Workers Compensation Class Codes- NCCI Alphabetical List (2022)

1860 Abrasive paper or cloth preparation 1748 Abrasive wheel manufacturing 4693 Absorbent cotton manufacturing 8803 Accountant, auditor or factory cost or office systematizer-traveling 2305 Acetate textile fiber 3724 Acetylene gas machine installation 4635 Acetylene gas manufacturing 3634 Acetylene torch manufacturing 5020 Acoustical ceiling installation 5479 Acoustical material installation 3574 Adding machine manufacturing 8800 Addressing or mailing companies & clerical 9101 Adjustment training centers-all other employees 8868 Adjustment training centers-professional employees and clerical 9101 Adult day care centers-all other employees 8868 Adult day care centers-professional employees & clerical 9554 Advertising co. away from shop 9521 Advertising display installation service 9501 Advertising display service 2812 Advertising displays manufacturing-wooden 7380 Advertising material distribution-mobile & door to door- 4452 Advertising sign manufacturing-celluloid 8742 Advertising solicitors 4361 Aerial photographer-ground laboratory employees- 2111 Aerosol products packaging 3224 Agate or enamel wear manufacturing 8010 Agricultural implement stores-not farm machinery 3507 Agricultural machinery manufacturing 3126 Agricultural tool manufacturing-hand 8102 Agronomists-research and development of new seeds 9519 Air conditioners-portable-installation, service or repair-residential 2288 Air conditioning filter media manufacturing-nonwoven 8010 Air conditioning parts store 8380 Air conditioning-automobile-installation, service or repair 8601 Air conditioning-non-portable-air flow balancing & testing 3724 Air conditioning-non-portable-machinery installation 5183 Air conditioning-non-portable-plumbing 5190 Air conditioning-non-portable-servicing, cleaning, oiling or adjusting- 5538 Air conditioning-non-portable-sheet metal work 9519 Air conditioning-portable-installation or service- 3574 Air pressure or steam gauge manufacturing 3400 Air rifle manufacturing-metal stamped parts 8810 Air traffic controller 3826 Aircraft engine manufacturing 3040 Aircraft landing mats manufacturing-by welding 7423 Aircraft operation-fixed wing NOC-. All other than flying crew 7422 Aircraft operation-fixed wing NOC-flying crew 7423 Aircraft operation-helicopters NOC-. All other than flying crew 7425 Aircraft operation-helicopters NOC-flying crew 7425 Aircraft operation-helicopters-sky crane work-flying crew 7360 Aircraft or automobile-preparing and crating for shipment 7423 Aircraft or helicopter aerial application, seeding, herding or scintillometer surveying-. All employees other than flying crew 7409 Aircraft or helicopter aerial application, seeding, herding or scintillometer surveying-flying crew 7420 Aircraft or helicopter aerial forest fire fighting-flying crew 7422 Aircraft or helicopter air ambulance 7423 Aircraft or helicopter air carrier-commuter-. All other than flying crew 7431 Aircraft or helicopter air carrier-commuter-flying crew 7403 Aircraft or helicopter air carrier-scheduled or supplemental-. All other than flying crew 7405 Aircraft or helicopter air carrier-scheduled or supplemental-flying crew 7422 Aircraft or helicopter flight testing by manufacturer-manufactured under an approved type certificate-flying crew 7422 Aircraft or helicopter operation: aerial advertising, flying crew 7425 Aircraft or helicopter operation: aerial logging operations flying crew 7422 Aircraft or helicopter operation: aerial photography, flying crew 7423 Aircraft or helicopter operation: air carrier-commuter: all other employees 7422 Aircraft or helicopter operation: parachute jumping conducted by licensed skydiving schools 7420 Aircraft or helicopter operation: parachute jumping for public exhibition-flying crew 7418 Aircraft or helicopter operation: patrol, photography mapping or survey work: flying crew (AK, MO) 7425 Aircraft or helicopter operation: sky crane operations, flying crew 7423 Aircraft or helicopter: patrol, photography-mapping or survey work. All other employees 7422 Aircraft or helicopter: patrol, photography-mapping or survey work-flying crew 7423 Aircraft or helicopter: public exhibition involving stunt flying racing or parachute jumping . All employees other than flying crew 7420 Aircraft or helicopter: public exhibition involving stunt flying racing or parachute jumping-flying crew 7423 Aircraft or helicopter: sales or service agency . All other than flying crew 7422 Aircraft or helicopter: sales or service agency-flying crew 7421 Aircraft or helicopter: transportation of personnel in conduct of employer's business-flying crew 7423 Aircraft or helicopter: transportation of personnel in conduct of employer's business-ground crew personnel- 5474 Aircraft painting 8046 Aircraft parts and accessories store 3821 Aircraft salvaging- 8810 Airline or helicopter-ticket sellers away from airport 3830 Airplane manufacturing 2790 Airplane propeller manufacturing-wood 3076 Airplane subassemblies manufacturing-metal cowling, wing, tabs, & aileron, etc. 2883 Airplane subassemblies manufacturing-wood 3803 Airplane wheel manufacturing 3635 Airplane-cam & gear manufacturing 2790 Airplane-model kit manufacturing (high grade) 4902 Airplane-model kit manufacturing (toy) 6217 Airport construction-grading 5506 Airport construction-paving 7423 Airport or heliport operator- 5506 Airport runway construction-concrete or cement- 7720 Airport security screening of passengers by contractor 5506 Airport warming apron construction-concrete or cement- 1803 Alabaster turning or carving- 8350 Alcohol dealers-bulk-including drivers 2130 Alcohol manufacturing-grain-all operations 2130 Alcohol manufacturing-potato-all operations 1472 Alcohol manufacturing-wood 2157 Ale bottling- 7390 Ale or beer dealer-wholesale 2014 Alfalfa dehydrating or milling 0035 Algae farming- 9180 Alligator exhibition- 0170 Alligator farms- 3648 Alternator manufacturing 3373 Aluminum coating of steel wire 5403 Aluminum siding installation (all types except those eligible for Codes 5645 or 5651) 5645 Aluminum siding installation-detached one- or two-family dwellings 5651 Aluminum siding installation-dwellings-three stories or less in height 5645 Aluminum storm doors or windows installation 3227 Aluminum ware manufacturing 5102 Aluminum windows or doors-not storm-installation 7370 Ambulance service companies -all other than garage employees 8385 Ambulance service companies-garage employees 9180 Amusement device operation NOC-not traveling 9186 Amusement device operator, carnival or circus-traveling-all employees 5192 Amusement machines-coin operated, installation, service or repair- 9016 Amusement park or exhibition operation 4511 Analytical chemist 0050 Anhydrous ammonia-application to soil by contractors 8350 Anhydrous ammonia-sale and distribution 2220 Animal hair twisting-for upholstering use 9186 Animal show-traveling 3372 Anodizing metal articles 7612 Antennae installation-microwave, on towers 3681 Antennae manufacturing 3548 Anti-aircraft gun manufacturing 5951 Anti-toxin, serum or virus manufacturing 9012 Apartment property managers and leasing agents 0034 Apiaries- 1624 Aplite rock quarry- 8044 Appliance (major) store-wholesale-incidental sale of minor appliances- 8018 Appliance (minor) store-wholesale-incidental sale of major appliances 4131 Appliance glass manufacturing-used in microwave ovens, display panels and video games 2576 Apron manufacturing from canvas material 4130 Aquarium manufacturing-glass 4902 Archery equipment manufacturing 9016 Archery range 8601 Architect or engineer-consulting 2790 Architectural scale model building 9016 Arena or stadium for boxing or wrestling matches 9016 Arena or stadium for ice shows, boat shows, automobile shows 9016 Arena or stadium for rodeos, circuses, dolphin exhibitions 9182 Arena or stadium for team sports events 3620 Armor plate processing 7720 Armored car service company- 3548 Arms manufacturing NOC 3574 Arms manufacturing-small 3126 Artesian well tool manufacturing 0083 Artificial insemination of cattle-. All other than professional employees 8831 Artificial insemination of cattle-professional employees- 4693 Artificial limb manufacturing 4036 Artificial marble manufacturing- 4692 Artificial teeth manufacturing 5506 Artificial turf installation-surface preparation only- 0042 Artificial turf-installation only- 3548 Artillery cannon manufacturing 5102 Artistic metal erection work-plaques, facades, facings 8810 Artists (refer to scope for restrictions) 1852 Asbestos cement or shingle manufacturing 5473 Asbestos contractor-NOC 5472 Asbestos contractor-pipe and boiler work exclusively 1852 Asbestos goods manufacturing 1852 Asbestos pipe covering manufacturing-from sheet asbestos-no asbestos weaving 1165 Asbestos-surface mining- 3400 Ash can manufacturing-metal stamped parts 9403 Ashes, garbage or refuse collection 5506 Asphalt laying on top of already constructed highway- 4741 Asphalt or tar distilling or refining 4021 Asphalt paving bricks manufacturing- 4493 Asphalt tile manufacturing 1463 Asphalt works -operated by paving contractors at permanent location 5506 Asphalt works -operated by road paving contractors at temporary location 5506 Asphalt-spraying roads with liquid asphalt- 1165 Asphalt-surface mining- 3685 Assay balance manufacturing 4511 Assaying 9040 Asylum-all other than professional employees 8833 Asylum-professional employees 9182 Athletic team or park : all employees other than players, coaches, managers or umpires 9179 Athletic team or park: contact sports-players, coaches, managers or umpires 9178 Athletic team or park: non-contact sports-players, coaches, managers or umpires 9181 Athletic team or park: players, coaches, managers, or umpires (MO) 9984 Atomic energy project work 9985 Atomic energy radiation exposure NOC 8820 Attorney-all employees & clerical, messengers, drivers 8017 Auctioneers 7605 Audio or intercommunication system installation-within buildings- 4923 Audio or visual recording media manufacturing 9516 Audio, radio, television or video equipment installation service or repair 9016 Auditoriums or exhibition hall 8803 Auditors, accountant or factory cost office systematizer-traveling 8810 Auditors-performing audits at their employer's locations 7219 Auto rental or leasing co.-drivers of trucks NOC or other commercial 3145 Automatic screw machine products manufacturing 3634 Automatic sprinkler head manufacturing 5188 Automatic sprinkler installation 5192 Automatic teller machines installation, service or repair-& salespersons, drivers 3146 Automobile accelerator assembly manufacturing 8046 Automobile accessory store retail-NOC 8393 Automobile body repair 3632 Automobile brake drums-reconditioning & relining-drums removed from vehicle by others 8380 Automobile brake repair- 3303 Automobile bumper manufacturing 3303 Automobile bumper-straightening & repair 8380 Automobile car wash 3146 Automobile choke manufacturing 3632 Automobile clutch rebuilding-clutch removed from vehicle by others 2576 Automobile convertible top manufacturing 3300 Automobile cushions or seat manufacturing 3821 Automobile dismantling 3827 Automobile engine manufacturing 3632 Automobile engine rebuilding-engine removed from vehicle by others 2288 Automobile floor mat manufacturing from felt or felt-like material 8380 Automobile glass installation- 7317 Automobile haulaway or driveaway-driving cars on or off vessels 7228 Automobile haulaway or driveaway-local hauling only- 7229 Automobile haulaway or driveaway-long distance hauling- 4111 Automobile headlight lens manufacturing 3179 Automobile horn manufacturing-electric 8380 Automobile inspection stations- 2288 Automobile interior trim manufacturing from felt or felt-like material 3632 Automobile jack manufacturing-not stamped 8380 Automobile leasing company-long-term-all other employees and drivers 8748 Automobile leasing company-long-term-sales employees 3808 Automobile manufacturing or assembly 8380 Automobile muffler repair- 8392 Automobile parking lot 3400 Automobile parts manufacturing-miscellaneous stamped parts such as fenders 3632 Automobile piston manufacturing 3807 Automobile radiator manufacturing 8380 Automobile radiator repair-no manufacturing- 8002 Automobile rental company . all other than garage employees 8385 Automobile rental company: garage employees 8391 Automobile repair shop & parts department employees drivers (LA, MO, OK, RI, WI) 7228 Automobile repossession operations-local hauling only- 7229 Automobile repossession operations-long distance hauling- 8380 Automobile sales agency 8380 Automobile sales or service agency & parts department employees, drivers 8748 Automobile salespersons 2501 Automobile seat cover manufacturing 8380 Automobile service or repair center 8387 Automobile service station (HI, LA, MO, NC, NJ, OK, RI, WI) 8392 Automobile storage garage or parking station 9186 Automobile stunt show 8393 Automobile sunroof installation 3146 Automobile throttle rod manufacturing 7228 Automobile towing company-local hauling only-no other operations 7229 Automobile towing company-long distance hauling-no other operations 2812 Automobile trailer manufacturing-home-type 3803 Automobile wheel manufacturing-metal-not cast 3146 Automobile window and trim molding manufacturing 8380 Automobile window tinting- 3822 Automobile, bus, truck or trailer body manufacturing: die-pressed steel 3824 Automobile, bus, truck or trailer body manufacturing: other than die-pressed steel 9505 Automobile, bus, truck or trailer body manufacturing: painting 9522 Automobile, bus, truck or trailer body manufacturing: upholstering 9516 Automobile: radio, audio, television or video equipment installation, service or repair 3648 Automotive electrical apparatus repair-no removal from installation in or repair of vehicles 3648 Automotive lighting, ignition or starting apparatus manufacturing NOC 3632 Automotive machine shops-no work on cars-including cylinder reboring, valve grinding, turning down brake drums, etc. 8046 Automotive replacement parts distributors-wholesale 0034 Aviaries- 5102 Awning erection: canvas products 5538 Awning erection-metal- 5538 Awning manufacturing & erection of metal awnings- 2576 Awning manufacturing: canvas products 3076 Awning manufacturing-metal-no erection work 2576 Awning or tent manufacturing-shop 5102 Awning, tent or canvas goods erection, removal or repair 3126 Ax and sledgehammer manufacturing 4557 Axle grease manufacturing 3632 Axle unit assembling or manufacturing 3865 Baby carriage manufacturing 8835 Baby-sitting service 2576 Bag manufacturing from canvas material 4273 Bag manufacturing-paper or plastic 2578 Bag or sack manufacturing-cloth 2578 Bag renovating 8017 Bakeries-retail store sales 2003 Bakery , route supervisors 6504 Baking powder manufacturing 5040 Balcony erection-iron or steel, exterior 3040 Balcony fabrication-iron