AliExpress Order Tracking Easily Explained - 2022 Guide (2022)

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Today we will explain how to track your AliExpress orders, help you decipher the messages that appear in the tracking information and answer the most common questions about AliExpress order shipping and tracking.


  • 1 How to get your order's tracking number
  • 2 Tracking your order
  • 3 Order Statuses
  • 4 Frequently Asked Questions

How to get your order's tracking number

When the seller has shipped our order, it will go to the list of shipped orders, and the seller will attach a tracking number that we will be able to see in the order detail. If we are on the computer, we will go to the list of orders and when we pass the mouse over the button “Locate Order” or “Track Order”, as we show you below.

We will see the tracking number and the last states through which the package has passed. If we click on the button, it will take us to a page with more information.

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If we are browsing AliExpress from its mobile app, we will go to the list of orders, enter “To Be Shipped”, and click on the “Tracking” button. It will take us to another page where we will see the tracking number and the list of movements of the package.

Tracking your order

Now that you have the tracking number of your AliExpress order, you can see where the package is going and if you are close to receiving it. Remember that we can only track certified orders, as explained in the AliExpress Shipping Methods Guide.

Most packages sent by registered mail have a tracking number starting with R and ending in CN, although there are many different tracking numbers.

In general, we can say that orders of small value (less than $5) are usually sent by regular mail (no tracking), and even if they have a tracking number of their own, if they show any movement when tracking it will be only while they are in China. Once it leaves the country of origin, it can no longer be tracked.

In any case, to see the tracking number information, we can do it from the AliExpress website (as we have shown you in the previous step), use the website of the postal service of your country or other sites such as, which is one of the ones that shows more information than any of the previous ones.

If you have several packages and want to keep track of them, it is best to look for a mobile application that can track the numbers and inform us of status changes. Search in your app center, there are many: aftership, 17track, parcelsapp…. You simply have to add the tracking number and set up the alerts.

Order Statuses

Let's put them in order of appearance (roughly) of the AliExpress shipping stages. These are all the steps of an AliExpress shipment:

Departure from the country of origin

Item pre-advised, preregistered o collection

The seller has prepared the package and is awaiting pickup by the courier company.

Waiting for pickup

The tracking number has been created but the carrier has not yet received the order.

Accepted, acceptance, posting, received by carrier or admitted

Main article: Delivering received by carrier

The carrier has already picked up the package in the country of origin.

Inbound in sorting center or shipment at country of origin warehouse

The package has arrived at the processing center of the shipping company in China.

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Outbound in sorting center or shipment left country of origin warehouse

Your package has already left the carrier's sorting center.

Export clearance success

This message appears when the package passes through Chinese customs. It is not very important since most of the packages pass the customs of the country of origin without any problem.

Hand over to airline or shipment accepted by airline

Main article: Hand over to airline

The package is already on its way to your home, in a few days it will arrive at your country's customs.

Shipment arrived at country of origin and post office

Arrive at destination country

The package has already arrived in your country, but has not yet entered customs. The customs process may take a few days depending on the volume of packages you have.

Arrived at destination country, held by customs

Normal, as in the previous case.

Accepted by carrier

Main article: Accepted by last mile carrier

The package is already in the hands of the carrier.

Shipment at local distribution center

Main article: Arrival at the distribution center on AliExpress

Your package has arrived at a distribution center and is awaiting processing.

Received by line-haul

Package has already arrived in the country of destination.

US customs, CA customs, NL customs…

Depending on your country, the acronym will signify the country of arrival.

Clearing customs

A fairly common status that can appear when our AliExpress package enters customs, either in the country of origin or in our own country. If everything is in order, the package will pass to the next status.

Clearing customs: started customs clearance process

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Main article: Started customs clearance process

Same as before: your package has arrived at customs, which does not mean it has been detained. Wait for the status to be updated.

Arrived at sorting center in destination country

The package has already entered the customs of the destination country.

Import clearance success

If your order has already arrived in the destination country, you may see this message when it clears customs. Your order is almost ready to be shipped.

Held by customs

Main article: AliExpress order held by customs

Here there is bad news: they will probably contact you soon to inform you how much you have to pay. If the order is through your local post office, maybe they will handle it for you and the letter carrier will charge you something when they deliver the package.

Cleared customs

Main article: Customs clearance completed

Nothing to worry about, your package has cleared customs and is on its way to your home.

Cleared customs completed, accepted by last mile carrier

The package has already cleared customs and is on its way to your home.

