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+1 760-436-5533



317 N El Camino Real Ste 501, Encinitas, CA, 92024

b/t Mountain Vista Dr & Via Montoro


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Alvera Podiatry in Encinitas, CA (2022) (2022) (1)

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Alvera Podiatry in Encinitas, CA (2022) (2022) (2)

Alvera Podiatry in Encinitas, CA (2022) (2022) (3)

Alvera Podiatry in Encinitas, CA (2022) (2022) (4)

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Local time (Encinitas) 11:18 PM Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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Steven M.

Place rating: 5
Carlsbad, CA

Dr Spencer and Alvera Podiatry are lifesavers. From excruciating plantar fasciitis that literally took me off my feet yesterday, to pain free hikes though steep Hawaiian jungle trails today. I’m free! A couple cortisone shots, a couple pairs of custom orthotic shoe inserts… and even custom orthotic flip flops, and I have my life back. Thanks, Doc, and thanks, Alvera Podiatry.

Samahna S.

Place rating: 5
San Marcos, CA

I go to Alvera Podiatry to see Dr. Adam Dustin. He’s absolutely wonderful. I’ve written reviews on his Unilocal page (not the Alvera Podiatry page) in the past if you are looking for specific reviews for him. He’s done 2 toe surgeries for me over the last 10 yrs. and I couldn’t be more pleased. He is no doubt my very favorite doctor… ever!

Mary T.

Place rating: 5
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I have had great experience with Dr. Spencer and his team. When you call to walking in the front door. Carla is such a nice person and always makes you feel happy and comfortable. She bends over backwards to make sure she can schedule your appt. to making your appts. I have had both bunions removed and hammer toe surgery. I just had surgery Thursday and had an appt. today. I asked Carla after I heard her on the phone or helping appt. customers. I said to her today you are so nice and helpful. We need more people like you. Thank you to Alvera podiatry and you fabulous staff. Mary Thomas

Mario W.

Place rating: 5
San Diego, CA

I had been to 2 other doctors that butchered my toe, i seriously had a monster of a toenail that was more painfull than anything i had ever had.
Dr. Adam Dustin was amazing. such a gentle touch, took that sucker right out and now its better than new.
his numbing procedure actually feels kindof good haha. I wont be back because its fixed for life now.
I highly recomend this place.

Lorri G.

Place rating: 1
Oceanside, CA

I came in with x-​rays already done and pain in my right foot, mostly along the bottom outside towards the ankle bone. He felt around my foot, left the room and viewed the x-​rays. He returned saying I had a Tailor’s bunion. I questioned why it hurt so far up my foot (the Tailor’s bunion doesn’t hurt me to walk) and he said it was because it was on a nerve. To me, it feels like tendon pain and I know there’s one in that area. He never did more imaging, more questioning, didn’t observe my gait, nothing. He said the only cure would be orthotics and it would be $ 550. He checked to see if the insurance covered it, it didn’t. We explained we don’t have that kind of money or even half of it. He said, «Check your finances and you can get back to me.» I said, «What do I do in the meantime? I can’t even walk.» He said, «That’ll be tough. Soak your foot. When you figure out your finances, you can call me.» The end. No alternative, no trying something else, no crutches or anything provided so I could walk in the meantime. Basically, if you don’t have $ 550, get out.

Leo D.

Place rating: 1
Encinitas, CA

I went to Alvera with heel pain in my right foot. I was told to wear a special boot for 6 or more weeks until my special Orthotics come in They never called me to tell me they were in, I had to call them. After I wore the boot for 4 weeks I could barley walk any more. I was fit and very active until I went to this office for help with my bit of heel pain. When I went in for the orthotic fitting I told the Dr. it hurt my heel he told me I would get used to it, now botjh heels hurt because of this wrong Orthotic, What a RIP OFF .My freind is a Doctor told me to get an over the counter orthotic at CVS I did now I am feeling much better. I wasted over $ 800.00 to get bad advise from this place and got no help from them.

Marie M.

Place rating: 4
San Diego, CA

Wow, great experience! Never had a better listening Doctor, not a more gentle one. I thank you for taking such great care of me. When you have a need to see a great Doc for your foot-​go see Dr. Dustin!

Petrolia H.

Place rating: 5
Encinitas, CA

I never thought I’d have such a pleasant experience having my foot scraped at!
So a few weeks ago, I went to my primary care doctor to get my foot looked at. She told me that it could be a foreign body… but didn’t offer any sort of assistance to take it out.
So I called over yesterday and talked to a very nice receptionist, and I got an appointment for the next day. It wasn’t long of a wait at all since I had all of my paperwork filled out beforehand. Great customer service!
I was seen by Dr. Dustin, who is a very nice man. I can tell that he cares about his patients. The whole time he was scraping my foot, he was smily, nice, friendly, and engaged in conversation.
I will definitely come back here if I ever have foot problems again. I remember a while ago I broke my ankle and went to C***. I remember feeling like I never really had all of my questions answered and I was always being rushed out. Dr. Dustin has a very quiet office, and seems very attentive. Next time I break anything on my foot I will definitely be limpin’ his way!
Thank you Dr. Dustin!

Chuck P.

Place rating: 5
Encinitas, CA

After repeatedly seeing my family doctor about a foot issue I was having, I made an appointment to see Dr. Dustin. Dr. Dustin was incredible. Not only did he immediately, and accurately (I know now since the issue has been resolved), diagnose my problem, but he’s a very friendly and funny guy — and authentic.

Noah W.

Place rating: 1
Encinitas, CA

I had heard that Podiatrists only want to sell you Orthotics but my foot really hurt. I went to see Alvera Podiatry based on their local advertising and promise guarantee. However, the first thing the doctor said is that I need orthotics. This, if true is fine. What I didn’t know is how big a rip off these really are.
These guys billed my insurance company $ 95 for a 5 minute office visit plus my $ 25 co-​pay. On top of that they charged $ 55 for each «casting» plus $ 550 for the orthotics.
My insurance company paid almost $ 750 by the time I was finished and I had to pay the deductable and a co-​pay. The doctor’s office told me they would call me when they arrived to pick them up.
When my orthotics arrived the office called to set up a time for me to come in to pick them up and when I arrived they demanded an additional $ 25.00 co-​pay (just to pick up my orthotics). I could not believe it. Surely this is a follow up visit since they already charged me $ 660 for these things.
They insisted I see the doctor for a «fitting» but all he did was put them into my sneakers. Alvera Podiatry billed my insurance company $ 95 for the office visit again just to pick up my orthotics and billed me $ 25 for a co-​pay again, just to pick up orthotics that they already got paid $ 750 for. This is outrageous.
I recently found out that Costco now offers orthotics for less than $ 200. Shame on Alvera Podiatry, they are a Rip Off.

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