or steel- 3507 Baling press manufacturing-hydraulic 3638 Ball or roller bearing manufacturing 1624 Ballast rock quarry- 7422 Balloonist-hot air 4693 Bandage manufacturing-weaving to be separately rated 7720 Bank and trust company contractors-not employees of banks or trust companies-including contracted services such as guards, patrols, messengers, armored car crews 8810 Banks and trust companies 7380 Banks and trust companies: armored car crews (bank employees-not contractors) 8833 Banks and trust companies: dispensary employees 9015 Banks and trust companies: employees engaged in care custody or maintenance-including night watch guards, elevator operators and starters 5191 Banks and trust companies: office machine repair employees 4299 Banks and trust companies: printing employees 8742 Banks and trust companies: special officers and armed or unarmed attendants, ushers, door attendants, appraisers, field auditors, runners or messengers 9084 Bar, discotheque, lounge, nightclub or tavern 8018 Barber or beauty parlor supply houses 9586 Barbershop, beauty parlor or hair styling salon 6854 Barge building-iron or steel-State Act- 6843 Barge building-iron or steel-U.S. Act- 2702 Bark peeling in connection with logging- 4207 Bark peeling in paper mills-chemical process 4206 Bark peeling in paper mills-ground wood process 2702 Bark peeling-contractors-for pulpwood- 2710 Barking mills 2014 Barley milling 2881 Barrel assembly 2881 Barrel dealers including repairing-wood 2915 Barrel manufacturing-wood veneer-incl. veneer manufacturing 2916 Barrel manufacturing-wood veneer-no veneer manufacturing 3400 Barrel or drum manufacturing-steel-metal stamped parts 3400 Barrel or drum-steel-reconditioning or repair 2735 Barrel stock manufacturing 2841 Baseball bat manufacturing 9016 Baseball batting range 4902 Baseball mask manufacturing 4902 Baseball manufacturing 9178 Baseball team 2731 Baseboard manufacturing-wood 2913 Basket manufacturing-willow ware 2915 Basket manufacturing-wood veneer-incl. veneer manufacturing 2916 Basket manufacturing-wood veneer-no veneer manufacturing 9178 Basketball team 9015 Bathhouse-beach 3081 Bathtub manufacturing-enameled iron- 3643 Battery charger manufacturing 3642 Battery manufacturing-dry 3647 Battery manufacturing-storage 1747 Bauxite grinding- 9402 Beach cleaning- 8102 Bean sorting or handling 9586 Beauty parlor 9586 Beauty school with commercial shops 8018 Beauty supply sales-wholesale 2881 Bed assembling-wood 3300 Bed spring or wire mattress manufacturing 0035 Bedding plant growers 0005 Bedding plant growers (applies only to plants not contemplated by 0035) 3076 Bedstead manufacturing or assembly-metal 0034 Bee raising- 8017 Beer and ale dealers-retail 5183 Beer and soft drink dispensing equipment, cleaning 2157 Beer bottling- 5183 Beer coil cleaning- 5183 Beer drawing equipment-cleaning and installation- 7390 Beer or ale dealer-wholesale- 3726 Beer vat coating with chemicals 2021 Beet sugar manufacturing 9534 Bell installation-tower- 4410 Belt manufacturing-rubber 2157 Beverage manufacturing-carbonated-NOC & route supervisors, drivers 6504 Beverage powders-dry mix, blend, package 3865 Bicycle manufacturing or assembly 8010 Bicycles-retail sale or rental-including repair 9554 Bill posting 9089 Billiard hall 2883 Billiard table manufacturing 4150 Binocular manufacturing 3315 Bird cage manufacturing 3114 Bits-power tool manufacturing-drop or machine forged 3113 Bits-power tool manufacturing-not drop or machine forged 3111 Blacksmith 0035 Blanket or wreath manufacturing-evergreen- 5057 Blast furnace erection 1438 Blast furnace operation 5022 Blast furnace repair and relining-masonry 4777 Blasting agents-preparation or distribution 6217 Blasting rock-specialist contractors- 2802 Bleacher manufacturing-wood- 3179 Blender manufacturing-household 4361 Blueprint duplication service- 4923 Blueprint paper manufacturing 5146 Board installation-chalk, bulletin or cork 9052 Boarding houses 7038 Boat livery-boats under 15 tons-Program I 7090 Boat livery-boats under 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Boat livery-boats under 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 9016 Boat rental in parks (not boat liveries) 7016 Boat testing-newly constructed vessels-Program I 7024 Boat testing-newly constructed vessels-Program II-State Act 7047 Boat testing-newly constructed vessels-Program II-USL Act 3822 Boat trailer manufacturing-die-pressed steel 3824 Boat trailer manufacturing-no die-pressed steel 6824 Boatbuilding or repair -coverage under the Longshore Act 6834 Boatbuilding or repair -coverage under the State Act 6811 Boatbuilding-wood-NOC-State Act 6801 Boatbuilding-wood-NOC-U.S. Act -U.S. Act 2841 Bobbin and spool manufacturing-wood 5022 Boiler brick work-installation or repair 9014 Boiler cleaning-residential 8720 Boiler inspection 3726 Boiler installation or repair-steam 3175 Boiler manufacturing-cast iron for heating purposes 5183 Boiler or steam pipe insulating 3726 Boiler scaling 3620 Boilermaking 5183 Boilers-domestic-installation or repair- 3132 Bolt or nut manufacturing 3632 Bomb case manufacturing 4452 Bone or ivory goods manufacturing 4307 Bookbinding 3548 Bookbinding or printing machine manufacturing 7380 Bookmobile drivers 8072 Bookstore-retail 8018 Bookstore-wholesale 2660 Boot or shoe manufacturing NOC 4410 Boot or shoe manufacturing-rubber 4282 Boot or shoe pattern manufacturing 4568 Borax, potash or salt producing or refining 8264 Bottle dealer-used- 8350 Bottle gas dealer- 4114 Bottle manufacturing-milk, soft drink 8264 Bottle recycling-beverage- 2157 Bottling NOC & route supervisors, drivers 2157 Bottling of wine-carbonated- 2156 Bottling of wine-not carbonated- 2156 Bottling-not carbonated liquids or spirituous liquors-& route supervisors, drivers 2131 Bottling-spirituous liquor-not beer or wine 9093 Bowling lane 5437 Bowling lane refinishing 2883 Box manufacturing-cigar-wood 4243 Box manufacturing-folding paper-NOC 4240 Box manufacturing-set up paper 2841 Box manufacturing-wood frames for traveling or luggage bags 2759 Box or box shook manufacturing-wooden 4279 Box or case lining manufacturing-from waterproof paper for export packing 2570 Box spring or mattress manufacturing 9015 Boy and girl scout councils-camp operations-overnight sleeping 8810 Boy and girl scout councils-clerical office employees 8869 Boy and girl scout councils-day camp operations-all other employees 9059 Boy and girl scout councils-day camp operations-professional employees 8742 Boy and girl scout councils-executive secretaries-office and travel 4693 Braces for the handicapped manufacturing 2380 Braid or fringe manufacturing 4557 Brake fluid manufacturing 8380 Brake service or repair- 2130 Brandy distillery 3315 Brass or copper goods manufacturing 3027 Brass plate, sheet, strip or coil stock manufacturing- 2016 Breakfast food manufacturing 6003 Breakwater construction-consisting wholly of pile driving 6005 Breakwater or jetty construction-all operations to completion 8279 Breeding farm or stable 2121 Brewery 4024 Brick manufacturing-fire or enameled- 4021 Brick or clay products manufacturing NOC 5022 Brick work-installation, repair or cleaning 5067 Bridge building-metal (MO) 5403 Bridge construction-wood 9019 Bridge or vehicular tunnel operation 2835 Brush or broom assembly 2841 Brush or broom handle manufacturing 2836 Brush or broom manufacturing NOC 3315 Buckle manufacturing-brass or copper 3131 Buckle manufacturing-metal (not brass, copper or silver) 3383 Buckle manufacturing-silver 3372 Buffing and polishing-small articles-shop only-no manufacturing 2576 Buffing or polishing cloth, cloth disks or cloth wheel manufacturing 4557 Buffing or polishing compounds manufacturing 2802 Building beam or column manufacturing-wood- 5022 Building caulking 8058 Building material dealer-store employees 8232 Building material dealer-yard, warehouse -all other than store employees 4511 Building material research or analytical laboratory 8204 Building material yards-used-all employees, local managers, drivers 2802 Building manufacturing-portable-wood 9012 Building operation by owner, lessee, or real estate management firm: professional employees, property managers and leasing agents & clerical, salespersons 4283 Building or roofing paper or felt preparation-no installation 5703 Building raising or moving 9014 Buildings-operation by contractors 9015 Buildings-operation by owner, lessee or real estate management firm: all other employees 6003 Bulkhead construction-consisting wholly of pile driving 3400 Bullet clip manufacturing-metal stamped parts 7605 Burglar alarm installation or repair 9522 Burial garment manufacturing and casket or coffin upholstering 5022 Burial vault installation-no manufacture 3040 Burial vault manufacturing-metal- 4034 Burial vaults (concrete) manufacture and installation 7382 Bus companies -all employees other than garage employees 8385 Bus companies-garage employees 3827 Bus engine manufacturing 3808 Bus manufacturing or assembly-entire vehicle 8810 Bus terminal ticket sellers 2081 Butchering 5538 Butler bins- 2070 Butter or cheese manufacturing & route supervisors, drivers 4717 Butter substitute manufacturing 2070 Buttermilk manufacturing- 4484 Button manufacturing NOC 3131 Button manufacturing-campaign or convention 3131 Button or fastener manufacturing-metal 8235 Cabinet dealer-kitchen- 2883 Cabinet manufacturing for audio or visual device 2881 Cabinet works-no power woodworking machinery 2812 Cabinet works-with power machinery 5190 Cable installation 6325 Cable laying-by specialist contractors employing automatic equipment which, in one operation, opens the trench, lays the cable and backfills 1924 Cable manufacturing or wire drawing-not iron or steel 4470 Cable manufacturing-insulated-electrical 3240 Cable or wire rope manufacturing-iron or steel 7612 Cable TV or telephone line installation-contractors, overhead and drivers 7613 Cable TV or telephone line installation-contractors, service lines and connection and drivers 7611 Cable TV or telephone line installation-contractors, underground and drivers 6325 Cable TV-cable installation-plow-in method- 8901 Cable TV-clerical office employees 5040 Cable TV-erection of main receiving or transmitting tower 7600 Cable TV-extension of service into homes 7600 Cable TV-service or repair of existing cables 7601 Cable TV-stringing of cable on existing utility poles- 9060 Caddy-employee of country club 9052 Caddy-employee of hotel 9060 Caddy-independent contractor 3257 Cage manufacturing-wire 6252 Caisson work-all operations to completion 1438 Calcium carbide manufacturing 3574 Calculator manufacturing 4923 Camera manufacturing 8017 Camera or photograph supplies stores-retail 3385 Camera repair 5102 Camouflage work-decorating 5474 Camouflage work-painting- 9015 Camp operation NOC 1472 Camphine manufacturing 3220 Can manufacturing 8264 Can recycling-beverage- 4557 Candle manufacturing 2041 Candy manufacturing 2111 Cannery NOC 2111 Cannery: maintenance & security employees 2111 Canning-motor oil 2111 canning-turpentine 6834 Canoe building 2576 Canvas goods manufacturing NOC-shop 5102 Canvas goods, awning or tent erection, removal or repair 5102 Canvas sidewalls-erection-at ballparks, etc. 3881 Car manufacturing-railroad- 3082 Car wheel manufacturing-railroad 4635 Carbon dioxide manufacturing- 4251 Carbon paper or typewriter ribbon manufacturing 2157 Carbonated beverage manufacturing NOC & route supervisors, drivers 4635 Carbonic acid gas manufacturing 2211 Carbonizing textile materials 3581 Carburetor manufacturing 4239 Cardboard bristol board and paperboard manufacturing 4279 Cardboard mailing tube manufacturing 9186 Carnival, circus or amusement device operator-traveling-all employees 5403 Carpentry NOC 5645 Carpentry-detached one- or two-family dwellings 5437 Carpentry-door installation-extensive finishing 5403 Carpentry-door installation-pre-hung 5651 Carpentry-dwellings-three stories or less 5437 Carpentry-installation of cabinet work or interior trim 5437 Carpentry-installation of finished wooden flooring 2802 Carpentry-shop only- 5478 Carpet installation 2220 Carpet lining manufacturing from woven fibers 2402 Carpet or rug manufacturing NOC 2220 Carpet or rug manufacturing-jute or hemp 4410 Carpet pad manufacturing-rubber 5478 Carpet, linoleum, vinyl, asphalt, and rubber floor tile installation 2585 Carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning-shop or outside 8017 Carpet, rug, linoleum store-retail 8018 Carpet, rug, linoleum store-wholesale 3808 Carriage or wagon manufacturing or assembly 5183 Carrier system-pneumatic-installation or repair 3574 Cash register manufacturing 5191 Cash register-installation, service or repair 9044 Casino gambling hotel: all employees & clerical, salespersons, drivers 9062 Casino gambling: all employees & clerical, salespersons, drivers 2881 Cask assembly 3076 Casket or coffin manufacturing or assembly-metal 2881 Casket or coffin manufacturing or assembly-wood 9522 Casket or coffin upholstering and burial garment manufacturing 4431 Cassettes-magnetic media, manufacture or assembly 3085 Casting manufacturing for others-using non-ferrous metal 3336 Castings manufacturing-metal-by lost wax process 2111 Cat food manufacturing-canning operation 4133 Cathedral or art glass window manufacturing 4112 Cathode-ray tube manufacturing 6504 Catsup manufacturing 8288 Cattle dealer & salespersons, drivers 4558 Caulking compound manufacturing 5213 Caulking-with pressure gun 1164 Cave expansion- 9016 Caves or caverns-operation for exhibition purposes-including guides, ticket sellers, gate attendants, maintenance employees 1164 Caves-excavation of new areas for exhibition purposes- 2883 Cedar chest manufacturing 5020 Ceiling installation-suspended acoustical grid type 5409 Ceilings-suspended or cemented-installation 8292 Cement (dry) storage warehouse 5022 Cement block erection 4410 Cement compound manufacturing-rubber 1701 Cement manufacturing 1624 Cement rock quarry- 9220 Cemetery operation 9220 Cemetery removal-opening graves, removing and reinterring remains, 4062 Ceramic goods manufacturing-spark plug cores, spools, pulleys 4061 Ceramics manufacturing 2016 Cereal manufacturing 9402 Cesspool cleaning-specialist contractors- 3110 Chain manufacturing-forged 3257 Chain manufacturing-formed or welded from wire 3146 Chain manufacturing-roll or drive-type 2881 Chair assembling-wood 1165 Chalk-surface mining- 3180 Chandelier manufacturing 8018 Charcoal dealers-wholesale-packaged 1472 Charcoal manufacturing 8837 Charitable or welfare organization-all operations (AK, CO, GA, MA, OR, WI) 9110 Charitable or welfare organization-all other employees 8861 Charitable or welfare organization-professional employees & clerical 7038 Chartered fishing boat-less than 15 tons-Program I 7090 Chartered fishing boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Chartered