Customs at destination: unusual messages

Import customs clearance failure

Although the word “failure” appears, you should not panic, it is usually a tracking error, most packages usually appear in the delivery process within a few days.

Fee for post office

It appears on many orders from certain countries but do not worry until you receive a notification to pay.

Destination delivery process

Arrival at the delivery office

Main article: Arrival at the delivery office

If this appears, your order will be delivered shortly, in a few days you will have it in your hands.


Your letter carrier will drop off your package during the day.

Delivery failed

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Main article: Delivery failed

The letter carrier tried to deliver your order but was unsuccessful. The best thing to do is to contact the post office.


The package has been delivered.

Accepted by a local carrier for return

Main article: Received by carrier for return

If the order has not been picked up, it will be returned to the seller.

Other tracking statuses

As we have already said, each carrier lists their own statuses but we are going to list some “strange statuses” that may appear on your AliExpress order.

If it does not appear in the list, we recommend you to check if any of the above tracking statuses appears in our list.

Rfid arrival

It means that the package is in transit to the destination city.

Parcel is still in transit, no worries, we will delivery it to you as soon as possible

Main article: Parcel is still in transit…

It means that the order is still in transit, it is a generic message.

Mailman starts to deliver

This status usually shows up when the mailman is bound to deliver your package throughout the day.


It is usually related to arrival at the destination office.

Frequently Asked Questions

We read your comments and we also try to solve all the doubts you may have. During these years, we have received a lot of questions about AliExpress shipments, so we are going to answer the most frequent ones.

The tracking number says that the package has been delivered but I have not received it

Main article: AliExpress says delivered but not received

This is one of the doubts that you leave us most frequently down in the blog comments. In this case, we recommend you to talk to the seller, it is possible that they have made a mistake when putting the tracking number and has given you another customer's. If they tell you it is fine or simply does not answer, you will have to open a dispute.

To prove that the package has not arrived, even though it says that it has been delivered, it is best to ask for a receipt from the shipping company (post office), but they often refuse to provide this type of proof. An alternative is to use a site called

Although it is in Russian, by using the Google Chrome browser you can easily translate it. By entering the tracking number, it will show you where it has been delivered. By attaching this information to the dispute, you will ensure that AliExpress will close the dispute in your favor.

I think the seller has given me a fake tracking number

Main article: AliExpress tracking number not working

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Many times we may have doubts about the tracking number, for example, because the tracking has started to work before we have placed the order.

You can ask the seller, many times it is a mistake on their part. If the seller says that everything is fine, we can give them the benefit of the doubt, and in case the order does not arrive, we can open a dispute as in the previous case.

The tracking number shows no movement, should I be concerned?

Main article: AliExpress package is not arriving

From the time the seller ships the package, the tracking number can take up to 10 business days to become functional. Also, if it is an ordinary shipment, it may never show movement. In any case, if you are concerned, the best thing to do is to send a message to the seller.

Why are there two tracking numbers?

Many times we see two tracking numbers appear in the order detail. Most of the time, this is a mistake by the seller or the carrier when giving the tracking number. When correcting the tracking number, two different tracking numbers appear. If you're worried about this, and as in the previous case, it is best to ask the seller.

Where does my package arrive and will it be delivered to my home?

The package will arrive at the address that you have typed at the time of placing the order, although in some countries it may vary. You have to add an address where you can be reached, never the address of your post office because in that case the package will be returned to the country of origin.

Who will deliver my order? What is the shipping company?

If you have placed the order with the basic or economy shipping service, the delivery will be made by the postal company that normally delivers letters and other packages (state postal service). If you have paid for a private courier service, it will be delivered by their couriers.

Can I send my package to a mailbox?

At the moment AliExpress does not accept deliveries to PO boxes, so it is best to put an address where you can be reached to pick up the package and sign for it if necessary. Many people send their packages to work, where we spend most of our time and where we can be reached during post office delivery hours.

I have moved, can I change my shipping address?

If you plan to change your address in a short time, it is best not to place orders on AliExpress because neither the seller nor the post office can change the delivery address if the order has already been shipped, so keep this in mind before making your purchases.

My tracking shows as “cancelled”, do I have to open a dispute?

If you get a “cancelled” message on your order tracking, the first thing to do is to contact the seller to check with your carrier to find out what has happened. Usually this message appears when the order has been returned to the seller and will not reach you.

They will probably send you the order again or refund your money by opening a dispute. In our article order cancelled on AliExpress we give you more information.

