankle regains its natural position. If your stability issue is light to moderate, then this is the solution for you. Be aware that this product is not meant to replace a lace-up ankle brace.

The strap of this model measures 4.5 inches and doesn’t offer ankle support at the cost of normal circulation. If you need to, adjust the strap tension with 3 high tension and 1 low tension options. It’s not too thick and can be worn with socks and shoes (just not too tight ones).

NEOFECT offers an open heel design to facilitate sensation and motion in the heel area. There’s also a convenient foot pad to prevent your toes from clawing during gait. The manufacturer cares about partially disabled customers by letting them put the brace on singlehandedly.

Note that the brace loosens over time, so you’ll need to retighten it. Other than that, prepare for a really strong ankle/foot support.

Overall, NEOFECT brace helps you restore a confident gait and mitigate foot or ankle issues.

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NEOFECT Adjustable Ankle Brace

MARS WELLNESS Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Check price

MARS WELLNESS Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis

Tough Love

Ever heard of tough love? The people behind this orthopedic drop foot brace from MARS WELLNESS sure have. For the first few days, you'll be most likely experiencing a somewhat unpleasant numb feeling in your foot while wearing the brace. Oddly enough, that means that the brace is doing what it's supposed to. It just takes your foot some time to get used to the stretch. But, once it does, the results will follow suit. Almost immediately, your plantar fascia will start becoming less tense, meaning that the pain will also start going away.

There are a few things that make the model good at what it does. First, it features 3 padded straps with buckles that will help you ensure the complete immobilization necessary for the healing process to kick in. The surprisingly lightweight and low-profile plastic shell features breathable properties on par with the sturdy composition.

The padding incorporates a washable Lycra cover. The best part of this fabric is that it doesn't heat up as much as most similar materials, so it keeps your foot nice and cool. The foam wedge doesn't just ensure the right angle but also provides a comfortable foundation for the foot. In addition to the wedge, there're also the dual-tension straps that will help you with the foot angle and increase the flexion that's required for the optimum pain relieving stretch.

Again, this orthopedic drop foot brace from MARS WELLNESS is all about tough love. It won't make you as comfortable as the rest of these braces at first, sure. But it will probably prove much more effective in the long run.

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5 Best Drop Foot Braces Reviews of 2021 (9)

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MARS WELLNESS Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis

TENB dhiah-768 Check price

TENB dhiah-768

A Brace That Saves Your Wallet

Whether it’s post-stroke loss of function or other foot or ankle issues, TENB drop foot brace is ready to help. It’s lightweight, fit for various conditions, and costs significantly less than a professional model.

Let’s start with the fact that this brace not only offers foot support, but also relieves the annoying pain and discomfort. It covers multiple health issues, from physical damage to the foot or ankle, to muscular dystrophy and neurological conditions. TENB has the potential to boost your wellbeing and life quality, being simple to use and affordable at the same time.

This brace is very customer friendly, with soft but durable velvet fabric and sandwich sponge. It’s not bulky and lets your foot breathe for added comfort. Most times, you won’t even be noticing it on. It helps raise the foot in a smooth and natural way for you to avoid tripping or falling while walking. The rest depends on your condition, but happy customers testify that even a few miles’ walk was made easy for them.

TENB is compatible with multiple shoe models, such as snickers or slip-ons. The interchangeable inserts are comfortable in use. It also fits both feet – and most adults.

The only issue with this brace is that it comes with rather limited instructions.

As you can see, TENB is an effective foot brace that helps overcome mobility issues for many customers.

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5 Best Drop Foot Braces Reviews of 2021 (12)

TENB dhiah-768

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Soulern Night Splint Check price

Soulern Night Splint

Cares About Your Foot & Sleep

Need comfortable foot support at night? Soulern offers a plantar fasciitis night splint to alleviate the heel pain and stiffness. It’s also fit for such conditions as drop foot, Achilles tendonitis, and more.

Soulern successfully unites adjustability with comfort. The customizable dorsiflexion strap lets you control the stretch degree and flexing tension. There’s a learning curve involved as to the tightness, so you’ll need some experimenting to avoid numbness. But when all is set up, your morning walks will be smooth and pleasant again.

It is recommended to wear the strap for 0.5-1 hour during the first use and gradually extend the time.

Can the brace be worn on both feet? Definitely, yes. Soulern will fit most body types, which makes it a truly universal product. Just be sure to consult your doctor if anything feels – or goes – wrong.