fishing boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 7380 Chauffeurs & helpers NOC-commercial- 8810 Check cashing store 2070 Cheese or butter manufacturing & route supervisors, drivers 4828 Chemical blending or mixing NOC-all operations and drivers 4829 Chemical manufacturing NOC-all operations 3373 Chemical milling 9403 Chemical waste disposal 2402 Chenille carpet manufacturing 2220 Chenille cloth manufacturing 2501 Chenille products manufacturing from chenille cloth-no carpet or cloth manufacturing 2041 Chewing gum manufacturing 0034 Chicken catchers- 9059 Child day camp-all other employees and drivers 8869 Child day camp-professional employees and clerical, salespersons 9059 Child day care center-all other employees and drivers 8869 Child day care center-professional employees and clerical, salespersons 5222 Chimney cleaning-industrial smoke stacks 9014 Chimney cleaning-residence-by vacuum suction 5222 Chimney construction-not metal (commercial) 5022 Chimney construction-one- or two-story residences 4352 China decorating-by hand 0170 Chinchilla raising- 2710 Chip harvester operation-portable or permanent 4239 Chip or particleboard manufacturing 2041 Chocolate or cocoa manufacturing 5190 Christmas or holiday decorations-street or outside- 0106 Christmas tree harvesting exclusively- 2534 Christmas tree manufacturing-aluminum 0005 Christmas tree planting, cultivating and harvesting- 2156 Cider bottling- 2143 Cider manufacturing 3315 Cigar and cigarette lighter manufacturing or assembling 2172 Cigar manufacturing 2172 Cigarette filter manufacturing 2172 Cigarette manufacturing 8232 Cinder dealers- 3681 Circuit board manufacturing 9186 Circus, carnival or amusement device operator-traveling-all employees 8742 Claim adjusters or special agents-insurance co. 2114 Clam digging 4061 Clay flower pot manufacturing-hand molded or cast 4062 Clay flower pot manufacturing-press formed 1747 Clay milling- 1164 Clay mining-underground- 4000 Clay or shale digging 4021 Clay products or brick manufacturing NOC 4902 Clay target manufacturing-for skeet shooting 5538 Clean air rooms-sheet metal-shop and installation- 5610 Cleaner-debris removal 5474 Cleaning building interiors, machinery & equipment using spray apparatus- 2586 Cleaning or dyeing & route supervisors, drivers 2582 Cleaning or dyeing collecting or distributing station 5213 Cleaning or renovating building exteriors 5610 Cleaning railroad freight cars-not tank 3726 Cleaning tanks or tank cars 8810 Clerical office employees NOC 8814 Clerical office employees NOC-Program I 8805 Clerical office employees NOC-Program II-State Act 8815 Clerical office employees NOC-Program II-USL Act 8871 Clerical telecommuter employees 8103 Clippings dealer 2881 Clock assembly to wood base 3385 Clock manufacturing 3385 Clock repair-not jewelry store 2417 Cloth printing 8032 Cloth sponging, shrinking, inspection or mending 5057 Clothes dryers-metal-erection on roofs 9521 Clothes dryers-wood-installation in apartments 5403 Clothes pole erection-wood 2501 Clothing manufacturing 8032 Clothing-mail order sales, wholesale or retail 8279 Club hunting-no shooting 9060 Club-country, golf, fishing or yacht-& clerical 9061 Club-NOC 9061 Club-NOC & clerical 9077 Club-officers & enlisted personnel-military base 9061 Clubs-beach & clerical 9063 Clubs-health & clerical 9061 Club-social, fraternal or business-operating on own premises or facilities & clerical 8279 Clubs-riding 9180 Clubs-shooting 9060 Clubs-ski & clerical 9061 Clubs-social & clerical 9063 Clubs-tennis, racquetball or handball-indoor 9060 Clubs-tennis, racquetball or handball-outdoor 1463 Coal billet or briquette manufacturing 7313 Coal dock operation & stevedoring 8233 Coal merchant & local managers, drivers 1016 Coal mining-NOC 1005 Coal mining-surface- 3257 Coat hanger manufacturing-metal 2841 Coat hanger manufacturing-wood 2041 Cocoa or chocolate manufacturing 6504 Coconut shredding or drying 4665 Cod liver oil manufacturing- 6504 Coffee cleaning, roasting or grinding 8292 Coffee storage warehouse 8006 Coffee, tea or grocery dealer-retail 5192 Coffee: service companies-all operations & salespersons, drivers 6252 Cofferdam work-not pneumatic-all operations to completion 4034 Coffin and casket manufacturing-concrete- 2881 Coffin manufacturing or assembly-wood 3076 Coffin or casket manufacturing or assembly-metal 2881 Coffin or casket manufacturing or assembly-wood 9522 Coffin or casket upholstering and burial garment manufacturing 3681 Coil manufacturing-electrical 8013 Coin dealer 4251 Coin wrappers and currency strap manufacturing 1472 Coke manufacturing 8031 Cold storage locker-frozen foods 3334 Collapsible white metal tube and cap manufacturing 2501 Collar manufacturing 9403 Collection of containerized garbage, ashes or refuse 8742 Collectors, messengers or salespersons-outside 9101 College-all employees other than professional or clerical 8868 College-professional employees & clerical 4558 Color grinding, blending or testing 9052 Commissary work-all employees other than restaurant workers 9058 Commissary work-restaurant employees 3724 Compressor repair or service-away from shop- 4150 Computer chip manufacturing 5191 Computer device installation, inspection, service or repair 8810 Computer system designers or programmers-exclusively office 8803 Computer system designers or programmers-traveling 5191 Computer-installation, service or repair 3574 Computing, recording or office machine manufacturing NOC 8017 Concessions-beach chairs and umbrellas 9016 Concessions-boats in parks- 8017 Concessions-cigarette or cigar 8017 Concessions-door attendants 8008 Concessions-hat or coat checkrooms 8017 Concessions-parcel or luggage checkrooms 8392 Concessions-parking lots 8017 Concessions-rolling chairs 8017 Concessions-washroom attendants 4034 Concrete block manufacturing- 4034 Concrete brick manufacturing- 5222 Concrete construction in connection with bridges or culverts 5213 Concrete construction NOC 5213 Concrete construction NOC-fabricating, setting up or taking down forms 5215 Concrete construction-construction of private residences, fabricating, setting up or taking down forms 5213 Concrete construction-monolithic 5221 Concrete igloo construction-floors- 5213 Concrete igloo construction-for explosives 5057 Concrete or cement distributing towers-installation, repair or removal 5221 Concrete or cement work-floors, driveways, yards or sidewalks- 5213 Concrete pre-cast slab installation-roofs and floors 5213 Concrete pre-cast wall panel installation 5213 Concrete private residences construction-monolithic 5215 Concrete private residences construction-not monolithic 4034 Concrete products manufacturing 7228 Concrete ready mix operations-materials not owned by the insured-local hauling only- 7229 Concrete ready mix operations-materials not owned by the insured-long distance hauling- 5215 Concrete work-incidental to the construction of private residence 8106 Concrete: reinforcing rod or bar dealer and drivers 8232 Concrete-dry mixing & bagging-no manufacturing 2065 Condensed milk manufacturing 3681 Condenser manufacturing-electrical 9012 Condominiums or cooperatives: professional employees, property managers and leasing agents & clerical, salespersons 9015 Condominiums or cooperatives-all employees engaged in care, custody and maintenance of premises or facilities 6325 Conduit construction-for cables or wires- 4021 Conduit manufacturing-clay- 3559 Confection machine manufacturing 2041 Confection manufacturing 3507 Construction machinery, dredge or steam shovel manufacturing NOC 8227 Construction or erection permanent yard 3126 Construction tool manufacturing 4150 Contact lens manufacturing 8264 Container recycling-beverage-bottle or can 9403 Containerized refuse collection 5606 Contractor-executive supervisor 8107 Contractors' equipment rental-without operator- 8107 Contractors' machinery dealer 8829 Convalescent or nursing home-all employees 3257 Conveyor belt manufacturing-wire 3507 Conveyor manufacturing 2001 Cookie manufacturing-no on-premises consumption 3227 Cooking utensils manufacturing-steel 3724 Cooling tower erection-prefabricated wood or metal- 2881 Cooperage assembly 2735 Cooperage stock manufacturing 4279 Cop tube manufacturing 3315 Copper or brass goods manufacturing 3027 Copper plate, sheet, strip or coil stock manufacturing- 3066 Coppersmith-shop 5191 Copy machine-installation, service or repair 1624 Coral rock quarry- 2220 Cord or twine manufacturing-cotton 2220 Cordage, rope or twine manufacturing NOC 2352 Cordage, rope or twine manufacturing NOC (MO, NJ, OK) 6204 Core sample drilling- 2841 Cork board manufacturing and cork products manufacturing 2841 Cork cutting works 4250 Cork paper manufacturing-no paper manufacturing 0037 Corn detasselling- 2016 Corn flakes manufacturing 2014 Corn milling 4703 Corn products manufacturing 0050 Corn shelling-portable- 4034 Cornice manufacturing-concrete- 3383 Coronet manufacturing 7720 Correction department employees- 8868 Correspondence schools 4244 Corrugated or fiberboard container manufacturing 4611 Cosmetics manufacturing-not manufacturing ingredients 2211 Cotton batting, wadding or waste manufacturing 8742 Cotton classifiers 0400 Cotton compressing 3507 Cotton gin machine manufacturing 0401 Cotton gin operation & local managers, drivers 8103 Cotton merchant 0037 Cotton picking- 2220 Cotton spinning and weaving 8103 Cotton storage 4670 Cottonseed feed manufacturing- 4670 Cottonseed oil manufacturing-mechanical- 4670 Cottonseed oil manufacturing-solvent- 4683 Cottonseed oil refining 3300 Couches (folding) manufacturing 4611 Cough drop manufacturing 4611 Cough syrup compounding or preparation-no manufacturing of ingredients 9410 County employees NOC 8820 Court reporters- 3040 Crab pot manufacturing- 2001 Cracker manufacturing 0079 Cranberry growers 8107 Crane dealer- 3507 Crane manufacturing-overhead 5057 Crane or derrick installation 9534 Crane rental with operator 8107 Crane rental without operator- 2942 Crayon, pencil or penholder manufacturing 2016 Cream of wheat manufacturing 2157 Cream-aerated under pressure- 2070 Creamery or dairy & route supervisors, drivers 9620 Crematory operation 1472 Creosote manufacturing 0034 Cricket raising- 8102 Crop inspection for farms 2841 Crutch manufacturing-wood 3179 Cryogenic device manufacturing-refrigeration unit 3076 Cryogenic device manufacturing-sheet metal work 4150 Crystal manufacturing-radio or electronic 4000 Culm recovery- 3620 Culvert manufacturing-plate metal 3066 Culvert manufacturing-sheet metal 8810 Curator-library or museum 4410 Cushion manufacturing-rubber 2501 Cushion, pillow or quilt manufacturing 3122 Cutlery manufacturing NOC 8010 Cutlery parts store 0036 Dairy farm operation- 6504 Dairy products manufacturing-imitation 6017 Dam or lock construction-concrete work-all operations 6018 Dam or lock construction-earthmoving or placing-all operations 2702 Dam or lock construction-timber or brush cutting and removal 3300 Daybed manufacturing 3372 Deburring-metal 4299 Decalcomania transfer manufacturing-not silk-screen process 5538 Decking-sheet metal, fabrication and installation- 5102 Decorating 4352 Decorating ceramic or glass by hand 5102 Decorative metal erection work-plaques, facades, facings 0401 Decortication-fibrous plants- 3179 Dehumidifier 6504 Dehydrating coffee or tea 6504 Dehydrating eggs 2095 Dehydrating meats 2065 Dehydrating milk 2112 Dehydrating soup 2112 Dehydrating vegetables 7380 Delivery of goods using bicycles- 7394 Demolition operations-underwater-Program I 7395 Demolition operations-underwater-Program II-State Act 7398 Demolition operations-underwater-Program II-USL Act 8017 Demonstrators in retail stores 5146 Dental equipment installation 3685 Dental instrument manufacturing 4692 Dental laboratory 8017 Dental supply dealers-retail 8832 Dentist & clerical 5057 Derrick or oil rig erecting or dismantling-all operations-metal 5403 Derrick or oil rig erecting or dismantling-all operations-wood 7720 Detective or patrol agency 4720 Detergent manufacturing 3372 Detinning 4703 Dextrine manufacturing 8013 Diamond cutting or polishing 2585 Diaper service & route supervisors, drivers 4000 Diatomite-digging and stripping- 1925 Die casting manufacturing 3632 Diesel engines used as generators-repair 6005 Dike or revetment construction 9154 Dinner theater-all other employees-theater payroll greater than 50% 9156 Dinner theater-players, entertainers-theater payroll greater than 50% 3648 Directional signal manufacturing 4923 Disc manufacturing-magnetic 5190 Dishwasher-installation, service or repair-commercial- 4279 Display manufacturing-cardboard 4038 Display manufacturing-papier mache 9521 Display-window-installation 1472 Distillation-wood- 2130 Distillery-spirituous liquor 7380 Distributing companies-if employees transported to location in cars or trucks- (samples, advertising circulars telephone directories, etc.) 8017 Distributing companies-if no transportation or governing classification 3648 Distributor (automobile) parts manufacturing 0251 Ditch cleaning-irrigation- 7394 Diving-marine-Program I 7395 Diving-marine-Program II-State Act 7398 Diving-marine-Program II-USL Act 2111 Dog food manufacturing-canning operation 6504 Dog food manufacturing-packaged-dry pelleted 8279 Dog show-kennel employees 9016 Dog show-operation by owner or lessee 2501 Doll clothing or cloth dolls or cloth parts manufacturing 4484 Doll or doll parts manufacturing or assembly 9180 Dolphin training, feeding and care 0917 Domestic service contractor-inside 0913 Domestic workers-inside 0908 Domestic workers-inside-occasional 0912 Domestic workers-outside-including private chauffeurs 0909 Domestic workers-outside-occasional-including occasional private chauffeurs 2003 Donut manufacturing-no consumption on premises- 5102 Door installation-metal or metal covered-in garages-not overhead 3724 Door installation-overhead- 5403 Door installation-pre-hung 5645 Door installation-screened-metal or wood 3040 Door manufacturing-metal (heavy metal) 3076 Door manufacturing-metal (light metal) 5102 Door, door frame or sash erection-metal or metal covered 3066 Door, door frame or sash manufacturing-wood-metal covered 2802 Door, sash or assembled millwork manufacturing-wood 3146 Doorknob manufacturing 9101 Dormitory operation-by school 2731 Dowel manufacturing-wood 8810 Drafting employees 9016 Drag strip operation 6229 Drainage or irrigation system construction 2501 Draperies or curtain manufacturing-from cloth, paper or plastic-cutting and sewing 9521 Draperies or curtains-installation in public buildings from floor or stepladders 5102 Draperies or curtains-installation in public buildings NOC 3507 Dredge, steam shovel or construction machinery manufacturing NOC 4000 Dredging of materials on non-navigable waters with incidental shore operations- 7333 Dredging-all types-Program I 7335 Dredging-all