Tracking indicates that my shipment has been stopped by customs

All orders go through customs twice: in the country of origin (to detect that the content is not illegal) and in the country of destination (to check if it complies with the customs regulations of your country). You don't need to worry as most packages from China pass through customs if they are small, light and not bulky. But we recommend you to read our AliExpress Customs Guide for more information.

I have other questions about my shipments that I can't resolve, what can I do?

If you have other doubts or questions about your shipments, the best thing to do is to contact the AliExpress seller and ask your questions. AliExpress also has a FAQ section on its platform, which you can access by clicking here. At the bottom of this page you can contact AliExpress through a chat or a form.

My AliExpress order is not moving or not arriving, what should I do?

Another common question you ask is, what happens if the AliExpress order does not move. You should keep in mind that there are different types of shipments, cheap shipments do not have tracking and that is why the status may only be updated while it is in China and when it has been delivered.

Sometimes tracking numbers may take a while to update and all tracking messages may appear all at once after a few days. But if there has been no movement for several days, the best thing to do is to contact the AliExpress seller or consider opening a dispute or complaint on AliExpress.

Customs cleared, how long does it take to arrive home?

When it has finally passed through customs, then there's less time left until we receive our order. However, many times you ask us why it has been several days and there seems to be no movement. But we still recommend a little patience. Packages are arriving faster and faster from China but delivery in your country may take longer depending on the workload of the company delivering the orders.

In addition, it is common that they skip states and suddenly appear in delivery after several days stopped. If it has been a long time, we recommend you to contact the seller and the shipping company for more information.

I have received a customs notification, what do I do?

If your package has been stopped, you will receive a letter asking you to go to customs or for a verification of the payment of the product in order to calculate the customs costs according to what the product has cost.

Even if the seller has put a lower amount, we recommend you to play it safe and say the real price of the product, otherwise customs could make a valuation and it will probably be above what you paid, raising the costs.

Read more on how to pay AliExpress customs.

Tracking number does not work

There can be many reasons, but don't stress because most of them are not that worrisome. You have the full explanation in the article AliExpress tracking number not working.

How can I avoid customs on AliExpress?

There are several tricks you can use to reduce the chances of having your order stopped:

  • Place small, low-cost orders. If you are going to order more than one thing from the same seller, you can separate the orders.
  • Choose “tax free” sellers: there are sellers that already include customs charges.
  • Buy from national warehouses. For example, if you order to an EU country from an EU warehouse you will not pay customs.

You can read more in our article on avoiding customs on AliExpress.

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To begin tracking your order from AliExpress, simply enter your tracking code on the Ship24 website to get instant, real-time location and status of your order regardless of what it may be!. If you need real-time tracking on your AliExpress parcel, Ship24 offers comprehensive tracking - including status and location updates - on all items purchased from AliExpress.. To track your AliExpress order, you can either go to the AliExpress website or use a third-party tracking website, like Ship24.. An order number indicates the number of your item while a tracking number is used to track where your order is.. Notifications/StatusesDescription Order ReceivedThe order has been received by the seller and should get back to the buyer shortly to provide more information about shipment and tracking.Awaiting ClarificationThe buyer has not provided the seller with the product link, the quantity is missing, or specific colours and sizes have not yet been defined, and therefore it will require further communication for the purchase to go ahead.Order UnfulfillableThe selected product is not able to be delivered internationally.Order AmountThe seller has updated the buyer with the total amount, (meaning the price of the product plus the shipping charges in a final total).Order in ProgressThe purchaser is attempting to buy the product.PurchasedThe product is purchased and is waiting for its arrival in the warehouse for dispatch.Order PackedThe product is ready for dispatch.Order ConsolidatedThe product is combined in a single package.Order InvoiceThe order invoice has been uploaded.ShippedThe package has been shipped.Order ArrivedThe order has arrived at the final destination.Order CancelledThe order placed by the buyer has been cancelled.Order RefundedThe seller has requested a refund on their order.Order AbandonedNo information about the order can be seen, often due to no response from the buyer.. This is because small AliExpress parcel orders are cheaper to ship and therefore buyers, on the website, are happy to incentivize the purchase of these items with free AliExpress delivery options.. When it comes to tracking a package or parcel, buyers should note that the tracking number, ID, or code and the order number will be different.. Although you can connect with the order section on AliExpress, is the ultimate tracking platform as it covers many of the partners and local couriers used by sellers meaning it is the only way to access the most correct and up-to-date information regarding your parcel tracking.

