The 5 Best Neuropathy Socks in 2022 - Reviews! (2022)

Last updated on May 10, 2022

Peripheral neuropathy concerns 60 to 70% of people living with diabetes and 30 to 40% of people receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

The resulting damage to the nerves, along with poor blood circulation and often high blood sugar levels, seriously and painfully affect the feet.

Neuropathy socks are designed by foot experts to bring extra protection, boost blood circulation, lower numbness, provide pain relief, and prevent severe foot complications.

  • What are neuropathy socks?
  • The 5 best neuropathy socks
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The 5 Best Neuropathy Socks in 2022 - Reviews! (1)

What are Neuropathy Socks?

Neuropathy socks are designed by foot experts to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by neuropathy while preventing further foot complications.

They help prevent foot complications caused by neuropathy by providing extra protection to the feet and boosting blood circulation.

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Why do neuropathy sufferers need special socks?

Peripheral neuropathy is a damage to the nerves of the body’s extremities. It mostly affects the feet and sometimes the hands.

The symptoms and their intensity depend on the individual and may include: numbness, loss of sensation, sharp pains, cramps, tingling, prickling, burning sensation, increased sensitivity to touch, loss of balance, and others.

Not only do neuropathy socks help relieve these symptoms, but they can also prevent serious complications caused by peripheral neuropathy.

Because of a loss of sensation in the feet, diabetic neuropathy often leads to wounds and blisters staying unnoticed. Associated with poorer blood circulation, these wounds can quickly get infected. The healing process is slower for people with neuropathy and infections in the feet are very hard to cure. They often lead to serious complications such as diabetic foot ulcers or gangrene which may ultimately require a toe or a foot amputation.

Socks specially designed for feet with neuropathy considerably help reduce these risks.

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What to look for in neuropathy socks?

When buying socks for peripheral neuropathy, you must pay special attention to the following features:

Non-elastic top band

Therapeutic socks for neuropathy have aloose-fit and non-binding design so they help promote blood circulation. Their non-elastic stretchable top leaves no marks on your calves. Proper blood circulation is highly important as it brings oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the feet. It helps prevent further damage to the nerves and speed up the healing process.

Seamless soft interior

Neuropathy socks protect your skin from blisters and irritation with a seamless soft interior made with anti-abrasive textiles. If you have peripheral neuropathy, you must be aware that tiny blisters or skin irritations are very slow to heal. They easily get infected and can cause severe complications such as foot ulcers.

Anti-microbial & moisture-wicking

Your socks should be crafted in premium moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial yarns. Keeping your feet in a dry and healthy environment is essential when living with neuropathy. It helps prevent fungus and bacterial infections and keeps your skin dry to lower the risks of blisters.

Padding & cushioning

Socks for neuropathy often provide extra padding and cushioning at the sole, as well as at the areas that are prone to blisters. Besides providing superior comfort, socks’ padding and cushioning help prevent blisters and bring greater shock absorption to reduce the impact on the foot.

Proper fit

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Proper fit is essential. Socks that are too tight could block your blood circulation and cause serious problems. On the contrary, socks that are too loose can sag and cause frictions that could wound the skin. If your socks don’t feel comfortable or properly fitted, do not hesitate to return them and get one size up or down.

White sole

Most socks for neuropathy are white and there’s a reason for that. White yarn allows to easily detect bloodstains coming from wounds. Remember that peripheral neuropathy often causes numbness and loss of sensation in the feet and you may not be able to feel wounds.

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The 5 Best Neuropathy Socks (Reviews)

Here are the 5 best socks for neuropathy you can find in 2022:

  1. Orthofeet roomy socks for neuropathy
  2. Apex Foot Cooper cloud neuropathy socks
  3. Orthosleeve light compression wellness socks
  4. MediPeds nano socks for neuropathy
  5. Dr. Choice soothing neuropathy socks

1. Orthofeet Biosoft Roomy Socks for Neuropathy

Best neuropathy socks overall

  • Extra-roomy design
  • Loose knit
  • Seam-free
  • Anti-blister
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Cushioning interior
  • 60-days wear test
  • Orthofeet is the #1 best orthotic footwear company for people living with diabetes or neuropathy. The extra-roomy Biosoft socks are the absolute best to prevent, address, and alleviate neuropathy symptoms.