types-Program II-State Act 7337 Dredging-all types-Program II-USL Act 4038 Dress form manufacturing 4282 Dress pattern manufacturing-paper 2731 Dressed lumber mill 4557 Dressing or polish manufacturing 4038 Dressmaker forms manufacturing-plaster 2503 Dressmaking or tailoring-custom exclusively 7038 Drift fishing boat-less than 15 tons-Program I 7090 Drift fishing boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Drift fishing boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 6204 Drilling NOC 6235 Drilling or redrilling of oil or gas wells and installation of casing drivers 7380 Drivers, chauffeurs and their helpers NOC-commercial 4825 Drug, medicine or pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing & includes manufacturing of ingredients 4611 Drug, medicine or pharmaceutical preparation, compounding or blending-no manufacturing of ingredients 2589 Dry cleaning and laundry store-retail-& route supervisors, drivers 6854 Dry dock building-floating-iron or steel-State Act- 6843 Dry dock building-floating-iron or steel-U.S. Act- 6801 Dry dock construction-floating--State Act 8018 Dry ice dealers-wholesale 4635 Dry ice manufacturing- 3066 Duct manufacturing-air conditioning 5538 Duct work-shop and installation- 5538 Ducts-for heating and air conditioning systems-fiberglass or sheet metal, fabrication & installation- 0083 Dude ranches-cattle ranches 9052 Dude ranches-not cattle ranches-& salespersons, drivers 3507 Dust collector systems manufacturing 4825 Dye manufacturing-natural 2586 Dyeing or cleaning & route supervisors, drivers 4021 Earthenware or tile manufacturing NOC 8018 Egg breaking-including canning & freezing 8018 Egg dealers-including grading, candling, packing-wholesale 0034 Egg or poultry producer- 9519 Electric blankets-service or repair 7539 Electric light or power co. NOC-all employees 7540 Electric light or power cooperative-REA project only-all employees 7538 Electric light or power line clearing of new right-of-ways by line contractor- (clearing of right-of-way performed by contractors also engaged in telephone telegraph or alarm line construction shall be assigned to Code 7601) 7538 Electric light or power line construction 3180 Electric or gas lighting fixtures manufacturing 5190 Electric oven-installation, service or repair-commercial- 3643 Electric power or transmission equipment manufacturing 3179 Electric razor manufacturing or repair 0050 Electric, telephone or alarm line-brush or weed control by spraying-existing right-of-way- 6217 Electric, telephone or alarm line-clearing brush or stumps from existing right-of-way- 2702 Electric, telephone or alarm line-clearing of new right-of-way-standing timber- 0106 Electric, telephone or alarm line-tree pruning, spraying or removal-existing right-of-way- 3724 Electrical apparatus installation or repair 3179 Electrical apparatus manufacturing NOC 3179 Electrical cable connector manufacturing 3681 Electrical cord set, radio or ignition harness assembly 8010 Electrical hardware stores-wholesale or retail 3724 Electrical power equipment repair or service-away from shop- 5190 Electrical wiring-within buildings 4150 Electronic chip manufacturing 3681 Electronic timers 3685 Electro-physical therapy equipment manufacturing 3372 Electroplating 4299 Electrotyping 3040 Elevator door fabrication-iron or steel- 5102 Elevator entrance & door installation 5160 Elevator erection or repair 8720 Elevator inspecting 3042 Elevator or escalator manufacturing 5160 Elevator servicing-oiling, adjusting and maintenance 2388 Embroidery manufacturing 1860 Emery cloth manufacturing 1747 Emery works 3224 Enamel or agate ware manufacturing 3081 Enameled iron ware manufacturing- 8601 Energy conservation consultants 3612 Engine manufacturing NOC 3826 Engine manufacturing-aircraft 3827 Engine manufacturing-automobile 3612 Engine manufacturing-outboard motors 8380 Engine repair-marine-away from water- 8601 Engineer or architect-consulting 4352 Engraving 4251 Envelope manufacturing 5160 Escalator erection or repair 3042 Escalator or elevator manufacturing 4825 Essential oils manufacturing & distillation 4053 Etching-aluminum oxide process 3685 Ether-suction machine manufacturing 2065 Evaporated milk manufacturing 6217 Excavation 9063 Exercise or health institute & clerical 2812 Exhibition booth fabrication 5146 Exhibitions-trade shows or conventions, setting up or taking down 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-bag loading-propellant charges- 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-black powder manufacturing 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-cap, primer, fuse, booster or detonator assembly 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-cartridge charging or loading 3574 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-cartridge manufacturing or assembly-small arms 3315 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-cartridge or shell case manufacturing-metal 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-explosives distributors 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-fireworks manufacturing 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-high explosives manufacturing 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-NOC 3632 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-projectile or shell manufacturing 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-projectile, bomb, mine or grenade loading 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-shell case loading 4771 Explosives or ammunition manufacturing-smokeless powder manufacturing- 9014 Exterminator 4825 Extract manufacturing 4150 Eyeglass manufacturing 3270 Eyelet manufacturing 4493 Fabric coating or impregnating NOC 4410 Fabric coating-rubber or plastic 3041 Facade fabrication-metal- 8803 Factory cost or office systematizer, accountant or auditor-traveling 3179 Fan manufacturing 2016 Farina manufacturing 8116 Farm machinery dealer-all operations 0050 Farm machinery operation-by contractor- 8116 Farm machinery-leasing or renting without operators- 0037 Farm product-alfalfa- 0170 Farm product-animals-fur bearing- 0016 Farm product-apples- 0016 Farm product-apricots- 0008 Farm product-asparagus- 0016 Farm product-bananas- 0037 Farm product-barley- 0037 Farm product-beans, dry- 0008 Farm product-beans, green- 0037 Farm product-beets, sugar- 0008 Farm product-beets, table- 0079 Farm product-berries- 0016 Farm product-black walnuts- 0008 Farm product-broccoli- 0008 Farm product-brussels sprouts- 0035 Farm product-bulbs, flowers- 0008 Farm product-cabbage- 0037 Farm product-cantaloupes- 0008 Farm product-carrots- 0083 Farm product-cattle- 0008 Farm product-cauliflower- 0008 Farm product-celery- 0016 Farm product-cherries- 0034 Farm product-chickens- 0005 Farm product-Christmas trees- 0037 Farm product-clover- 0016 Farm product-coffee- 0037 Farm product-corn- 0079 Farm product-cranberries- 0008 Farm product-cucumbers- 0079 Farm product-currants- 0036 Farm product-dairy- 0037 Farm product-dill- 0034 Farm product-eggs- 0016 Farm product-English walnuts- 0016 Farm product-figs- 0016 Farm product-filberts- 0113 Farm product-fish hatcheries- 0035 Farm product-flowers, field growing- 0037 Farm product-garlic- 0083 Farm product-goats- 0037 Farm product-grain- 0079 Farm product-grapes- 0037 Farm product-grass seed- 0037 Farm product-hay- 0083 Farm product-hogs- 0005 Farm product-holly- 0079 Farm product-hops- 0008 Farm product-horseradish- 0083 Farm product-horses- 0008 Farm product-kale- 0079 Farm product-kiwi- 0008 Farm product-lettuce- 0016 Farm product-macadamia nuts- 0037 Farm product-melons- 0037 Farm product-millet- 0037 Farm product-mint- 0037 Farm product-mustard- 0016 Farm product-nectarines- 0005 Farm product-nursery, trees & shrubs- 0016 Farm product-nuts (black walnut, English walnut, filbert, etc.-tree growing)- 0037 Farm product-oats- 0037 Farm product-onions, dry- 0008 Farm product-onions, green- 0016 Farm product-orchards- 0034 Farm product-ostriches- 0016 Farm product-papaya- 0008 Farm product-parsnips- 0016 Farm product-peaches- 0037 Farm product-peanuts- 0016 Farm product-pears- 0037 Farm product-peas, dry- 0037 Farm product-peas, green- 0037 Farm product-peppermint- 0008 Farm product-peppers- 0037 Farm product-pineapples- 0016 Farm product-plums- 0037 Farm product-potatoes- 0034 Farm product-poultry- 0016 Farm product-prunes- 0037 Farm product-pumpkins- 0008 Farm product-radishes- 0008 Farm product-rhubarb- 0037 Farm product-rice- 0008 Farm product-rutabagas- 0037 Farm product-rye- 0083 Farm product-sheep- 0008 Farm product-spinach- 0037 Farm product-squash- 0079 Farm product-strawberries- 0037 Farm product-sugar beets- 0037 Farm product-sugar cane- 0008 Farm product-taro- 0037 Farm product-timothy- 0037 Farm product-tobacco- 0008 Farm product-tomatoes- 0005 Farm product-trees- 0034 Farm product-turkeys- 0008 Farm product-turnips- 0079 Farm product-vineyards- 0016 Farm product-walnuts- 0037 Farm product-watermelons- 0037 Farm product-wheat- 0170 Farm-animal raising (fur bearing) 0079 Farm-berry or vineyard- 0083 Farm-cattle or livestock raising NOC 0036 Farm-dairy 0034 Farm-egg or poultry producer 0037 Farm-field crops 0113 Farm-fish hatchery 0035 Farm-florist 0008 Farm-gardening-market or truck- 0083 Farm-goat or sheep raising 0083 Farm-livestock or cattle raising NOC 0037 Farm-NOC 0005 Farm-nursery employees (includes incidental landscape gardening) 0016 Farm-orchard 0034 Farm-poultry or egg producers 0083 Farm-sheep or goat raising 0008 Farm-vegetable- 0079 Farm-vineyard or berry- 3131 Fastener or button manufacturing-metal 3188 Faucet manufacturing 2586 Feather dyeing- 2534 Feather or flower manufacturing-artificial 2501 Feather pillow manufacturing 8103 Feathers-washing, steaming, cleaning and renovating 2014 Feed additives for livestock manufacturing 8288 Feed lots-cattle-not operating farms or ranches, or butchering or packing house operations-& salespersons, drivers 2014 Feed manufacturing 0050 Feed manufacturing-portable- 8215 Feed, hay or grain dealer & local managers, drivers 8288 Feedlot operation-commercial- 1624 Feldspar mining 1624 Feldspar quarry- 4283 Felt or building or roofing paper preparation-no installation 2288 Felting manufacturing 5102 Fence erection to prevent soil erosion 6400 Fence erection-metal 3257 Fence manufacturing-wire 2802 Fence manufacturing-wood, picket- 3400 Fender manufacturing-automobile-metal stamped parts 7016 Ferries-Program I 7024 Ferries-Program II-State Act 7047 Ferries-Program II-USL Act 0050 Fertilizer application-specialist contractor- 4583 Fertilizer manufacturing 4583 Fertilizer manufacturing-from seaweed- 2913 Fiber furniture manufacturing 4263 Fiber goods manufacturing 4244 Fiberboard container manufacturing 4239 Fiberboard manufacturing 1699 Fiberglass manufacturing for insulation purposes 4493 Fiberglass manufacturing-plastic-coated 3118 File manufacturing 5146 Filing equipment installation 4251 Filing folders or indexing devices manufacturing 4362 Film exchange & clerical 4361 Film print shops-developing and printing of films-all employees & clerical, salespersons, drivers 4243 Filter manufacturing-paper, fiberglass 3257 Filter screen manufacturing-for use in grain mills 7605 Fire alarm installation or repair- 3179 Fire alarm siren manufacturing 7601 Fire alarm, telephone or telegraph line construction 3040 Fire door fabrication-iron or steel 5102 Fire door installation 3040 Fire escape fabrication-iron or steel- 5102 Fire escape installation: inside of buildings 5040 Fire escape installation: outside of buildings 3315 Fire extinguisher manufacturing 4635 Fire extinguisher-service or recharge- 5188 Fire extinguishing systems-dry chemical-installation and service 6235 Fire flooding-drilling in connection with oil or gas well- 7704 Fire patrol or protective corps 7520 Fire plug-installation, repair and maintenance 7704 Firefighters 5022 Fireplace construction 3076 Fireproof equipment manufacturing 5040 Fireproof shutter-erection or repair 5022 Fireproof tile setting 4777 Fireworks dealer- 9180 Fireworks exhibition 2095 Fish curing 2095 Fish evaporating, pickling, salting, smoking 0113 Fish hatcheries- 4665 Fish oil manufacturing- 4902 Fishing rod and tackle manufacturing 4902 Fishing tackle repair 7016 Fishing vessels-NOC-Program I 7024 Fishing vessels-NOC-Program II-State Act 7047 Fishing vessels-NOC-Program II-USL Act 5146 Fixtures or furniture installation-portable-NOC 5102 Flags and bunting erection 3315 Flashlight case manufacturing 3179 Flashlight manufacturing or assembling 2220 Flax spinning and weaving 4683 Flaxseed oil manufacturing-not using solvent extraction process 4686 Flaxseed oil manufacturing-using solvent extraction process 9015 Flea market operation 1741 Flint or spar grinding 6003 Floating boat dock construction 2413 Flock coating of textiles 7538 Floodlighting of stadiums, parks, etc.-drivers 3724 Floodlights-erection of temporary floodlights- 5213 Floor construction-concrete, self-bearing 5478 Floor covering-installation of linoleum, asphalt or rubber tiling (ceramic tile installation to be separately rated) 8017 Floor coverings-retail-carpets, rugs, linoleum 8018 Floor coverings-wholesale-carpets, rugs, linoleum 5146 Floor installation-floating or access 5478 Floor laying-linoleum, asphalt, rubber or composition tiling 5221 Floor laying-mastic floor mix- 5437 Floor laying-parquet 5348 Floor laying-tile-ceramic 5437 Floor sanding or scraping-wood floors 4410 Floor tile manufacturing-rubber 9014 Floor waxing or polishing 8235 Flooring dealer-hardwood- 2731 Flooring manufacturing-wood 0035 Florist-farm- 8001 Florist-store- 6504 Flour mixing and blending-no milling 2534 Flower or feather manufacturing-artificial 4112 Fluorescent tube manufacturing 4250 Flypaper manufacturing 4410 Foam rubber manufacturing 5190 Food mixers-installation, service or repair-commercial- 8292 Food products (nonperishable) storage warehouse 6504 Food sundries manufacturing NOC-no cereal milling 7380 Food vendors-mobile- 4693 Foot goods manufacturing-arch supports, bunion straps 9179 Football team 2688 Football, soccer, volleyball or basketball manufacturing-(bladder manufacturing to be separately rated) 7704 Forest firefighting- 7720 Forest rangers- 3110 Forging work-drop or machine 3081 Foundry-ferrous-NOC- 3085 Foundry-non-ferrous 3081 Foundry-soil pipe using pit method- 3082 Foundry-steel castings 4432 Fountain pen manufacturing 0170 Fox raising- 9061 Fraternal society & clerical 9061 Fraternity or sorority houses-& clerical 9519 Freezers-installation, service or repair-residential 7360 Freight cars-icing 7350 Freight handling NOC-coverage under Longshore Act 7360 Freight handling NOC-coverage under State Act 7350 Freight handling-explosives or ammunition-under contract-coverage under Longshore Act 7360 Freight handling-explosives or ammunition-under contract-coverage under State Act 2380 Fringe or braid manufacturing 2003 Frozen bakery products manufacturing- 2112 Frozen fruit processing or packing 2111 Frozen vegetable products manufacturing-preparation similar to canning 2112 Fruit evaporating or preserving 0016 Fruit farm- 2143 Fruit juice manufacturing 2105 Fruit packing 5190 Fry kettle-installation, service or repair-commercial- 8232 Fuel and material dealer NOC-no secondhand building materials or lumber-& local managers, drivers 3581 Fuel injection device manufacturing 3581 Fuel pump manufacturing-auto 7515 Fuel storage-underground- 9014 Fumigation 8742 Fund-raising campaigns 9620 Funeral director 0170 Fur bearing animals-, raising of 2501 Fur clothing manufacturing 2586 Fur clothing-cleaning, tumbling, glazing, combing and ironing- 2503 Fur coat and jacket manufacturing-custom-made 2600 Fur dressing or dyeing 2600 Fur manufacturing-preparing skins 2534 Fur pointing 9014 Furnace cleaning-suction method 5538 Furnace installation-hot air- 5183 Furnace installation-hot water or steam- 3169 Furnace manufacturing-oil or gas fired 2501 Furnishing goods manufacturing NOC 2881 Furniture assembly-wood-from manufactured parts 3076 Furniture manufacturing-metal 2913 Furniture manufacturing-rattan, willow or twisted fiber 2883 Furniture manufacturing-wood-NOC 3041 Furniture manufacturing-wrought iron- 8293 Furniture moving & storage, drivers 5146 Furniture or fixtures installation-portable-NOC 8293 Furniture packers-not moving or storage company- 8044 Furniture rental-chairs, coat racks, dishes, etc.