Tracking parcel from aliexpress is only possible by the parcel dispatch number, when the order number is used only by the Aliexpress platform itself and does not take part in tracking.. However, the seller notifies the delivery service when preparing the order, and it already assigns the tracking number to the parcel.. With this track code, you can easily find out the location of the order by simply entering the number in the field above and clicking the "Track package" button.. You can track the location of the order from the trading platform by the track number, which will be displayed in the details of the order immediately after the status changes to Sent.. To track the package in the USA, Germany, and other countries, you just need to enter the track number in the corresponding field and confirm the action, after which information about the movement of your parcel will be available to you with Aliexpress. Keep in mind that Aliexpress order number and tracking number are different numbers.. Aliexpress order numbers are similar to the following 569483717895060, 40782651925480, 46773207286731, while the tracking numbers look like this: YT72560621444006800, ZH218944520TK, RY505153973CN.. Sometimes waiting for a parcel can get on your nerves, and then the question arises: when to wait for delivery and how long will the parcel go with Aliexpress?. To find out the approximate time of arrival of a parcel, you should first track the order's departure number on our service.. Then the parcel is sorted and then delivered to Aliexpress by major transport and postal service providers, such as Swedish Post, Omniva-Estonia Post, Hong Kong Post, Finland Post, SPSR, DHL, and others.. After sending the order, the service that delivers your order will be indicated in the order tracking details.. Air China Post Air Mail, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, China Post ordinary small packet plus, Posti Finland economy, Hong Hong Post.. Tracking Aliexpress Standard Shipping is possible on the cainiao logistics platform from Aliexpress which integrates the tracking services of many transport companies that sellers send orders to.. There is no way to track a parcel from China easier than using our service: we perform a thorough check of services, translate tracking statuses correctly into english, and calculate the delivery time in parallel.. To track an Aliexpress parcel, you need to find out the track code given to your parcel on aliexpress order page.

What this means is that the sellers ship their products to Amazon.. One problem with the AliExpress Standard Shipping is that not all shipments have a tracking number.. You can also provide this tracking number to your customer, and you can show them how to use 17 Track to know the status of their order.. Can use tracking so you know where the package is at all times Nearly all suppliers have this options so it's always an option to use Products get shipped with good quality packaging. Fast Shipping – if you use this option for your drop shipping business, you can expect the product to be delivered within 10 to 20 days.. If your package makes it to this schedule, then that is the time it gets shipped.. Not all have the same shipping times, and not all three free shipping methods offer a tracking number.. AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs ePacket ePacket – free shipping for 25 days with tracking number AliExpress Standard Shipping – $2.44 for shipping for 25 days with tracking number. Once the item is shipped, you can get a tracking number from the seller if it is available.. Completed – this status means that the product was already received and confirmed by the buyer.

Extend your buyer protection to allow more time for your package to arrive.. Some cheaper shipping methods do not update after the package leaves China or arrives at your country.. See also the previous question, delivery can be very slow and packages can wait for a long time at the same location.. Aliexpress and the seller can not do anything about this, so the only thing you can do is wait until it gets delivered or until buyer protection runs out.. When your order arrives later than that, you can't open a dispute about it.. Especially check the buyer protection timer in the order detail, it is the only thing that really counts.. If the order is still active on the website, continue to wait until your package arrives or buyer protection runs out.. The seller didn't ship using the shipping method I paid for.. Don't open a dispute right away after shipping , as you could need that dispute when there's something wrong with your item or if it doesn't get delivered at all.. Due to the pandemic and the shipping delays, Aliexpress currently requires that you wait until the buyer protection has expired before you can open a dispute.. Please look at my tracking code, will my package arrive?. Lots of times tracking doesn't even update before the package actually arrives.. Should I order now or wait?

To maintain a competitive advantage over China-based merchants, it’s important to understand what ePacket shipping is and why it has become a popular shipping method from China and Hong Kong.. In the past, China EMS was the only affordable and reasonable option to ship consumer products overseas to customers.. In 2011, the United States Postal Service formally announced ePacket, a new shipping service and agreement with Hongkong Post and eBay China allowing packages from China and Hong Kong to receive USPS First-Class Mail service along with delivery confirmation.. Before ePacket, products were shipped to the US from China via sea.. You will often see ePacket offered as a shipping option by merchants in China on websites such as eBay, AliExpress, and Alibaba.. However, any merchant in China and Hong Kong can offer ePacket shipping if the package meets the requirements for an ePacket delivery.. The package also must be shipped from either China or Hong Kong to one of the 44 eligible ePacket countries.. ePacket tracking gives customers end-to-end tracking at no additional cost, letting them easily monitor and locate their package on official websites, such as EMS , USPS , or China Post.. This allows you, as a store owner dropshipping with AliExpress, to offer free shipping.. It should say “ePacket” along with the tracking number if the package was indeed shipped using ePacket.. ePacket tracking numbers usually start with “L.” If there is no ePacket tracking number, it’s likely the package was shipped using a different method.. These are your customers.. ePacket is a shipping option third-party logistics (3PL) companies in China and Hong Kong offer to ecommerce businesses.

