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It’s not in your best interest to attend a school that’s local to you. You need to make sure that school offers what you need in terms of quality education. Ask yourself the following questions:

3.Attend a regulated medical aesthetician school.

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Once you find the medical aesthetician school that’s right for you, it’s time for you to choose and complete yourcourse. You can talk to an Admissions Advisor to see which is the best fit for what you’d like to do. National Laser Institute has classes that are designed to fit your needs, whether you’re a medical professional who only wantsBotox injection trainingor an aesthetician who wants comprehensivelaser training–we’ve got something for you.4

4.Earn your certification and explore your job options.

Most importantly, complete and graduate from your course! Your hard work is what earns you your certification, and that’s what employers will be looking at. They’re going to want to hire someone who’s had extensive hands-on training and experience from experts within the field. THIS is ultimately why it’s important to choose a good medical aesthetician school.

At National Laser Institute, we have a dedicated team that sends out over 500 job leads a month to our students and alumni. Medical spas, physicians offices and other businesses frequently reach out to us, because they want to hire our graduates!

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Medical Aesthetics Training at National Laser Institute

National Laser Instituteis the leading medical aesthetic school in the nation and has been around for over a decade.

medical aesthetician necessary skills and abilities

10 Skills of a Successful Esthetician

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Do you have an interest in beauty and wellness? Have 5 months to work full-time toward a diploma in Esthiology? If you have the passion for beauty and the drive to help others look beautiful inside and out, then becoming an esthetician may be the right career path for you. There are several skills that you will master during a Esthiology diploma program that will set you up for success when you start your career as an esthetician.

10 Skills of a Successful Esthetician

There are many skills that help an esthetician become successful. From empathizing with customers to good people skills, the ability to communicate with different types of people and a strong sense of attention to detail. Having this set of skills will ensure that the esthetician creates loyal customers, is the go-to for skin care and everyone’s favorite coworker.

Skill #1: Empathy

Those estheticians that understand the emotions of others are more effective in engaging with customers, coworkers and the public. They draw people in and can talk to complete strangers to find common ground even for those outside their social circle. This comes in handy because estheticians work with many different people with all types of backgrounds. The ability to find conversation topics with any customer is an important skill for an esthetician to build a clientele.

Skill #2: Customer Service

In business, the bottom line is important, and customers heavily influence a business’s bottom line. However, offering good customer service is just the start. It takes more than a clean and inviting atmosphere, a smile and a listening ear. Good customer service can anticipate what the customer wants, before they even know they want it.

Part of an esthetician’s job is to assess a customer’s skin and recommend products and services that will enhance their look and confidence. The customer looks to the esthetician as a skin care expert and wants them to advise on a proper skin care regimen. With good customer service, an esthetician can increase customer loyalty. Why is this important? Because retaining customers is often more cost effective than trying to obtain new customers. With good customer service, an esthetician can create loyal followers.

Skill #3: People Skills

An esthetician works with people as a function of their job. Whether it is customers, coworkers, vendors or managers, an esthetician must be a people person and have the knack to interact with others. An esthetician must draw people to them, offer an approachable demeanor and build trust throughout their interactions.

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Skill #4: Communication

In order to offer good customer service, a people person must be able to communicate exceptionally well, being clear and concise so that no errors occur. A successful esthetician can also communicate with different types of customers. Some customers will be open to new options, others will disagree with anything that is suggested. Customers may come to the esthetician having had a bad experience and not trust the process. As a good communicator, an esthetician must recognize what communicate style is needed in order to provide the customer with the best service.

Part of communication in an esthetician practice is the communication they have with customers through advertising. Whether it is a social media post, blog article, video, brochure or letter announcing an important milestone, the esthetician must understand the needs of the customer and properly communicate them to entice the customer to become loyal and pass on the positive experience they had through word-of-mouth. The best advertising for any business is the positive testimonials that a friend or family member can offer to someone they know.

Skill #5: Attention to Detail

A customer may come to an esthetician not knowing about the severity of a skin condition and it is up to the esthetician to ask the right questions and assess the customer with attention to detail and in an organized manner to identify those severe conditions before they become a serious problem. Whether it is a discolored skin spot or dry patches, an esthetician with attention to detail can find even the most minute skin issue and bring it to the customer’s attention.

Skill #6: Organization

A successful esthetician will have a checklist for customer skin assessments. Everything will be in order and every question asked. Nothing is left to chance or inspiration. Organization is key to offering a consistent appointment every time customers come for skin care advice.