    The design is extra-roomy with a loose-knit construction and a super stretchable top to promotemaximum blood flow in neuropathy patients with circulation problems and swollen feet.

    The socks’ interior is blister-proof to prevent wounds that could lead to ulceration. Everything inside is seamless, cushioned, and extremely soft to protect fragile skin.

    These socks have an excellent Dryplex patented moisture-wicking system and great anti-bacterial properties. They’re made to keep your feet in a dry and healthy environment which is absolutely essential if you have neuropathy.

    White yarn is recommended if you have lostsensation in your feet, a common neuropathy symptom. It increases wound awareness and helps detect blood and infectious liquid stains to treat the lesions on time.

    If you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get a 60-days wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee with free returns. Plus, there’s currently a 10% discount on all Orthofeet’s socks!

    More socks for neuropathy from Orthofeet:

    (Video) Do The Neuropathy Socks Work?

    2. Apex Copper Cloud Therapeutic Socks

  • Non-binding
  • Seamless
  • Curb ulceration
  • Copper-infused
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Ventilated airflow
  • Anti-fungus
  • Extra padding
  • Light arch support
  • Apex Copper Cloud socks are another top-of-the-line product for feet with neuropathy. Designed to improve blood circulation and curb ulceration, they efficiently address the most serious neuropathy symptoms.

    A totally seamless sock interior protects your skin from abrasion and blisters, while extra padding at the heels and forefoot areas provides optimal comfort and durability.

    These therapeutic socks are copper-infused. Copper has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties that considerably increase foot hygiene.

    Orthofeet Vs. Apex Foot?

    Orthofeet and Apex offer two of the best socks for diabetic neuropathy foot pain. While both are made to improve blood circulation, prevent wounds and ulceration, and bring optimal comfort and protection, they do have slightly different features that might make the difference for you.

    Orthofeet’s extra-roomy socks are wider and have an even looser fit than Apex’s ones. I also find the yarn to be a bit softer on the skin.

    Apex’s copper socks offer a light arch support that’s valuable if you tend to suffer from plantar fasciitis foot pain. Besides, the temperature control and ventilation system might be slightly better than for Orthofeet.

    Regarding the price, Orthofeet’s socks sell for $8 a pair ( $24,29 for a 3-pack), while Apex’s ones are more expensive due to their high-cost copper-insured yarn (count $11,98 a pair or $35,95 for a 3-pack).

    More Neuropathy Socks from Apex Foot:

    3. Orthosleeve Light Compression Wellness Socks

    The 5 Best Neuropathy Socks in 2022 - Reviews! (11)

  • Non-binding top
  • Seamless construction
  • Anatomical design
  • Arch support
  • Light compression
  • Bamboo fabrics
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Orthosleeve WC4 Wellness socks for diabetes and neuropathy are different from the two first ones in that they provide a light gradient compression, as well as fitting support.

    They still have a non-constricting top that’s crucial for neuropathy, but they’re a bit more supportive than the previous loose-fit ones. They’re anatomically designed for the right and left foot and have special shaped toe and heel pockets for proper foot placement.

    They’re crafted in silver-infused nano-bamboo charcoal fibers for great moisture management and anti-bacterial properties. The sock interior is seam-free and the contour of the foot is fully padded.

    A great choice for people with neuropathy who need a bit of extra foot support! Available in all men’s and women’s sizes, as well as plenty of colors!

  • Nano fabric
  • Stretch top
  • Pull-on closure
  • Minimize friction
  • Reduce hot spot
  • Blister-proof
  • Reinforced heels and toes
  • Cushioned sole
  • Seamless toes
  • Nano socks are crafted in nanofibers textiles engineered with smaller particles than ordinary textiles. Socks made from nano textiles have numerous benefits for neuropathy: they’re water-resistant, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial. They also have better elasticity and strength.