Let us look at the most popular dropshipping products on AliExpress and define the most trending niches using statistics given by Google Trends.. Such popularity is influenced by several factors – seasonality, the cheapness of production, quality, and regular promotions and special offers from sellers like “buy 3 things, get 4 for half price.” The main thing is to follow trends in fashion, offer the most in-demand items, and keep track of what influencers are wearing.. Seller Recommendations Suppose you like a particular seller on AliExpress, and you would like to sell a product similar to his.. Use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center For many people, finding the right products on AliExpress on their own can be difficult and too time-consuming.. Another way to search for the right products on AliExpress is to use a third-party tool to find suitable goods.. Thanks to this data, Alitools can show reliable sellers on AliExpress, history of prices for most products, search for similar products (including by picture), and show honest user reviews.. Alitools will continuously check the product you added, and as soon as the price of the product drops, The app will notify you, and you can buy the product at the price you want.. Then, go to the page of the product you are interested in or search among the thousands of products you need.. The service will help you find out what your customers care about today, whether your product is attractive to the market, its seasonality, and in what region products are popular.. Now that we’ve named the best products for dropshipping on AliExpress and explained precisely how to choose products and suppliers, it’s time to talk about what products you shouldn’t choose.. Do not sell narrow-niche products on AliExpress – demand for them is too low to start making good money.. Making money dropshipping on Aliexpress can be not only very profitable but quite simple – especially if you choose the right niche and the right product.

According to AliExpress , you can open a dispute from the 6th day after the seller ships out the products up to the day the dropshipping order has reached its destination.. AliExpress shipping tracking codes are the most important thing when it comes to placing your dropshipping orders– it’s the only proof you have that shows your dropshipping order is currently en route to your customer.. Then, once the supplier ships the order, you’ll get your very own AliExpress shipping tracking number so that you can track the shipment.. You can use your AliExpress shipping tracking number to inform your customers about the current progress of their dropshipping orders and give them an estimation for when they will receive their products.. ePacket delivery is one of the most affordable expression delivery options on AliExpress, meaning that your dropshipping orders will get to your customers quickly.. If one of your customers wants to check where their dropshipping order is by using the AliExpress shipping tracking number, it’ll be less overwhelming to see that it’ll arrive within a couple of weeks, compared to the free 60-day delivery option.. You should check the order status of your dropshipping orders frequently so that you can catch any problems before they escalate — maybe your product has shipped much later than expected, or it’s stuck in transit.. However, if the dropshipping order doesn’t arrive to the customer on time, you must send a refund request within 15 days of your order placement.. Finally, have a question about managing your AliExpress dropshipping orders or AliExpress shipping tracking?

The reliability of the Standard Shipping service nowadays is quite good, and it is one of the safest shipping methods offered by the platform.. In Standard delivery, there are about 15 to 45 days to receive your package, which is quite reasonable.. Aliexpress standard shipping packages often cost under $10.. Like the Standard Shipping method, it is the Chinese post office that takes care of the delivery of your small package.. Shipping is free, however, there is no tracking number, and delivery times vary from 20 to 60 days.. You can also track your package using a tracking number.. Other postal services offering delivery of the goods are usually not free (sometimes they actually can be quite expensive) and are made by private companies such as UPS, EMS, DHL, or AliExpress itself with its AliExpress Premium Shipping plan.. It is also usually the fastest seller’s shipping method (offered by the seller).. This option is available for orders under $25, with delivery via AliExpress Standard Shipping (although not in all cases Aliexpress Standard Shipping tracking is possible).. Usually, in these cases, the message “Item available in collection point” will appear on your tracking system or Cainiao Aliexpress tracking.. The customer is not at home to receive the package It often happens that the customer is not at home to receive their package during the week.. This makes not only Aliexpress Standard Shipping tracking possible, but also tracking of other kinds of delivery.. AliExpress Standard Shipping is a kind of delivering your purchase from the supplier to a customer.