As for the design, this model is made of lightweight neoprene material. The soft foam insole reduces pressure and doesn’t disturb your sleep. It’s fairly open, which means no overheating or excessive sweating for your foot. The velcro, on the other hand, could be further improved.

Summing up, this drop foot brace allows your foot to rest – and get better – during the nighttime. A good purchase for yourself or a relative with foot or ankle problems.

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Do drop foot braces work? ›

With its ergonomic design, the brace helps individuals to walk more naturally but assisting with lifting the toes and keeping the ankle in alignment. Foot drop causes the toes to drag on the ground, creating the need for changes in gait to compensate in order to clear the foot.

How long should you wear a foot drop brace? ›

Generally, it takes about a week until you can wear your brace full-time or up to the length of a normal school day. Wear your brace up for two hours on followed by one hour off for a total wearing time of 6 hours per day. Increase wear to a total of 8 hours per day.

What kind of brace is used for drop foot? ›

A traditional AFO brace for foot drop envelops the calf, ankle, and foot to support the front of the foot. There are two primary types of AFO braces. They can be hinged or solid. A solid AFO brace is often used in more severe cases where not only is foot drop an issue, but also spasticity.

Can I drive with a foot drop brace? ›

With a rigid brace, you'll find it easy to stand, but your movements will still be limited to walking. However, if you go with an articulated splint, you will recover nearly normal use of your legs. Our hinged AFO brace for foot drop will let you walk, run, drive any vehicle, and even practice any sport.

Does Medicare pay for AFO braces? ›

Costs for foot and ankle braces

After you've met the Part B deductible ($203 in 2021), Medicare will pay for 80 percent of the brace and you will be responsible for the remaining 20 percent. Foot and ankle braces will only be covered by Medicare if they are purchased from a Medicare-approved medical supplier.

Does walking help drop foot? ›

A physical therapist can help treat the condition with exercises and other modalities. The main goal of physical therapy for foot drop is to improve functional mobility related to walking.

Can you recover from foot drop? ›

Foot drop can get better on its own and with treatment, but sometimes it can be permanent. Less common causes of foot drop include: inherited conditions like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. muscle weakness caused by muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy or motor neurone disease.

How should you sleep with foot drop? ›

The Position of Foot Drop – The normal, relaxed position of the ankle is with the foot in a downward position, away from the body. This position is commonly referred to as foot drop and is most evident when lying in bed.

Can you sleep in a foot brace? ›

Should ankle braces be worn while sleeping? No, unless your medical professional recommends you do so.

How do you stop dragging your feet when you walk? ›

Although treatments for foot drop vary depending on the source of the problem, typically it is treated with braces or splints and orthotic shoe inserts to provide support, as well as physical therapy exercises to strengthen muscles and help with range of motion.

Is foot drop permanent? ›

Sometimes foot drop is temporary, but it can be permanent. If you have foot drop, you might need to wear a brace on your ankle and foot to hold your foot in a normal position.

How can I strengthen my drop foot? ›

For this active foot drop exercise, place your affected foot flat on the ground. Then, lift the outside edge of your foot and toes up, then relax back down. Focus on initiating the movement from your foot and ankle and try to avoid making the movement with your leg. Repeat 10 times.

How long does it take foot drop to heal? ›

If the underlying cause can't be treated, foot drop may be permanent. Some nerve damage can heal but full recovery can take up to two years.

How much is a drop foot brace? ›

Compare with similar items
This item NEOFECT Drop Foot Brace - Breathable Neoprene, Foot Drop, Adjustable Ankle Brace, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Stroke, TBI, ALS, MS, Bone Fracture, AFO, ASO (Left)
Customer Rating3.9 out of 5 stars (1385)
ShippingFREE Shipping. Details
Sold ByNeofect USA
5 more rows

Can a chiropractor help with foot drop? ›

Nerve stimulation: It may occasionally be necessary to stimulate the nerves affecting the foot in order to address foot drop. Chiropractors and other medical professionals may use manual manipulation to stimulate the nerve in question.

Is drop foot painful? ›

A very common symptom of drop foot is the inability to lift the foot's front part when walking. The foot gets dragged along the ground and can affect one or even both feet. This is commonly accompanied with numbness and foot pain.