An organized workspace also means that the esthetician is not stumbling around looking for something or sitting behind a stack of samples sitting on their desk. A clutter-free work area shows a customer that the esthetician is in control and ready to help.

Skill #7: Problem Solving

Customers turn to an esthetician with a skin problem, and it is their role to find the proper solution to the problem. Whether a customer has acute acne or dry skin, the esthetician must assess the problem, weigh all the risks and come up with a solution that best helps their customer.

A good problem solver will be able to discover an answer to a problem with concrete facts and actual data rather than a hunch or assumption. They focus on finding the right solution, are open to new ideas, look for opportunities within the problem, have a clear understanding of the problem, can identify the many options available, and come to a solution that is beneficial for all parties involved.

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Skill #8: Time Management

A successful esthetician can manage their time wisely, prioritize what is most important to be completed first, and respect others time more than their own. For an esthetician to have good time management, it is important for them to keep appointments and not let customers sit in the waiting room passed their scheduled time. Letting a customer wait means that the esthetician does not respect their time and that they are more important than the customer. The ability to keep an accurate and timely schedule is important and sometimes that means wrapping up with a customer so the esthetician can move to the next appointment scheduled. A customer left waiting for too long has the potential to leave before the appointment or not schedule a follow-up.

Skill #9: Patience

It is too easy to hurry through an assessment of a customer’s skin, come to a quick conclusion or gloss over some important information in the moment. With patience, an esthetician can be thorough, complete and exhaustive in their assessment of a customer’s skin. It is important to be patient with customers and take the time to identify any problems to come to the right solution, so the customer gets the best possible service, keeping healthy skin in the process.

Skill #10: Business Savvy

Part of being an esthetician is running a business, doing light bookkeeping and performing customer marketing services. An esthetician that wants to start their own business will need a business license, zoning permits, bank loans, advertising budget and QuickBooks skills to succeed. Fortunately, an esthetician program at a vocational school will start graduates off with a cursory knowledge of how to run a small business and the procedures needed to succeed.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have all the skills to be a successful esthetician, the good news is that you can learn much of what you need to know in a Esthiology program at a vocational school. Every journey starts with the first step. If you have 5 months to learn everything you need to know about Esthiology, then it may be time to take the first step toward a rewarding career as an esthetician.



What do I say at an esthetician interview? ›

Esthetician Interview Questions
  • Clients rely on estheticians for skincare advice. ...
  • What is your level of experience with salon management software? ...
  • Can you tell me about a time in which you identified a severe skin problem? ...
  • Do you have any experience with hair removal processes, such as waxing, threading or electrolysis?

How do you ace an esthetician interview? ›

You should let the interviewers know why you are excited about the esthetician job position. Open up about why aspects of the position attracted you to the company. Use the interview as a way to fuel your enthusiasm about becoming an esthetician. This kind of genuine passion will resonate strongly with employers!

What qualities make a good esthetician? ›

Here is a basic list of traits a good esthetician needs:
  • Compassionate and empathetic.
  • Good listener.
  • A “people person”
  • Patience.
  • Professional behavior and attitude.
  • Genuine.
  • Thick-skinned.
  • Positivity.
Feb 21, 2018

How do I become a medical esthetician in Louisiana? ›

How do I get my esthetician license in Louisiana?
  1. Complete an esthetics training program from a licensed esthetic or cosmetology school consisting of a minimum of 750 hours.
  2. Complete and pass both written and practical examinations for esthetician licensure.

Why do I want to work here answer? ›

Sample Answers

I can see myself succeeding in this position because I've done similar work in the past and know what it takes to engage these particular consumers.” “I've found I work best in a collaborative environment, so I look forward to working with several departments to align on and achieve our goals.”

Why do we need to hire you? ›

Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. You never know what other candidates offer to the company. But you know you: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done on this position.

What should I wear to a medical spa interview? ›

Regardless of how the girls that work there dress you need to go into the interview looking professional so stick with your usual professional attire. Keep the makeup simple and natural with your hair in a sleek bun or straightened/loosely curled. If/When you get the job you can ask about dress code.

How do estheticians stand out? ›

How to be a stand out…
  1. Give him or her a warm welcome. This is what sets the tone of the appointment and will most likely be what determines if you have a future relationship with this person. ...
  2. Give a professional consultation. ...
  3. Offer a memorable moment. ...
  4. Follow up. ...
  5. Stay relevant and on top of your game.

Is it difficult to be an esthetician? ›

It can be difficult to gain employment right out of school. Many places require experience, which could hinder your chances of landing your dream job. It can take years to build up a solid and steady clientele list. Chemistry and comfortableness between you and your clients is a time consuming task that may take years.