One of the most popular shipment options is AliExpress Standard Shipping option which is mostly free and provides tracking as well.. AliExpress delivery time for standard shipping is 15-20 days depending on the location.. In the image above, you can see that Standard Shipment option is available for free, but the estimated AliExpress shipping time for standard shipment is around 19-39 days while ePacket and other options are much quicker to deliver.. If you are not happy with AliExpress’ shipping details, then there are other third-party tracking services available that will help you track your shipment.. Another website that’s also great for AliExpress shipping tracking is CAINIAO ; they are official AliExpress logistical partners.. When it comes to epacket vs AliExpress Standard Shipping, then most of the times ePacket comes out on top, as it’s cheap, reliable with the tracking information, and much quicker than other alternatives.However, do keep in mind that it also varies according to different countries.. Sellers and suppliers on AliExpress can also choose to use this shipping method to provide faster shipping in more than 183 countries.. AliExpress Premium Shipping is a bit faster and reliable than AliExpress Standard Shipping in comparison.. Most packages are delivered within 8-15 days with AliExpress Premium Shipping which is comparable to DHL and FedEx shipping options.. Awaiting shipment: After your Payment is successfully verified the status changes to waiting shipment which means the supplier is going to ship your order and add the tracking code to AliExpress.

With dropshipping, you have the liberty to buy them from AliExpress, accept orders from customers, and ship those orders directly to your customers.. The process to buy from AliExpress and sell on Amazon can be easy but it does require some time to get used to it, especially if you are a beginner who has never sold on Amazon before.. Here is an outline of steps that you need to follow before you can sell on Amazon by dropshipping from AliExpress.. If you want to sell products on Amazon then you need to first register on the Amazon Seller portal .. When you are starting out, it is best to start with the individual plan because you will be finding your footing in the first few months of buying from AliExpress and selling on Amazon.. Before you buy from AliExpress, you have to create an account if you don’t have one already.. You can also add your shipping address in the ‘My Profile’ section after you register successfully if you want to test whether a supplier is reliable or not.. You need to know what products you are going to sell on Amazon.. Once you know which products you want to sell on Amazon, you should then create a product listing for each product you wish to sell.. If this is the first time the product is being sold then you need to create a new listing.. With an individual plan, you need to list products one at a time.. When you list a product on Amazon, make sure that you write your own product descriptions.. And so if you are getting them shipped to your customers, it is a good idea to mention the shipping and delivery times accordingly.. Dropshipping from AliExpress and selling on Amazon is a great way for beginners to make serious money.

But many of you have noticed that there are new shipping methods, one of them is called “AliExpress Premium Shipping” and promises that your packages will arrive in 7-15 days .. Recently we compared the different shipments processed by AliExpress but the one that generates more doubts is the so-called “AliExpress Premium Shipping”.. However, thanks to the processing of AliExpress this type of shipment costs less than if we directly select the private courier when choosing the method of shipment in AliExpress.. Therefore, we can summarize the advantages of this shipping method mainly in two : we will receive our orders in record time and the cost of shipping, although not usually free, usually costs much less than choosing a private courier directly.. At the moment, it is impossible to filter AliExpress products received through a particular shipping method, so we will encounter this type of shipping by chance.. Below you can see a case in which we found a product in which we can choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, however for this we have had to deploy the list of shipping options as you can see in the image below, you can also see the different options by selecting the tab “Shipping & Payment”.. When clicking, you can choose between AliExpress Standard Shipping (shipment processed by AliExpress and arriving by state mail), AliExpress Premium Shipping, EMS, or DHL.. Depending on the country, the shipping time with AliExpress Standard Shipping will vary, so it will depend on how quickly you need the products to get to you.. You will also find that, as we said before, AliExpress Premium Shipping, even if it is a priority, is much cheaper than other shipping methods.. As we have already explained, there are different types of shipping handled by AliExpress and one of the best known is AliExpress Standard Shipping , which has become the best alternative to China Post.. But thanks to agreements with several shipping companies, sometimes AliExpress Standard Shipping is even faster than private couriers.. Another novelty is that now we can also receive our orders in record time even from China thanks to the new agreements between AliExpress and some airlines that will make express deliveries, so we can receive our products in 3, 5, or 10 days by filtering the search when selecting “Fast Shipping”.. Therefore, if you are looking for an express shipment to receive your order in record time, choose AliExpress Premium Shipping, as it is cheaper than other private couriers.. In our guide to AliExpress shipping methods , you have all the necessary information about other shipping methods.. Do you find this new shipping method called AliExpress Premium Shipping interesting?