    Medipeds nanoglide socks are great for feet with neuropathy. They have a non-binding design with a stretchable top that does not constrict the legs and helps boost blood flow.

    The fabric is ultra-soft and reduces hot spots and friction on the skin. There’s good cushioning to provide shock absorption in high-impact areas of the foot.

    The price is great too! Count around $2 per pair depending on size and color options.

    5. Dr. Choice Soothing Socks for Foot Neuropathy

    (Video) The 5 Best Diabetic Socks - Product Reviews 2022

  • Infused with aloe vera
  • Soothing
  • Moisturizing
  • Loose-fit
  • Cushioned
  • Seamless
  • Breathable mesh
  • Channel ventilation
  • Moisture management
  • Anti-bacterial
  • First, Doctor’s choice soothing neuropathy socks have all the essential features: a loose-fit, a non-binding top, a seamless and non-irritative interior, and a cushioned footbed.

    Second, the yarn is quite interesting. These socks are crafted in Polyester (97%), which isn’t that seducing at first. But they’re treated with a combination of copper, silver, and zinc that provides potent anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.

    Plus, the breathable mesh and the ventilation channels boost airflow to wick moisture away and keep your feet dry.

    Last but not least, these neuropathy socks are infused with aloe vera! It moisturizes the skin and helps soothe cracks, ulcers, and sores. Definitely worth the try!

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    More about Socks for Peripheral Neuropathy

    Peripheral neuropathy is a serious condition that can lead to severe health complications. Before purchasing a pair of socks, I highly recommend you talk to your doctor and ask for his advice on the best one for you.

    Remember that when living with diabetes or neuropathy, you must have your feet checked once a year during a diabetic foot exam. This medical examination of your feet can also be a great opportunity to ask your medical team for neuropathy footwear recommendations.

    Meanwhile, here are a few more things to know regarding socks for neuropathy.

    How to know if you have neuropathy?

    The vast majority of diagnosed peripheral neuropathies are caused by diabetes, but neuropathy can also result from chemotherapy treatments for cancer, injuries, autoimmune diseases, toxins, poisons, infections, kidney disease, B12 vitamin deficiency, and other factors.

    Symptoms of neuropathy in the feet and their intensity vary from one person to the other and may include:

    • numbness
    • prickling or tingling
    • stabbing pain
    • burning sensation
    • extreme sensitivity to touch
    • loss of sensation
    • muscle weakness
    • twitching, cramps, spams
    • others

    Only your medical team can diagnose peripheral neuropathy. During your annual diabetic foot exam, your doctor will run a series of tests to detect peripheral neuropathy. If you think you might be concerned, immediately seek your doctor’s advice.

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    Do diabetic socks help with neuropathy?

    Yes. In fact, diabetic socks and neuropathy socks are very similar and often sold under the same name. Most diabetic socks are also neuropathy socks and vice versa.

    Both diabetic socks and neuropathy socks are non-constricting and designed to boost blood circulation. Both are protective and designed to prevent blisters and wounds. Most of them also offer extra padding and cushioning.

    What’s the difference between diabetic socks and neuropathy socks?

    The line is very thin, and most brands sell the same product in both diabetes and neuropathy categories.Let’s say that good socks for neuropathy should be even more protective thanregulardiabetic socks!

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    Are compression socks good for neuropathy?

    Neuropathy socks are not compression socks. While both are circulatory socks, they actually serve two opposite purposes.

    With their non-constricting design, neuropathy socks boost blood flowing from the heart down to the lower limbs. On the contrary, compression socks are meant to send blood back from the lower limbs to the heart.

    Wearing one instead of the other can be dangerous and lead to severe circulatory complications.

    In some cases, people suffering from diabetes or neuropathy can be recommended to wear compression socks, but only if advised and overseen by a doctor.

    (Video) Diabetic Sock - Best Socks for Neuropathy and Edema

    Never wear compression socks without your doctor’s advice if you have peripheral neuropathy.

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