Who is the most successful esthetician? ›

Shani Darden

Darden is one of the most famous aestheticians in Hollywood and her flagship studio, which opened in 2019, is located in Beverly Hills. Before she became a brand in herself, Darden trained under a dermatologist — an experience that lends the scientific touch to her knowledge and skills in facials.

How do estheticians make 6 figures? ›

From selling retail products to making efficient supply purchases, here are our top tips for making the most of your career as an esthetician.
  1. Continue Your Esthetician Education. ...
  2. Sell Retail Products. ...
  3. Make Efficient Supply Purchases. ...
  4. Upsell Services During Booking. ...
  5. Avoid Undercharging Your Services.
Mar 10, 2021

How do I know if my esthetician is good? ›

What makes a good esthetician?
  • 1) They ask you questions. A lot of questions. ...
  • 2) They customize your treatment. ...
  • 3) Their spa is spotless. ...
  • 4) They NEVER cause your skin pain. ...
  • 5) They make you smarter. ...
  • 1) They never ask you questions. ...
  • 2) They don't give you directions for at-home skin care. ...
  • 3) They are distracted.

How long does it take to become a medical esthetician? ›

There are a number of medical aesthetic diploma courses throughout Canada that typically require between 1,000 and 1,100 hours of training to complete. The training is broken into two parts, theoretical learning in the classroom, and practical sessions in a clinical setting.

How much does esthetician school cost? ›

Esthetician School Average Costs #

Basic esthetician training takes roughly six months to complete. Expect to pay approximately $4,000 to $6,000 in tuition and fees at a community college and $6,000 to $12,000 at a private school.

What is the difference between esthetician and Aesthetician? ›

Sometimes they're used interchangeably, but there can be a technical difference. Generally, estheticians focus on cosmetic treatments, and aestheticians' roles are more medical. Due to this difference, aestheticians' titles can also include medical, clinical, or paramedical.

What makes you a good fit for this job? ›

Think about mentioning: Your job ethic and personality and how they are reflected in your work. A unique skill that would make you stand out in a team. A time your individuality or innovation helped your team achieve a goal.

Why did you apply for this position? ›

'I see the role as a way of developing my career in a forward-thinking/well-established company/industry as…' 'I feel I will succeed in the role because I have experience in/softs skills that demonstrate/ I've taken this course…' 'I believe my skills are well-suited to this job because…”

How can I introduce myself during interview? ›

How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview! (The BEST ANSWER!)

What is your weakness best answer? ›

Some skills that you can use as weaknesses include impatience, multitasking, self-criticism, and procrastination. An authentic answer goes a long way. That's why the best solution is to identify your real weaknesses and take proactive measures to address them.

What is your strength best answer? ›

When answering, mention what your top strengths are, provide examples on how you've used them in the past, and finally, describe the results you've gotten. Be super specific with your answers. Don't just say “I'm good at X” - really dive deep and give the interviewer a comprehensive answer.

Why do u want to work in a spa? ›

Working With Clients One-On-One

It is extremely rewarding to see your client's skin change before your eyes as you treat them. There's nothing better than making someone else feel more beautiful, empowered, and confident. That's one of the benefits of working at a medical spa.

Why would you work in a spa? ›

If you work in a spa, you will enjoy beautiful surroundings and a generally happy clientele. Spa guests are thrilled to have a chance to be pampered and find an oasis in their busy lives. Some visit the spa as a part of a celebration for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

How do you answer a receptionist interview question? ›

“If you select me for this position, I would wow you with my organizational skills and the amount of work I can handle. I love putting out fires and solving problems for people, and I think that would make me a great receptionist.” Landing an interview for your dream job requires a lot of time and hard work.

Why do you want this job esthetician? ›

"The main reason I want to be an esthetician is to help people feel confident about their appearances. I think beauty services like makeup application, hair removal and salt scrubs help clients look and feel their best.

Why do you want to be an esthetician? ›

Esthetics Can Provide Freedom

Some people love esthetics because it allows them to work out of their home or to do in-home services. Others love being an esthetician because they want to work in a dermatologist office. Being an esthetician can provide you with the freedom you desire!

Why I would like to be an esthetician? ›

It's emotionally a very rewarding profession.

Making people look good also makes them feel good; which in turn, makes me feel good. It's happiness for all!

Why do you want to work in a spa? ›

You will literally be working in a place where keeping the environment clean, modern, and aesthetically appealing is the top priority! That's one of the major benefits of working at a medical spa! Medical spas want to attract clients and that's what clients want when they go to get a treatment done.


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