DropshipMe is a free WordPress plugin created to improve product sourcing in AliExpress dropshipping.. 100 product imports for $29 (one-time payment) + 10 bonus products 500 product imports for $119 (one-time payment) + 200 bonus products 1000 product imports for $199 (one-time payment) + 500 bonus products. Product title The number of orders placed on AliExpress over the last 30 days Shipping options provided for an item by AliExpress supplier Product image gallery Packaging details The number of pieces available (stock) Supplier price (the original price offered by AliExpress supplier) Recommended price (the price with your margin you can offer on your site) Your profit. 100 product imports for $29 (one-time payment) + 10 bonus products 500 product imports for $119 (one-time payment) + 200 bonus products 1000 product imports for $199 (one-time payment) + 500 bonus products. CON: Though there are more than 50 000 products available to import and new ones are constantly added, everybody gets the same descriptions, products, images, titles for that products.. But it is your responsibility to edit the original product titles and descriptions provided by AliExpress sellers and, if needed, to enhance the images and other details after adding products to your store.. Professionally designed built-in e-commerce themes Unlimited products import from AliExpress Auto-updated products’ data and stock availability One-click orders redirection to AliExpress sellers Auto-monitored tracking updates Support of the most popular payment gateways Integrated AliExpress cash-back system. Ready made products to import Free version available Professionally edited product info Import product ratings and reviews Recommended pricing markup

Experts agree that automating the drop shipping process means you spend less time and effort distributing your product.. Want to find out how to speed up your workflow and grow a hugely profitable drop shipping business today?. This guide sets out six ways to automate drop shipping for your online business.. You can use a dropshipping software system to manage your drop shipping inventory.. Another routine task that can be implemented to automate drop shipping is the forwarding of orders.. In drop shipping, the hassle of handling shipping yourself isn't something you have to deal with.. So the customer places an order, the template populates with the order information, and that template is sent to the supplier.. The great thing about drop shipping is how easy it is to implement the automated processes.

Essentially, dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to start an ecommerce store without every stocking inventory – dropshipping entrepreneurs will have suppliers who store their products in their warehouses until they make a sale.. Whenever dropshipping entrepreneurs make a sale they’ll need to contact their supplier, who will then ship their products directly to their customers doorstep.. Dropshipping is a business model which offers entrepreneurs a bunch of advantages, especially when they’re looking to start an online business.. DSers is an essential tool if you’re looking to start an ecommerce store using the dropshipping business model.. If you’re using AliExpress dropshipping to run your business, we recommend reaching out to suppliers to let them know that you don’t want any promotional materials included in your packages.. Don’t get preoccupied asking questions like “why wouldn’t customers just buy from my supplier instead?” Think about it – when was the last time you purchased products directly from a supplier rather than a brand?. As AliExpress dropshipping becomes increasingly more popular, PayPal is also adapting some of its policies to make it a friendlier environment for ecommerce entrepreneurs who dropship, and there certainly are merchants who have success with this option.. Shopify Payments in particular is a great choice if your store is hosted on Shopify because you can accept payments directly with this inbuilt system, which eliminates the complication of utilizing a third party payment gateway.. Whenever you make a sale using AliExpress dropshipping, you can then purchase your products from the AliExpress supplier, who will then ship them to your customer.. It requires low starting capital, and therefore you have the ability to try your hand at ecommerce with limited risks.. There are lots of helpful apps and services available to use in conjunction with dropshipping, including DSers and Shopify.. Start selling online now with Shopify. But it isn’t a new business model.. In this article we’ll do a deep dive on what dropshipping is, why AliExpress dropshipping is so popular, and why you should care about this business model if you’re interested in starting your own ecommerce store.

If you’ve decided and are determined to source your supplier from overseas, there’s a good chance you’ll want to know how to buy from Alibaba or AliExpress dropshipping .. Escrow is a fairly safe payment method for buying and selling online because it protects both the buyer and supplier.. Generally, when you’re just starting out buying goods from Alibaba, you’ll probably want to look for or negotiate with suppliers to either accept PayPal or some type of escrow service to give you the highest level of protection.. Here are a few important questions to consider for your email when buying from Alibaba:. Some suppliers that receive a lot of sample requests may change full retail pricing for them, others will offer samples at a discounted rate, and some may even provide samples for free if they feel you’re a serious buyer.. One of the most important questions is how much your products cost per unit.. What are your payment terms for new customers?. I would also like to order a sample of Widget A before placing a full order.. The company offers Trade Assurance , a verification program for select suppliers, to protect your payments through the payment platform.. While Alibaba caters to large and small businesses purchasing bulk wholesale orders, AliExpress provides dropshipping products at retail prices to anyone, with no minimum order requirements.. Perceived lower quality and unsafe from customers (Usually) lower manufacturing and labor standards Almost no intellectual property protection Language and communication barrier can be difficult to overcome Difficult/costly to verify manufacturer and visit on site Longer shipping time Product importing and customs clearance Lower level of payment security and recourse