- 2735 Furniture stock manufacturing 9522 Furniture upholstering 9501 Furniture-stripping and/or refinishing 2501 Furriers-repairing or remodeling fur garments 3648 Fuse manufacturing-household 3373 Galvanizing or tinning-not electrolytic 7016 Gambling vessels-15 tons or greater-Program I 7024 Gambling vessels-15 tons or greater-Program II-State Act 7047 Gambling vessels-15 tons or greater-Program II-USL Act 7038 Gambling vessels-less than 15 tons-Program I 7090 Gambling vessels-less than 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Gambling vessels-less than 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 7720 Game and fish wardens- 9052 Garages operated by hotels, etc. 9403 Garbage and refuse-collecting in containers 7590 Garbage works 9403 Garbage, ashes or refuse collection 4034 Garden furniture manufacturing-concrete- 3076 Garment rack manufacturing-metal 3724 Gas bench and retort installation- 7502 Gas company-natural-local distribution 8350 Gas dealer-l.p.g. 8353 Gas dealer-l.p.g. & salespersons, drivers (AL, AZ, FL, GA, LA, MS, MO, OK) 7502 Gas distributing-l.p.g..-local 5040 Gas holder erection 6319 Gas main or connection construction 3574 Gas meter manufacturing 3180 Gas or electric lighting fixtures manufacturing 1320 Gas or oil lease operator-natural gas-all operations 6216 Gas or oil lease work NOC-natural gas-by contractor- 7502 Gas works 8111 Gas, steam and hot water apparatus-supplies, dealers- 2651 Gasket or washer manufacturing-not metal 8350 Gasoline or oil dealer 3724 Gasoline pump installation 4740 Gasoline recovery 4740 Gasoline recovery from casing head or natural gas-absorption process- 8380 Gasoline station-retail- NOC 8006 Gasoline station-self-service and convenience/grocery-retail 8381 Gasoline station-self-service only-retail 3635 Gear manufacturing or grinding 4653 Gelatin manufacturing: not food- 6504 Gelatin manufacturing: refined food product 2039 Gelato manufacturing 3648 Generator manufacturing 7380 Geophysical exploration NOC-all employees 8606 Geophysical exploration-seismic-all employees 4511 Geophysical research or analytical laboratory 2130 Gin distillery 7038 Glass bottom boat-tourist attraction-Program I 7090 Glass bottom boat-tourist attraction-Program II-State Act 7050 Glass bottom boat-tourist attraction-Program II-USL Act 4130 Glass merchant 4101 Glass manufacturing- 4101 Glass manufacturing-blown sheet window- 4113 Glass manufacturing-cut 4101 Glass manufacturing-polished plate- 4101 Glass manufacturing-rolled- 4133 Glass window manufacturing-stained 2302 Glass yarn weaving 4352 Glass-crystal engraving 4114 Glassware manufacturing NOC 4114 Glassware manufacturing using automatic blowing machines 4111 Glassware manufacturing-no automatic blowing machines 5462 Glazier-away from shop- 2670 Glove lining manufacturing 2670 Glove manufacturing-including baseball, boxing, handball and punching bag gloves 2670 Glove manufacturing-leather or textile 4410 Glove manufacturing-rubber 2362 Glove or mitten manufacturing-knit 4703 Glucose manufacturing 4653 Glue manufacturing 4150 Goggle manufacturing 3383 Gold leaf manufacturing 4902 Golf ball manufacturing 3808 Golf cart manufacturing or assembly-entire vehicle 2841 Golf club heads or shafts manufacturing-wood 4902 Golf clubs manufacturing 4902 Golf clubs-manufacturing or assembling 9060 Golf course, not miniature-public or private 9052 Golf courses operated by hotels, etc. 9016 Golf driving range 6217 Grading of land NOC 3066 Grain bin manufacturing 5213 Grain elevator construction-concrete 8304 Grain elevator operation & local managers, drivers 2014 Grain milling 8709 Grain sampling operation 8215 Grain, feed or hay dealer & local managers, drivers 5403 Grandstands or bleachers erection-portable-wood or metal 1803 Granite cutting or polishing- 1624 Granite quarry- 1452 Graphite manufacturing-not artificial- 1165 Graphite-surface mining- 3724 Grates-installing or replacing in steam boilers-by specialist contractors- 1710 Gravel manufacturing- 4000 Gravel or sand digging 0037 Grazing land maintenance- 4557 Grease or oil mixing or blending 2710 Green chain operation-lumber 5402 Greenhouse erection-all operations 4034 Grill manufacturing-concrete- 1803 Grindstone manufacturing-no quarrying- 2014 Grist mills 8006 Grocery (convenience)-retail and gasoline station-self-service 8006 Grocery, tea or coffee dealer-retail 6204 Grouting: drilling of holes- 5213 Grouting: placing of cement or plastic compound 6003 Groyne construction-consisting wholly of pile driving 3548 Gun manufacturing-20-mm and larger 5213 Guniting-not chimneys-all operations 2841 Gunstock manufacturing 3066 Gutter (drainage) manufacturing 4902 Gymnasium appliance manufacturing 9063 Gymnasiums and health clubs 1165 Gypsum-surface mining- 2534 Hair goods manufacturing 9586 Hair styling salon 2600 Hair-preparation for brush manufacturers (dehairing to be separately rated) 2683 Hand luggage manufacturing 3146 Handbag frame manufacturing-metal 3146 Handle manufacturing 2841 Handle manufacturing-wood 7038 Harbor tour boat-less than 15 tons-Program I 7090 Harbor tour boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Harbor tour boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 3146 Hardware manufacturing NOC 4902 Harness or saddle manufacturing 2841 Hat block manufacturing-wood 8017 Hat cleaning 2501 Hat frame manufacturing-ladies-from buckram 2501 Hat manufacturing 0034 Hatchery-bird- 2623 Hatters' fur manufacturing 7222 Hauling & stringing of oil or gas pipe lines- 0050 Hay baling 3507 Hay loader manufacturing 8215 Hay, grain or feed dealer & local managers, drivers 9063 Health or exercise institute & clerical 9063 Health spa or steam bath NOC & clerical 3681 Hearing aid manufacturing 8013 Hearing aid stores 3307 Heat treating-metal 3175 Heater or radiator manufacturing 5536 Heating and air conditioning duct work-shop & outside- 2841 Heel manufacturing-wood-covering to be separately rated 4410 Heel or sole manufacturing-rubber 4902 Helmet manufacturing-sports 2220 Hemp or jute spinning and weaving 5506 Highway guard rails-installation- 5506 Highway maintenance- 5506 Highway operations-toll roads-miscellaneous road maintenance- 7720 Highway operations-toll roads-police officers- 7380 Highway operations-toll roads-receipts collectors, traveling- 9402 Highway operations-toll roads-snow removal performed by employees specifically hired for this purpose 9410 Highway operations-toll roads-toll collectors 7720 Highway patrol-state highway commission- 9179 Hockey team 3507 Hoisting systems manufacturing 8829 Home for aged-all employees 8232 Home improvement center--all other than store employees 8058 Home improvement center-store employees 8835 Homemaker service 0034 Honey processing 2021 Honey processing-no bee raising 4244 Honeycomb packaging products manufacturing 4452 Horn goods manufacturing-fabricated products manufacturing 3383 Horn manufacturing 3648 Horn manufacturing-automobile 9016 Horse show-operation by owner or lessee- 8279 Horse show-stable employees- 3146 Horseshoe manufacturing 3111 Horseshoeing 4410 Hose manufacturing-rubber 2402 Hose manufacturing-woven fire hose from linen thread 2361 Hosiery dyeing and finishing 2361 Hosiery manufacturing 8829 Hospice service organization 5146 Hospital equipment installation 9040 Hospital-all other than professional employees 8833 Hospital-professional employees 8831 Hospital-veterinary- 8044 Hot tub or spa dealer- 9052 Hotel & salespersons, drivers-all other than restaurant employees 3066 Hotel and restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturing-sheet metal 9058 Hotel-restaurant employees 5402 Hothouse erection-all operations 9521 House furnishings installation NOC & upholstering 9519 Household appliances-electrical-installation, service or repair- 8006 Household furnishings or wearing apparel dealer-retail 9033 Housing authority & clerical, salespersons, drivers 7016 Hovercrafts-operated over water-Program I 7024 Hovercrafts-operated over water-Program II-State Act 7047 Hovercrafts-operated over water-Program II-USL Act 2841 Hub and spoke manufacturing-wood 3315 Hub cap manufacturing 3179 Humidifier 3574 Humidity control manufacturing (gauges, meters) 4000 Humus digging and bagging- 7720 Hunting and fishing guides- 9180 Hunting guides-club- 8102 Hybrid seed plant operation 3612 Hydraulic device manufacturing-jacks, auto lifts 7016 Hydrofoils-operated over water-Program I 7024 Hydrofoils-operated over water-Program II-State Act 7047 Hydrofoils-operated over water-Program II-USL Act 4635 Hydrogen or oxygen manufacturing 4825 Hydrogen peroxide manufacturing 4717 Hydrogenation of oils 0035 Hydroponic growing of vegetables- 2039 Ice cream cabinet installation & service, drivers-by ice cream manufacturers 5190 Ice cream cabinet installation & service, drivers-by specialist contractors- 3076 Ice cream cabinet manufacturing-metal 2001 Ice cream cone manufacturing 2039 Ice cream manufacturing 7380 Ice cream vendors-mobile- 8203 Ice dealer 8203 Ice harvesting & storing, drivers 2150 Ice manufacturing 2150 Ice manufacturing-block 2150 Ice manufacturing-crushed bagged 8203 Ice manufacturing-cube or crushed- 3146 Ice skate manufacturing 9016 Ice skating rink 2039 Ices manufacturing 7360 Icing refrigerator cars 3648 Ignition coil manufacturing 4112 Incandescent lamp manufacturing 4825 Incense manufacturing 3076 Incubator manufacturing-metal 2812 Incubator manufacturing-wood 4597 Ink (writing), mucilage or paste manufacturing (GA, MO, NJ, NY) 4557 Ink manufacturing 4251 Inked ribbon preparation 0050 Insect control-crops, spraying from ground by specialist contractor- 9014 Insect control-not crops, no use of poisonous gases 7409 Insect control-spraying from aircraft 4828 Insect control-using poisonous gases 0034 Insect raising- 8720 Inspection of risks for insurance or valuation purposes NOC 8709 Inspectors of merchandise on vessels or docks-coverage under Longshore Act 8719 Inspectors of merchandise on vessels or docks-coverage under State Act 9410 Inspectors-municipal, township, county or state employee 3685 Instrument manufacturing NOC 3685 Instrument manufacturing-airplane 3685 Instrument manufacturing-surveyors 1699 Insulating manufacturing-mineral process 4263 Insulation manufacturing-paper 5183 Insulation of pipes and boilers-non-asbestos materials 5479 Insulation work NOC 5183 Insulation-steam pipe or boiler 4825 Insulin manufacturing 7605 Intercommunication systems installation or repair 9521 Interior decorators-house furnishings installation 7151 Interstate railroads-all employees and drivers-Program I 7153 Interstate railroads-all employees and drivers-Program II-State Act 7152 Interstate railroads-all employees and drivers-Program II-USL Act 7133 Intrastate railroad operation-all employees 4825 Iodine manufacturing 3179 Iron (clothing presser) manufacturing 5057 Iron or steel erection NOC 5069 Iron or steel erection-construction of dwellings not over two stories in height 5102 Iron or steel erection-decorative 5102 Iron or steel erection-door or sash erection-metal or metal covered 5040 Iron or steel erection-exterior (balconies, fire escapes staircases, etc.) 5059 Iron or steel erection-frame structures not over two stories in height 5040 Iron or steel erection-frame structures over two stories in height 5040 Iron or steel erection-metal bridges 5102 Iron or steel erection-non-structural-interior 5040 Iron or steel erection-radio, television or water towers, smokestacks, gas holders 8106 Iron or steel merchant 3018 Iron or steel manufacturing: doubling process- 3018 Iron or steel manufacturing-rolling mill 3004 Iron or steel manufacturing-steelmaking 8265 Iron or steel scrap dealer 3041 Iron or steel-fabrication ironworks-shop-decorative or artistic-foundries 3030 Iron or steel-iron or steel works-shop-structural- 3040 Iron or steel-iron works-shop-ornamental- 6229 Irrigation or drainage system construction 0251 Irrigation or drainage system or canal maintenance- 0251 Irrigation works operation 4653 Isinglass manufacturing- 4452 Ivory or bone goods manufacturing 7720 Jail employees- 5645 Jalousie or jalousie screen erection-metal or glass 3076 Jalousie or jalousie screen manufacture-metal or glass 2112 Jam manufacturing 9014 Janitorial service by contractor 4114 Jar manufacturing 4410 Jar ring manufacturing-rubber 2112 Jelly manufacturing 6003 Jetty construction-consisting wholly of pile driving 6005 Jetty or breakwater construction-all operations to completion 3131 Jewelers findings manufacturing 3383 Jewelry manufacturing 3383 Jewelry repair-not jewelry store 2501 Jewelry tray manufacture-fabric 2841 Jewelry tray manufacture-wooden 8279 Jockeys-horse 3559 Juke box manufacturing 5192 Juke boxes-installation, service or repair-& salespersons, drivers 8263 Junk dealer 2220 Jute or hemp spinning and weaving 1747 Kaolin grinding- 2881 Keg assembly 3400 Keg manufacturing-metal stamped parts 8831 Kennels-boarding and breeding-dog and cat 6504 Ketchup manufacturing 2688 Key case manufacturing from leather, imitation leather or vinyl 5437 Kitchen cabinets-installation 2812 Kitchen cabinets-manufacture 5146 Kitchen equipment installation-commercial 3122 Knife manufacturing 2362 Knit goods manufacturing NOC 3515 Knitting machine manufacturing 4251 Label manufacturing-paper 2380 Label manufacturing-woven labels 8755 Labor union-all