What muscles have to compensate for drop foot? ›

These results were mainly influenced by the following muscles: flexor digitorum and hallucius, tibialis posterior and semitendinosus. The force integral for these muscles increased by more than 200% in the drop-foot group as compared to the control group.

How frequently can a patient get a new AFO by Medicare guidelines? ›

Coverage of a replacement interface is limited to a maximum of one (1) per 6 months. Additional interfaces will be denied as not reasonable and necessary. Medicare does not reimburse for a foot drop splint/recumbent positioning device (L4398) or replacement interface (L4394).

Are Afos good? ›

This is why doctors and therapists frequently suggest wearing an AFO brace for foot drop. AFO braces support the ankle, keeping the toes aligned with the rest of the foot, rather than allowing them to drag. This increases your safety when walking and helps prevent the development of abnormal gait patterns.

Does Medicare cover shoes for neuropathy? ›

Medicare Coverage for Neuropathy and Diabetes Footwear

Medicare covers shoes for neuropathy and diabetes because major complications from diabetes can cause harm to your feet and other parts of your body.

What is the most common cause of drop foot? ›

The most common cause of foot drop is peroneal nerve injury. The peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve. It supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot, and toes. Conditions that affect the nerves and muscles in the body can lead to foot drop.

Is Acupuncture good for foot drop? ›

Conclusions: Acupuncture combined with rehabilitation achieves better effect than simple rehabilitation for foot drop after stroke.

Can a pinched sciatic nerve cause foot drop? ›

Often drop foot is caused by injury to the peroneal nerve deep within the lumbar and sacral spine. The peroneal nerve is a division of the sciatic nerve. The peroneal nerve runs along the outside of the lower leg (below the knee) and branches off into each ankle, foot, and first two toes.

How can I speed up drop foot recovery? ›

  1. Braces or splints. A brace on your ankle and foot or splint that fits into your shoe can help hold your foot in a normal position.
  2. Physical therapy. ...
  3. Nerve stimulation. ...
  4. Surgery.
Dec 4, 2020

What helps nerves heal faster at home? ›

Green and leafy vegetables. Broccoli, spinach and asparagus all contain vitamin B, a nutrient important for nerve regeneration and nerve function. Spinach, broccoli and kale also contain a micronutrient called alpha-lipoic acid that prevents nerve damage and improves nerve function.

Is drop foot a symptom of Parkinson's? ›

Sometimes foot drop occurs because of a neurological condition, for example Parkinson's disease or MS. Usually only one foot is affected, but some conditions can cause foot drop in both feet. The key element in foot drop is muscle weakness.

What foot drop looks like? ›

What are the symptoms of foot drop? People who have foot drop may drag their toes when they walk. They may also have to lift their knees higher than usual to avoid dragging their toes. Other symptoms include muscle weakness and “tingling” feelings in the leg.

How is L5 radiculopathy and peroneal neuropathy different? ›

L5 radiculopathy and peroneal neuropathy can both present with weakness of the foot dorsiflexors and toe extensors, however, L5 radiculopathy may present with weakness during foot inversion versus weakness with foot eversion associated with peroneal neuropathy [14].

What is resting position for ankle? ›

The resting position is 10° of plantar flexion, midway between maximum inversion and maximum eversion. The talocrural joint has one degree of freedom, and the movements possible at this joint are dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.

Does AFO help foot drop? ›

Orthotic management

The AFO functions by limiting the speed at which the foot plantarflexes during loading response (foot slap) and prevents the foot from dropping during the swing phase of gait (drop foot). This prevents the toe of the foot from coming in contact with the floor and decreases the risk of stumbling.

Can an ankle brace help with foot drop? ›

A brace, or an ankle-foot orthotic (AFO), is a gold standard tool for helping manage a foot affected by foot drop because it supports the foot and ankle in a way that allows the toes and foot to clear the ground while the affected leg is swinging in gait, while also helping keep the foot stable and supported when the ...

What is a hinged AFO? ›

A hinged ankle-foot orthosis allows free ankle motion while a rigid gauntlet restricts and blocks almost all ankle motion. A hinged AFO controls and limits subtalar joint motion and midtarsal joint motion while the leather gauntlet closure AFO significantly limits all motion of the hindfoot and midfoot joints.

Can foot drop Be Fixed? ›

Sometimes foot drop is temporary, but it can be permanent. If you have foot drop, you might need to wear a brace on your ankle and foot to hold your foot in a normal position.


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