The Dropship Center is a tool created by AliExpress to help dropshippers connect with trustworthy suppliers and resell the hottest products on the market.. Product search tool (“Find Products to sell”).. The AliExpress Dropshipping Center offers three ways for merchants to find new products:. Search Hot Selling products As the name implies, this feature allows you to find trending products in AliExpress.. This button will take you to the second tool of the AliExpress Dropshipping Center – Product Analysis .. Search by image The second feature in the “Find products to sell” section lets you look for products by uploading an image.. This is the third product research feature that the AliExpress Dropshipping Center offers.. Once you find the products you like, you can use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center to analyze them.. AliExpress Dropshipping Center will use its AI to analyze the image and find the corresponding product (or multiple products) in its database for you to sell!. Find winning products using the AliExpress Dropshipping Center Make a list of questions to ask suppliers.. So, take a look at our list, write down the products that fit your desired dropshipping niche, and go straight to the AliExpress Dropshipping Center to find the best suppliers for your store.

To maintain a competitive advantage over merchants in China, it’s important to understand what ePacket shipping is and why it has become a popular shipping method from China and Hong Kong.. ePacket is a shipping option offered by merchants in China and Hong Kong.. In 2011, the United States Postal Service formally announced the new shipping service and agreement with Hongkong Post and eBay China, allowing packages from China and Hong Kong to receive USPS First Class Mail Service along with a delivery confirmation service.. As the name (“e”Packet) implies, the shipping service was designed for ecommerce, to make it more affordable and quicker for consumers to receive their purchases from online stores and marketplaces that shipped out from China and Hong Kong.. ePacket delivery began as a quick and affordable shipping solution from China and Hong Kong to the United States.. You will often see ePacket offered as a shipping option by merchants from China on websites such as eBay , AliExpress , and Oberlo .. However, any merchant in China and Hong Kong can offer ePacket shipping if the package meets the requirements for an ePacket delivery.. However, ePacket shipping seems to be a much more consistent option in terms of average shipping times, compared to other economical shipping options out of China and Hong Kong.. It should have “ePacket” along with the tracking number if the package was indeed shipped using ePacket.. ePacket shipping allows your customers to receive their purchase in a reasonable timeframe while allowing them to track their order while they wait.. Other shipping options may not be as reliable, unless you consider more expensive shipping options from China and Hong Kong.. Lastly, ePacket is generally offered as a free or inexpensive shipping option, this allows you as a store owner dropshipping with AliExpress or Oberlo to offer free shipping.. ePacket is a shipping option third-party logistics (3PL) companies in China and Hong Kong offer to ecommerce businesses.. Shipping by ePacket gives merchants a way to ship lighter packages quickly and affordably.

But when you are scaling up with your business, Aliexpress then seems not so ideal, this will be explained later in this article.. CJDropshipping is a platform integrated with product sourcing, order processing and shipping fulfillment.. It’s like a combination of Aliexpress and Oberlo, dropshippers list or connect products on CJ to their stores, then CJ draws orders from their stores and takes care of them.. The system of Aliexpress is quite simple, because it’s a platform only for customers to find and buy products.. Therefore they are able to provide a more competitive price for customers.. You will find that the shipping fees shown on Aliexpress are usually much cheaper than on CJ Dropshipping, some even provide a free delivery.

Other than that, if you have the AliDropship plugin for dropshipping, you can easily use the product filter option to source out product in the US and have them ship to your customers in the US too.. While drop shipping to country countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda etc might not support ePacket delivery at the moment but merchant should expect delivery time of 21- 45 and most of the time before 30days.. Enjoy 2-5days faster shipping of your products Enjoy access to several suppliers from different countries Automate the entire process Access to tens of thousands of products with a different niche.. Well, dropshipping with AliExpress shipping time have over time brought about complaints as regards the delivery time and delays.. This is because cheap products on Aliexpress come with free shipping and most customers are willing to wait for it.. You can source cheap products on Aliexpress and be careful not to dropship inferior products.


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