employees 0170 Laboratory animals-breeding or care- 2386 Lace manufacturing 4439 Lacquer or spirit varnish manufacturing 2802 Ladder manufacturing-wood- 2802 Laminated wood building beams and columns manufacturing- 3180 Lamp manufacturing-floor or table-using metal processing 2883 Lamp manufacturing-wooden 3223 Lamp or portable lantern manufacturing NOC 3257 Lamp shade frame manufacturing-wire 2501 Lamp shade manufacturing-parchment or textile-(frame manufacturing to be separately rated) 0042 Landscape gardening 3223 Lantern or lamp manufacturing NOC 4683 Lard refining 4716 Lard refining (IL, IN, MA, MO) 2735 Last block manufacturing 2790 Last or shoe form manufacturing 2710 Lath manufacturing-wood 5443 Lathing 6854 Launch (ship) building-iron or steel-State Act- 6843 Launch (ship) building-iron or steel-U.S. Act- 2589 Laundry and dry cleaning store-retail-& route supervisors, drivers 3632 Laundry machinery manufacturing-commercial or household 2585 Laundry NOC & route supervisors, drivers 2585 Laundry-non-fabric goods 8017 Laundry-self-service 8820 Law office-all employees & clerical, messengers, drivers 9102 Lawn maintenance 3507 Lawn mower manufacturing 3632 Lawn mower repair 4034 Lawn ornament manufacturing-concrete- 5183 Lawn sprinkler systems installation-underground- 1430 Lead manufacturing 2942 Lead pencil manufacturing 3027 Lead works 3724 Leather belting installation or repair- 2688 Leather belting manufacturing 2623 Leather dressing 2623 Leather embossing 2688 Leather goods manufacturing NOC 4493 Leather manufacturing-imitation 2623 Leather manufacturing-patent or enamel 2688 Leather skiving 4150 Lens manufacturing-ground 8800 Letter service shop & clerical 6045 Levee construction-all operations to completion 4825 Licorice extract manufacturing 4112 Light bulb manufacturing 5221 Light prisms in sidewalks-installation-or repair- 6854 Lighter (ship) building-iron or steel-State Act- 3315 Lightning rod manufacturing 1642 Lime manufacturing 1655 Lime manufacturing-quarry-surface- 1803 Limestone cutting or polishing- 1747 Limestone milling-powdered- 1624 Limestone quarry- 8385 Limousine company-garage employees 7370 Limousine company-non-scheduled -all other than garage employees 7382 Limousine company-scheduled-all other than garage employees- 2220 Linen cloth manufacturing 2220 Linen thread manufacturing 2501 Lingerie manufacturing 2501 Lining manufacturing-hat 5102 Lining reservoirs, lagoons, ponds-rubber or plastic 2501 Linings-sewing into coats by hand 5478 Linoleum installation 4493 Linoleum manufacturing 4308 Linotype or hand composition 9403 Liquid waste collection 2131 Liquor bottling-not beer or wine, including warehousing rectifying or blending 8017 Liquor or wine store-retail 8018 Liquor or wine store-wholesale 4279 Lithograph mounting and finishing 4299 Lithographing 1803 Lithographing stone manufacturing-no quarrying- 8279 Livery or boarding stable-not sales stable- 8288 Livestock dealer or commission merchant & salespersons, drivers 8288 Livestock sales co. & salespersons, drivers 3559 Locker manufacturing-automatic 3076 Locker manufacturing-sheet metal 5437 Locks-installation in new buildings 8010 Locksmith-including shop 3507 Locomotive works 2710 Log cabin manufacturing-sawmill operation 2710 Log processing-posts & rails for fences 8601 Log scaling 8107 Logging equipment dealer- 2702 Logging or lumbering 2702 Logging or lumbering: all other employees 3126 Logging tool manufacturing 3515 Loom harness or reed manufacturing 4251 Loose leaf ledger or notebook manufacturing 2683 Luggage manufacturing-hand 8017 Luggage stores-retail 2731 Lumber remanufacturing 8058 Lumberyard-store employees 8232 Lumberyard-warehouse -all other than store employees 2002 Macaroni manufacturing 3574 Machine gun manufacturing-.50 caliber or less 3632 Machine shop NOC 3114 Machine tools (small) manufacturing-drop or machine forged 3113 Machine tools (small) manufacturing-not drop or machine forged 8107 Machinery dealer NOC-store or yard- 4511 Magnaflux testing and inspection 1701 Magnesite manufacturing 1438 Magnesium metal manufacturing-all operations and drivers 8800 Mailing or addressing co. & clerical 4279 Mailing tube manufacturing-cardboard 2121 Malt house 6504 Malted milk manufacturing from powdered milk, sugar, malt, cocoa 2065 Malted milk manufacturing-including dehydration of milk 3122 Manicure products manufacturing 9586 Manicurists 9403 Manure dealers- 4038 Map manufacturing-relief-made of plaster 7422 Mapping or survey work-aerial-photography-flying crew 4361 Mapping or survey work-aerial-photography-ground laboratory- 1803 Marble cutting or polishing- 4036 Marble manufacturing-artificial- 5348 Marble or stone setting-inside 5348 Marble tubs, sinks, counters-installation-separately rate plumbing 5348 Marble tubs, sinks, counters-plumbing-separately rate installation 4717 Margarine manufacturing 6826 Marina -coverage under Longshore Act 6836 Marina -coverage under State Act 8720 Marine appraiser or surveyor 6872 Marine railway operation 6882 Marine railway operation 8742 Market research-interviewing consumers in field 1747 Marl grinding- 4000 Marl-digging and stripping- 5022 Masonry NOC 9063 Massage salons 4279 Match manufacturing-paper or wooden 2841 Match stick manufacturing-(stick portion only-refer to Code 4279 for manufacturing of complete match) 2570 Mattress or box spring manufacturing 2288 Mattress pad manufacturing from felt or felt-like material 2001 Matzoth manufacturing 5022 Mausoleums in cemeteries-erection only 6504 Mayonnaise manufacturing 2095 Meat products manufacturing NOC 5191 Meat slicers or grinders-service or repair 4511 Medical apparatus-sterilization using X-ray process 3685 Medical diagnostic lamp manufacturing 4511 Medical research or analytical laboratory 4825 Medicine, drug or pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing & includes manufacturing of ingredients 4611 Medicine, drug or pharmaceutical preparation, compounding or blending-no manufacturing of ingredients 6504 Melba toast manufacturing-no baking of bread 3041 Memorial plaque fabrication-metal- 2413 Mercerizing textile 2416 Mercerizing yarn 9180 Merry-go-round operation-not traveling 8742 Messengers, collectors or salespersons-outside 5538 Metal ceiling or wall covering installation & shop, drivers 3372 Metal cleaning-pickling 4410 Metal coating-rubber or plastic 1438 Metal extraction from ores-non-ferrous- 3372 Metal finishing (deburring) 5146 Metal partition installation 5102 Metal sash installation 8500 Metal scrap dealer 8106 Metal service centers (not junk or scrap dealers)- 8265 Metal shredding plant- 3400 Metal stamped goods manufacturing NOC 3400 Metal stamping manufacturing NOC 3400 Metal tag manufacturing-metal stamped parts 4511 Metallurgical research or analytical laboratory 8742 Meter reader for utility co.-independent contractor (not employed by utility company) 7720 Meter readers-parking 5190 Meter-electric-installing, repairing and testing-including shop; 1853 Mica goods manufacturing & mica preparing 1741 Mica grinding- 1853 Mica splitting 1165 Mica-surface mining- 4511 Microbiology research or analytical laboratory 4361 Microfilming- 3179 Microwave oven manufacturing 5651 Military reservation construction-carpentry 5215 Military reservation construction-concrete-not monolithic 5069 Military reservation construction-iron or steel erection not over two stories in height 3620 Military tank hull manufacturing or assembly 4279 Milk bottle cap manufacturing-paper-including printing 2070 Milk bottle exchange-all employees 2070 Milk depot or milk dealer & route supervisors, drivers 2065 Milk products manufacturing NOC 8018 Mill supply dealers 2501 Millinery manufacturing 2014 Milling grain 1803 Millstone manufacturing- 3724 Millwright work NOC 1164 Mineral mining-underground- 1699 Mineral wool manufacturing 9016 Miniature golf course 1165 Mining NOC-not coal-surface 1164 Mining NOC-not coal-underground- 3507 Mining or ore milling machinery manufacturing 3126 Mining tool manufacturing 0170 Mink raising- 4131 Mirror manufacturing 9088 Missile bases 9088 Missiles firing and bunker 6252 Missiles-construct underground launch pad 2362 Mitten or glove manufacturing-knit 9534 Mobile crane and hoisting service contractors-NOC-all operations including yard employees and drivers 7228 Mobile home delivery-by specialist contractor-delivery only-local hauling only- 7229 Mobile home delivery-by specialist contractor-delivery only-long distance hauling- 8380 Mobile home delivery-by specialist contractor-including placement, hook-up of plumbing, electrical and incidental installation activities- 8380 Mobile home repair-on-site; assign to appropriate classification for dwelling repair- 8380 Mobile home repair-shop-by dealer or specialist contractor- 8380 Mobile home sales-all employees other than salespersons- 8748 Mobile home sales-salespersons 8380 Mobile home windstorm tie-down installation-by dealer- 6400 Mobile home windstorm tie-down installation-by specialist contractor 9015 Mobile home windstorm tie-down installation-by trailer camp operator 4902 Model airplane manufacturing-balsa wood 2790 Model ships, railroad or aircraft kit manufacturing-high grade 2802 Modular homes (factory built)-wood- 5146 Modular partition or workstation installation 2021 Molasses or syrup refining, blending or manufacturing 2790 Mold manufacturing-aluminum for plastics industry 5437 Molding installation--interior 2731 Molding manufacturing-wood 1803 Monument dealer-wholesale or retail- 5221 Monuments in cemeteries-erection only- 2220 Mop head manufacturing-from cotton waste 2835 Mop manufacturing-assembly only 4036 Mortar manufacturing- 5348 Mosaic, stone, terrazzo or tile work-inside 2501 Mosquito netting-cutting, sewing 0037 Moss gathering- 9058 Motel, motor court or cabin-restaurant employees 9052 Motel, motor court or cabin-salespersons -all other than restaurant employees 4362 Motion picture film exchange projection rooms, & clerical 7610 Motion picture production: all operations up to the development of negatives & clerical, drivers 4360 Motion picture: development of negatives, printing & all subsequent operations 3724 Motor (heavy) repair or service-away from shop- 3179 Motor manufacturing-fractional horsepower 4740 Motor oil-used, reclaiming, recycling or rerefining- 6834 Motorboat-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-State Act- 6824 Motorboat-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-U.S. Act- 3851 Motorcycle manufacturing or assembly 3114 Moulds manufacturing-forged machined metal moulds for the plastic industry 3113 Moulds manufacturing-non-forged machined metal moulds for the plastic industry 9180 Mountain climbing instructors and guides 4410 Mouthpiece manufacturing-rubber 4557 Mucilage, ink (writing) or paste manufacturing 8107 Mud dealers-oil well drivers 8380 Muffler installation or repair- 9410 Municipal, township, county or state employee NOC 0035 Mushroom raising- 4282 Music roll manufacturing-perforated paper 3383 Musical instrument manufacturing-metal-NOC 2923 Musical instrument manufacturing-wood-NOC 6504 Mustard manufacturing 3270 Nail manufacturing 2388 Nailhead ornamentation 4279 Napkin manufacturing 7720 National guard units- 2362 Necktie manufacturing-knitted 3119 Needle manufacturing 4112 Neon lamp manufacturing 3064 Neon sign manufacturing 2380 Net manufacturing 8745 News agent or distributor of magazines or other periodicals-not retail dealer-& salespersons, drivers 8017 News butchers 8810 Newspaper publishers-employees such as designers, proofreaders and editors 4304 Newspaper publishing 4771 Nitro starch explosives manufacturing- 4771 Nitroglycerine explosives manufacturing- 9501 Non-stick surfaces-coating of cooking utensils 2002 Noodle manufacturing 4251 Notebook or loose-leaf ledger manufacturing 4038 Novelties manufacturing-plaster 8829 Nursing or convalescent home-all employees 8835 Nursing-home health, public & traveling-all employees 6504 Nut cleaning or shelling 0016 Nut farm- 3132 Nut or bolt manufacturing 2305 Nylon textile fiber manufacturing 2014 Oat milling 2016 Oatmeal manufacturing 1747 Ochre grinding- 5191 Office machine or appliance installation, inspection, adjustment or repair 8803 Office or factory cost systematizer, accountant or auditor-traveling 6237 Oil analyzing at oil well site in trailers away from well- 8010 Oil burner and oil burner parts store 4493 Oil cloth manufacturing 6854 Oil drilling platform building-floating-iron or steel-State Act 6843 Oil drilling platform building-floating-iron or steel-U.S. Act 4683 Oil manufacturing-vegetable-NOC 4686 Oil manufacturing-vegetable-solvent extraction process 3724 Oil or gas burner installation -commercial type 5183 Oil or gas burner installation -domestic type- 8601 Oil or gas geologist or scout 1320 Oil or gas lease operator-all operations 6216 Oil or gas lease work NOC-by contractor- 6233 Oil or gas pipeline construction 7515 Oil or gas pipeline operation 6206 Oil or gas well acidizing-all employees 6206 Oil or gas well cementing 1322 Oil or gas well cleaning or swabbing of old wells having previously produced gas or oil-by contractor-no drilling- 6235 Oil or gas well drilling or redrilling 6216 Oil or gas well-dirt construction operator- 6236 Oil or gas well-installation or recovery of casings 6237 Oil or gas well-instrument logging or survey work- 6216 Oil or gas well-oil treating service- 6214 Oil or gas well-perforating of casing-all employees 6216 Oil or gas well-roustabout service- 6235 Oil or gas well-shooting 6213 Oil or gas well-specialty tool operation NOC-by contractor-all employees 8107 Oil or gas well-supplies or equipment dealer-new-store or yard only- 8204 Oil or gas well-supplies or equipment dealer-used-& local managers, drivers 6216 Oil or gas well-tank cleaning service- 8350 Oil or gasoline dealer 4557 Oil or grease mixing or blending 4740 Oil refining-petroleum- 5057 Oil rig or derrick erecting or dismantling-metal-all operations 5403 Oil rig or derrick erecting or dismantling-wood-all operations 7394 Oil Spills-cleaning on navigable waters-Program I 7395 Oil Spills-cleaning on navigable waters-Program II-State Act 7398 Oil Spills-cleaning on navigable waters-Program II-USL Act 3719 Oil still erection or repair 5183 Oil still pipe insulation 8106 Oil well drilling rigs-warehousing and sale- 3126 Oil well tool manufacturing 8350 Oiling of roads by oil distributors- 5506 Oiling of roads in connection with spreading of sand- 4740 Oil-reclaiming of used motor oil- 4611 Ointment compounding or preparation-no manufacturing of ingredients 4150 Opera glasses manufacturing 8013 Ophthalmologist-dispensing of optical goods 8832 Ophthalmologist-no dispensing of optical goods 4150 Optical goods manufacturing NOC 8013 Optical stores-(surface grinding of lens to be separately rated as 4150) 8013 Optometrist 4511 Ordinance research or analytical laboratory 7313 Ore dock operation & stevedoring 1452 Ore milling 3507 Ore milling or mining machinery manufacturing 1165 Ore mining-surface- 1164 Ore mining-underground- 2923 Organ building & installation 4038 Ornament or plaster statuary manufacturing 4034 Ornamental figure manufacturing-concrete- 0034 Ostrich farms- 3612 Outboard motor manufacturing 3169 Oven manufacturing-containing mechanical parts 3066 Oven manufacturing-metal industrial drying ovens 3066 Oven manufacturing-no mechanical parts 3724 Overhead (garage) doors installation 4635 Oxygen or hydrogen manufacturing 7016 Oyster boats-Program I 7024 Oyster boats-Program II-State Act 7047 Oyster boats-Program II-USL Act 2114 Oyster processing 8018 Packaging-contract 2759 Packing case manufacturing 2089 Packing house-all operations 4558 Paint manufacturing 8017 Paint stores-retail 8018 Paint stores-wholesale 5474 Painting murals on walls-artists- 5474 Painting of stripes on parking lots- 5506 Painting of stripes on streets, roads or highways- 5474 Painting or paperhanging NOC & shop operations, drivers 5474 Painting-aircraft 9505 Painting-automobile or carriage bodies 5474 Painting-electrostatic-shop and exterior operations- 9501 Painting-electrostatic-shop operations exclusively 5037 Painting-metal bridges & shop operations, drivers 5037 Painting-metal structures-over two stories in height- 6874 Painting-ship hulls 6884 Painting-ship hulls 9501 Painting-shop only 2759 Pallet & skid manufacturing-wood 2759 Pallet manufacture and repair-wood 3076 Panel manufacturing-sheet metal 2916 Panel manufacturing-veneered, no veneer manufacturing 8235 Paneling dealer- 5437 Paneling installation-interior 4250 Paper coating 4250 Paper corrugating or laminating 4250 Paper crepeing 4279 Paper goods manufacturing NOC 4239 Paper manufacturing 4250 Paper oiling, paraffining, parchmentizing or waxing 4279 Paper plate manufacturing 4299 Paper ruling 4279 Paper sheeting or slitting and winding 8264 Paper stock or rag dealer-used- 4279 Paper towel manufacturing 4279 Paper twine manufacturing 5491 Paperhanging 4038 Papier mache goods manufacturing 2501 Parachute manufacturing 2812 Parade float fabrication 9102 Park NOC-all employees 5192 Parking meters installation, service or repair-& salespersons, drivers 4239 Particleboard manufacturing 5146 Partition installation-metal 3076 Partition manufacturing-sheet metal 5445 Partition system installation-stud- 9429 Partners or sole proprietors who contract with the state or other governmental agency to perform work. 2002 Pasta manufacturing 4557 Paste, ink (writing) or mucilage manufacturing 2003 Pastry manufacturing- 4034 Patio block manufacturing-small-concrete- 7720 Patrol or detective agency 2790 Pattern making NOC 5221 Paving or repaving-floors, driveways, yards or sidewalks- 5505 Paving or road surfacing or scraping NOC & yards, drivers (MO 5221 Paving-wood block-interior- 8017 Pawn shops 2111 Pea de-veining at cannery 6504 Peanut butter manufacturing 8102 Peanut handling 4683 Peanut oil manufacturing-not using solvent extraction process 4686 Peanut oil manufacturing-using solvent extraction process 8292 Peanut storage warehouse 4000 Peat digging- 4583 Peat moss mixture manufacturing- 2841 Peg and skewer manufacturing-wood 4432 Pen manufacturing-all types 3119 Pen point manufacturing 2942 Pencil manufacturing 4432 Pencil manufacturing-mechanical 2735 Pencil stock manufacturing-wood 2942 Pencil, penholder or crayon manufacturing 2942 Penholder, crayon or pencil manufacturing 4825 Penicillin manufacturing 7720 Penitentiary employees- 8017 Penny arcades 0037 Peppermint distillation by farmers- 3179 Percolator manufacturing 4611 Perfume compounding or preparation-no manufacturing of ingredients 1699 Perlite manufacturing 6834 Personal watercraft-building or repair-State Act- 6824 Personal watercraft-building or repair-U.S. Act- 9220 Pet cemetery 8831 Pet grooming 8017 Pet shops-retail 4511 Petroleum research or analytical laboratory 4693 Pharmaceutical or surgical goods manufacturing NOC 8017 Pharmaceutical or surgical supply stores-primarily serving walk-in trade 4825 Pharmaceutical, drug or medicine preparation manufacturing & includes manufacturing of ingredients 4611 Pharmaceutical, drug or medicine preparation, compounding or blending-no manufacturing of ingredients 4511 Pharmacology research or analytical laboratory 4431 Phonograph record manufacturing 1165 Phosphate rock-surface mining- 4581 Phosphate works 4923 Photo films and dry plates manufacturing 4351 Photoengraving 4112 Photoflash bulb manufacturing 4112 Photoflood lamp manufacturing 4361 Photographer-all employees & clerical, salespersons, drivers 8810 Photographic composition-computerized 4304 Photographic composition-newspaper-not clerical 4299 Photographic composition-printing-not clerical 4923 Photographic supplies manufacturing 8832 Physical therapists 8832 Physician & clerical 2883 Piano case manufacturing 2923 Piano keys manufacturing 2923 Piano manufacturing 8044 Piano or organ dealer- 8044 Piano stores- 5191 Piano tuning-away from shop 2110 Pickle manufacturing 2110 Pickled pepper manufacturing 2110 Pickled tomato manufacturing 4771 Picrates explosives manufacturing- 4771 Picric acid explosives manufacturing- 2881 Picture frame assembling-from manufactured parts 2731 Picture frame molding manufacturing 3315 Picture hook manufacturing 5213 Pier construction-concrete 6003 Pile driving 3507 Pile driving equipment manufacturing 2501 Pillow, quilt or cushion manufacturing 7038 Pilot boats-Program I 7090 Pilot boats-Program II-State Act 7050 Pilot boats-Program II-USL Act 7382 Pilot car service--"wide load, etc." 7016 Pilots who guide vessels-Program I 7024 Pilots who guide vessels-Program II-State Act 7047 Pilots who guide vessels-Program II-USL Act 3270 Pin manufacturing 5192 Pinball machines-service or repair-& salespersons, drivers 1472 Pinene manufacturing- 9505 Pinstriping-automobiles 3111 Pipe bending and cutting 2735 Pipe block or blank manufacturing-wooden smoking 2380 Pipe cleaner manufacturing 3022 Pipe manufacturing NOC 4459 Pipe manufacturing-plastic, extrusion method 4021 Pipe manufacturing-sewer or drain, clay- 2841 Pipe manufacturing-wooden, tobacco 2791 Pipe manufacturing-wooden, tobacco (MD, MO, NC, NJ, OK, VA, VT) 3022 Pipe or tube manufacturing NOC 3028 Pipe or tube manufacturing-iron or steel 3027 Pipe or tube manufacturing-lead- 3365 Pipe testing or inspection-destructive-including radiographic or X-ray processes- 8720 Pipe testing or inspection-non-destructive-other than radiographic or X-ray processes 6213 Pipe testing-destructive, oil or gas pipes not under construction- 6233 Pipeline reclamation-oil or gas- 3574 Pistol manufacturing-.50 caliber or less 3632 Piston manufacturing-automobile 3635 Piston pin manufacturing 3635 Piston ring manufacturing 2003 Pizza crust manufacturing-baked 6504 Pizza crust manufacturing-not baked 2731 Planing or molding mill 7720 Plant protection-special employees hired for plant protection during strike periods- 2913 Plants (fibrous) goods manufacturing 8001 Plantscaping 4038 Plaster form manufacturing 1701 Plaster mill 4038 Plaster novelties manufacturing 4036 Plaster or staff mixing 4038 Plaster statuary or ornament manufacturing 4036 Plasterboard or plaster block manufacturing 5480 Plastering NOC 5022 Plastering or stucco work-on outside of buildings 5213 Plastic armor application 4452 Plastic goods manufacturing by dipping process 4299 Plastic or vinyl sign manufacturing-computerized 4410 Plastic scrap reclaiming-foamed or expanded plastics 2305 Plastic thread manufacturing 2302 Plastic yarn weaving 4452 Plastics manufacturing-fabricated products NOC 4484 Plastics manufacturing-molded products NOC 4459 Plastics manufacturing-sheets, rods or tubes 4484 Plastics-laminated molded products manufacturing by laminating liquid plastic impregnated fibers, with the use of brush or spray, either in or over a mold or form NOC 4299 Playing cards manufacturing 2388 Pleating and stitching or tucking-not clothing manufacturing 3126 Plowshare manufacturing 3114 Plumber's hand tool manufacturing-drop or machine forged 3113 Plumber's hand tool manufacturing-not drop or machine forged 8111 Plumbers' supplies dealer 3188 Plumbers' supplies manufacturing NOC 5183 Plumbing NOC 2300 Plush or velvet manufacturing 8235 Plywood dealers- 2915 Plywood manufacturing-including veneer manufacturing 2916 Plywood manufacturing-no veneer manufacturing 3612 Pneumatic device manufacturing-drills, riveters, hammers 3507 Pneumatic unloaders manufacturing 2688 Pocketbook manufacturing 2688 Pocketbook manufacturing from leather, imitation leather or vinyl 2960 Pole, post or tie yard 7720 Police officers 4557 Polish or dressing manufacturing 3372 Polishing and buffing-small articles-shop only-no manufacturing 3507 Pollution control systems manufacturing 2305 Polyester textile fiber manufacturing 9180 Pony rides- 9089 Pool halls 8102 Popcorn dealers 6504 Popcorn manufacturing 1438 Porcelain frit manufacturing- 4062 Porcelain ware-mechanical press forming 3224 Porcelainizing of metal products 9402 Portable toilets-rental, installation, service 9077 Post exchange-military base 4568 Potash, borax or salt producing or refining 6504 Potato chip manufacturing 2014 Potato flour manufacturing 8292 Potato storage warehouse 4053 Pottery manufacturing-china or tableware 4061 Pottery manufacturing-earthenware-glazed or porcelain-hand molded or cast 4062 Pottery manufacturing-porcelain ware-mechanical press forming 4583 Potting soil mixture manufacturing- 8021 Poultry dealers-wholesale-including dressing 8831 Poultry or egg producer- 8831 Poultry sexers- 2501 Powder puff manufacturing-from fabrics or dressed wool skins 2065 Powdered milk manufacturing 3507 Power plow or traction engine manufacturing 8013 Precious metal dealer 8013 Precious stone setting 3629 Precision machined parts manufacturing NOC 2802 Prefabricated house-manufacturing-wood-shop work- 8803 Premium auditors-insurance 2112 Preserves (fruit) manufacturing 4034 Pre-stressed concrete beam manufacturing- 4034 Pre-stressed concrete girder manufacturing- 3681 Printed circuit manufacturing 4299 Printing 3548 Printing or bookbinding machine manufacturing 5102 Prison cell erection-steel 7720 Probation officers- 8835 Public health nursing association-all employees 9101 Public library or museum-all other than professional employees or clerical 8810 Public library or museum-professional employees & clerical 2016 Puffed wheat manufacturing 2841 Pulley block manufacturing-wood 4207 Pulp manufacturing-chemical process 4206 Pulp manufacturing-ground wood process 3724 Pump installation -commercial 5183 Pump installation -domestic or residential 3612 Pump manufacturing 4558 Putty manufacturing 3685 Pyrometer manufacturing 4459 Pyroxylin manufacturing 1624 Quarry NOC 1654 Quarry-cement rock-surface- 1655 Quarry-limestone-surface- 8015 Quick printing-copying or duplication service-all employees & clerical, salespersons, drivers 2501 Quilt, cushion or pillow manufacturing 2501 Quilted cloth manufacturing-for garments and garment linings 5538 Quonset structure construction-sheet metal-shop and installation- 9180 Race car drivers. Separately rate race car team as Code 8380 8380 Race car team-. Separately rate race car drivers as Code 9180 9016 Racetrack operation-horse or dog: all other employees-including starters & assistants- 8810 Racetrack operation-horse or dog: pari-mutuel clerks cashiers & clerical employees 8720 Racetrack operation-horse or dog: racing officials other than starters or assistants 8279 Racetrack operation-horse or dog: stable hands or kennel employees- 3076 Radiator cabinet or shield manufacturing-metal 3807 Radiator manufacturing-automobile 3175 Radiator or heater manufacturing 7610 Radio or television broadcasting station-all employees & clerical, drivers 7610 Radio or television broadcasting station-field announcers- 8010 Radio or television parts and accessories stores 8017 Radio or television stores 3681 Radio set manufacturing 5040 Radio transmission tower erection 4112 Radio tube manufacturing 9516 Radio, video, audio or television set installation, service or repair 4511 Radiography research or analytical laboratory 8264 Rag or paper stock dealer-used- 3040 Railings fabrication-iron or steel- 5610 Railroad car cleaning 3881 Railroad car dismantling 3881 Railroad car manufacturing- 7855 Railroad construction: laying of tracks or maintenance by contractors- 6702 Railroad construction-all operations including clerical salespersons -Program I 6703 Railroad construction-all operations including clerical salespersons -Program II-State Act 6704 Railroad construction-all operations including clerical salespersons -Program II-USL Act 7133 Railroad operation NOC: all employees 7151 Railroad operation-all employees including clerical-Program I 7153 Railroad operation-all employees including clerical-Program II-State Act 7152 Railroad operation-all employees including clerical-Program II-USL Act 7382 Railroad operation-street--all other than yard employees 8385 Railroad operation-street-yard employees 6325 Railroad switch and road crossing signals installation- 3169 Range manufacturing-gas or electric 7720 Rangers-forest- 2913 Rattan, willow or twisted fiber products manufacturing 2305 Rayon manufacturing 3270 Razor blade manufacturing-safety 3122 Razor manufacturing NOC (not electric) 3179 Razor manufacturing or repair-electric 3270 Razor manufacturing-safety 8742 Real estate agency-outside employees & collectors 8721 Real estate appraisal company-outside employees 3507 Reaper manufacturing 3632 Rebabbitting of auto connecting rods 3574 Recording machine manufacturing (office-type) 4923 Recording tape or disk manufacturing 9077 Recreational center or library-military base 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: archery ranges 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: ball or dart throwing at targets- 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: baseball batting ranges- 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: golf courses-miniature- 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: golf driving ranges- 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: kiddie rides at permanent locations 8017 Recreational or amusement devices: penny arcades-operation 9180 Recreational or amusement devices: pony rides--excluding track maintenance 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: pony rides-care & maintenance of track 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: shooting galleries (air rifles) 8017 Recreational or amusement devices: skee ball alley operation 9016 Recreational or amusement devices: tennis courts-public-operation 9015 Recreational vehicle campgrounds or parks-all operations 8264 Recycling dealer-cans or bottles- 4024 Refractory products manufacturing 4018 Refractory products manufacturing-all employees (MO) 2812 Refrigerated showcase manufacturing-wood 7360 Refrigeration car loading or unloading 7360 Refrigeration cars-icing or re-icing 9014 Refrigeration cars-pre-cooling 5183 Refrigeration-commercial or domestic-pipe fitting-including the installation of tubing; drivers 5190 Refrigeration-commercial-cleaning, oiling or adjusting- 3724 Refrigeration-commercial-installation or repair of compressors, motors 9519 Refrigeration-domestic-cleaning, oiling or adjusting- 9519 Refrigeration-domestic-installation, service or repair- 3076 Refrigerator manufacturing-metal-household or commercial-all other than refrigerating unit 3179 Refrigerator manufacturing-metal-household or commercial-manufacturing or assembling refrigerating unit 8010 Refrigerator parts store 8044 Refrigerator, stove or washing machine stores- 9519 Refrigerator, stove, washing machine, service or repair-including incidental shop operations; drivers 3620 Refuse container (dumpster) manufacturing 9403 Refuse, ashes or garbage collection 9101 Religious organization: all other employees 8868 Religious organization: professional employees & clerical 4665 Rendering works NOC 8010 Rental-hand-held machinery or equipment NOC 8107 Rental-heavy equipment- 8742 Reporters 8836 Rescue mission-& clerical, salespersons 8829 Rest home-all employees 3066 Restaurant and hotel-kitchen equipment manufacturing-sheet metal 9082 Restaurant NOC 9083 Restaurant: fast food 9084 Restaurant-bar, discotheque, lounge, nightclub or tavern 9014 Restrooms-cleaning 8826 Retirement living centers: all other employees, salespersons 8825 Retirement living centers: food service employees 8824 Retirement living centers: health care employees 6005 Revetment or dike construction 2302 Ribbon manufacturing-textile fabrics 2014 Rice milling 8292 Rice storage warehouse 8279 Riding academy or club 7207 Riding academy or club (MO, NJ) 3574 Rifle manufacturing-.50 caliber or less 9534 Rigging 7038 Riverboat gambling vessel-less than 15 tons-Program I 7090 Riverboat gambling vessel-less than 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Riverboat gambling vessel-less than 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 3507 Road or street making machinery manufacturing 0042 Road or street sodding or beautification work- 5506 Roads-oiling: delivery and spreading of oil in conjunction with spreading of sand or gravel by oil distributors- 8350 Roads-oiling: delivery and spreading of oil on roads by oil distributors- 6504 Roasting of nuts 1624 Rock asphalt quarry- 6217 Rock excavation 1699 Rock wool manufacturing 9088 Rocket or missile testing or launching 9016 Rodeos-facilities maintenance 9186 Rodeos-traveling 9179 Roller derbies 3638 Roller or ball bearing manufacturing 3146 Roller skate manufacturing 9093 Roller skating rink 3027 Rolling mill NOC 3018 Rolling mill-iron or steel manufacturing 4036 Roof coating manufacturing-stucco type- 4034 Roof tile manufacturing-concrete- 2802 Roof truss manufacturing-wood- 4741 Roofing compound manufacturing-of asphalt and asbestos- 1741 Roofing granules manufacturing- 4283 Roofing or building paper or felt preparation-no installation 4283 Roofing paper or roofing felt manufacturing 1624 Roofing slate manufacturing or slate splitting 5551 Roofing-all kinds 5551 Roofing-all kinds-& yard employees, drivers 5551 Roof-insulation- 5551 Roof-pressure washing- 5551 Roof-waterproofing- 9052 Rooming houses or boarding houses-& salespersons, drivers 2220 Rope, cordage or twine manufacturing NOC 6834 Rowboat-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-State Act- 6824 Rowboat-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-U.S. Act- 4410 Rubber band manufacturing 4410 Rubber goods manufacturing NOC 4410 Rubber reclaiming 4299 Rubber stamp manufacturing or assembly 8264 Rubber stock dealer-used- 5478 Rubber tile installation 8380 Rubber tire dealer-retail- 8388 Rubber tire dealers-wholesale or retail, or combined wholesale and retail-including inside salespersons, estimators, service writers, customer service representatives and cashiers; repairing and adjusting tires away from the premises; and accessories and s 8018 Rubber tire dealer-wholesale, no installation 4420 Rubber tire manufacturing 8380 Rubber tire recapping or retreading- 2402 Rug manufacturing-braided rugs 2402 Rug or carpet manufacturing NOC 2220 Rug or carpet manufacturing-jute or hemp 2585 Rug, carpet or upholstery-cleaning-shop or outside- 2130 Rum distillery 3373 Rustproofing tools or other metal articles 2014 Rye milling 2578 Sack or bag manufacturing-cloth 4902 Saddle or harness manufacturing 4557 Saddle soap manufacturing 2841 Saddle tree manufacturing 3146 Saddlery hardware manufacturing 3507 Safe manufacturing or repairing 3270 Safety pin manufacturing 2576 Sail making 6834 Sailboat-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-State Act- 6824 Sailboat-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-U.S. Act- 6504 Salad dressing manufacturing 8288 Sales stable & salespersons, drivers 8748 Salesperson-auto dealership 8748 Salesperson-automobile leasing company, long-term 8748 Salesperson-boats at inland locations 8748 Salesperson-mobile homes 8748 Salesperson-outboard engines 8737 Salespersons, collectors or messengers outside-Program I 8734 Salespersons, collectors or messengers outside-Program II-State Act 8738 Salespersons, collectors or messengers outside-Program II-USL Act 8742 Salespersons, collectors or messengers-outside 9521 Salespersons-trimming windows 4568 Salt, borax or potash producing or refining 5705 Salvage operation-no wrecking or any structural operations 7380 Sample distributors-transported by car or truck- 1803 Sand blasting of castings- 4053 Sand carving 4000 Sand or gravel digging 4511 Sand or gravel research or analytical laboratory-for precious stones 6206 Sandfracturing in connection with oil well work- 5437 Sanding floors-contract 1860 Sandpaper manufacturing 6504 Sandwich preparation-not sold directly to consumer 9040 Sanitarium-all other than professional employees 8833 Sanitarium-professional employees 6217 Sanitary landfill- 3066 Sash manufacturing-metal 8235 Sash, door or assembled millwork dealer 2802 Sash, door or assembled millwork manufacturing-wood- 5213 Satellite dish installation: applies to ground or roof-mounted installations: installation of concrete mounting pad 3724 Satellite dish installation-large- (concrete work or wiring in building interiors to be separately classified) 9516 Satellite dish installation-small 3076 Satellite dish manufacturing-metal mesh 3681 Satellite dish-electronic component manufacturing 2110 Sauerkraut manufacturing 2095 Sausage casing manufacturing-wholesale-including cleaning 8018 Sausage casing manufacturing-wholesale-no cleaning other than washing 2095 Sausage or sausage casing manufacturing 3114 Saw filer manufacturing-drop or machine forged 3113 Saw filer manufacturing-not drop or machine forged 3118 Saw manufacturing 8018 Sawdust dealers 2710 Sawmill 3118 Saws-sharpening 5057 Scaffolding: concrete or cement distributing towers-installation, repair or removal 7228 Scaffolding: delivery of materials only-local hauling only-no installation, repair or removal 7229 Scaffolding: delivery of materials only-long distance hauling-no installation, repair or removal 9534 Scaffolding: outrigger scaffold installation, repair or removal 5057 Scaffolding: scaffold installation, repair or removal-built up from the ground-not suspended or swinging type 5403 Scaffolding: sidewalk bridges not over one story in height 9534 Scaffolding: suspended or swinging scaffold installation, repair or removal 3559 Scale manufacturing-automatic 5192 Scales-installation or adjustment & salespersons, drivers-coin-operated type 5191 Scales-installation or adjustment-counter-type 3724 Scales-installation or adjustment-platform or beam-type- 3179 Scanner manufacturing-for pricing at cash registers 9180 Scenic railroad at amusement park- 7382 School bus driver employed by independent bus company- 7380 School bus driver employed by school district- 7422 School-pilot training-flying instructors 9101 Schools-all other than professional & clerical employees 8868 Schools-professional employees & clerical 9101 Schools-trade or vocational-all other than professional or clerical employees 8868 Schools-trade or vocational-professional employees & clerical 8742 Scouts-sports teams 6854 Scow building-iron or steel-State Act- 6843 Scow building-iron or steel-U.S. Act- 2802 Screen manufacturing-window-wood- 3145 Screw manufacturing 7394 Scuba divers in navigable water-Program I 7395 Scuba divers in navigable water-Program II-State Act 7398 Scuba divers in navigable water-Program II-USL Act 9015 Scuba diving instruction in swimming pools 3041 Sculptures, hand formed-metal- 4410 Sealing compound manufacturing-rubber 4557 Sealing wax manufacturing 6003 Seawall construction-consisting wholly of pile driving 7720 Security enforcement or protection-contract 7720 Security screening-contract- 8102 Seed merchant 8102 Seed sprouting 9015 Self-storage warehousing facilities 9402 Septic tank cleaning 6229 Septic tank installation by specialist contractors- 9180 Serpentarium- 5951 Serum, anti-toxin or virus manufacturing 7580 Sewage disposal plant operation 9402 Sewer cleaning 5183 Sewer cleaning-building connections-using portable equipment- 6306 Sewer construction-all operations 8008 Sewing accessories store 8010 Sewing machine heads and parts store 3574 Sewing machine manufacturing 5190 Sewing machines-commercial-electrical wiring-away from shop- 3643 Sewing machines-commercial-repairing and rebuilding electric motors 3574 Sewing machines-commercial-repairing or rebuilding machines, cutters & parts in shop 3724 Sewing machines-commercial-repairing, installing and dismantling in sewing plants 9519 Sewing machines-installation, service or repair-residential 2841 Shade roller manufacturing-wood 6252 Shaft sinking-all operations 1699 Shale aggregate production 4000 Shale or clay digging 4611 Shampoo compounding or preparation-no manufacturing of ingredients 3632 Sharpening industrial tools 2623 Sheepskin pickling 5538 Sheet metal covered steel frame building construction-framework-appropriate iron or steel erection classification- 5538 Sheet metal covered steel frame building construction-sheet metal siding- 5538 Sheet metal decking-installation for sub-roofs or floors- 3066 Sheet metal work-shop 5538 Sheet metal work-shop and outside-NOC 5445 Sheet rock installation-within buildings- 2039 Sherbert manufacturing- 7720 Sheriffs- 2710 Shingle manufacturing-wood 8232 Shingle staining- 6872 Ship cleaning-all operations- 6854 Ship keels-laying-State Act- 6843 Ship keels-laying-U.S. Act- 6872 Ship repair or conversion-all operations 6882 Ship repair or conversion-all operations 6874 Ship scaling 6835 Shipbuilding-iron or steel--State Act (MO) 6825 Shipbuilding-iron or steel--U.S. Act (MO) 6843 Shipbuilding-iron or steel-NOC : all except boilermaking, foundry & machine shop employees 3081 Shipbuilding-iron or steel-NOC : foundry-ferrous-NOC 3085 Shipbuilding-iron or steel-NOC : foundry-non-ferrous 3632 Shipbuilding-iron or steel-NOC: machine shop 3620 Shipbuilding-iron or steel-NOC-boilermaking 6845 Shipbuilding-naval 3822 Shipping container manufacturing (containerized cargo boxes)-die-pressed steel 3824 Shipping container manufacturing (containerized cargo boxes)-no die-pressed steel 2501 Shirt manufacturing 2211 Shoddy manufacturing 2651 Shoe findings manufacturing 2790 Shoe form or last form manufacturing 2660 Shoe or boot manufacturing NOC 4410 Shoe or boot manufacturing-rubber-includes combined rubber and fabric boots or shoes 4282 Shoe or boot pattern manufacturing 2501 Shoe ornament manufacturing-fabric 8017 Shoe repair store 8017 Shoe shining establishment 2651 Shoe stock manufacturing 9180 Shooting gallery- 8017 Shoppers-checking attentiveness, personality & honesty of store clerks 3372 Shot peening-metal parts 3574 Shotgun manufacturing-.50 caliber or less 5146 Showcase erection and installation 2812 Showcase manufacturing-wood 0005 Shrub cultivation- 3040 Shutter fabrication-iron or steel- 2841 Shuttle manufacturing 5221 Sidewalk washing using pressure spray gun 5403 Siding installation-aluminum or vinyl-all buildings or structures other than dwellings for one- or two-family or those less than three stories in height 5645 Siding installation-aluminum or vinyl-detached one- or two-family dwellings 5651 Siding installation-aluminum or vinyl-dwellings-three stories or less 7038 Sightseeing boat-less than 15 tons-Program I 7090 Sightseeing boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-State Act 7050 Sightseeing boat-less than 15 tons-Program II-USL Act 9554 Sign installation, repair, maintenance, removal or replacement: advertising company-away from shop and drivers 3064 Sign manufacturing-metal 9501 Sign manufacturing-plastic or vinyl-computer-generated letters or graphics-includes manufacture or preparation of surfaces 4299 Sign manufacturing-plastic or vinyl-computer-generated letters or graphics-no manufacture or preparation of surfaces 2501 Sign manufacturing-silk-screen printing-cloth 3064 Sign manufacturing-silk-screen printing-metal 4299 Sign manufacturing-silk-screen printing-paper or plasterboard 4299 Sign manufacturing-silk-screen printing-plastic 4299 Sign manufacturing-silk-screen printing-wood 2881 Sign manufacturing-wood-no painting or using power machinery 2812 Sign manufacturing-wood-no painting-using power machinery 9501 Sign manufacturing-wood-painting, spraying, sandblasting with our without power machinery 9501 Sign manufacturing-wood-painting, spraying, sandblasting, with or without power machinery 9501 Sign painting or lettering-inside of buildings- 9554 Sign painting or lettering-outside of buildings or structures- 1741 Silica grinding- 1624 Silica rock quarry- 2302 Silk thread or yarn manufacturing 2302 Silk throwing and weaving 2501 Silk-screen process cloth printing-hand printing operations 2413 Silk-screen process cloth printing-machinery operations prior to or after hand operations 4034 Sill manufacturing-concrete- 2802 Silo building-wood-shop- 5213 Silo erection-concrete 5538 Silo erection-glass fused to steel- 5022 Silo erection-masonry or tile 5538 Silo erection-metal- 5213 Silo erection-pre-cast concrete staves 5403 Silo erection-wood 3383 Silverware manufacturing 3081 Sink manufacturing-enameled iron- 3648 Siren manufacturing 2211 Sisal garnetting 3146 Skate manufacturing 8017 Skee ball alley operation 9180 Ski instructors- 2841 Ski manufacturing-wood 8017 Ski shop employees at winter resorts 9102 Ski trail operation-cross-country 2759 Skid manufacturing-wooden 9180 Skiing operations-tows, instructors, patrols, cable chair sky rides- 7394 Skin divers in navigable water-Program I 7395 Skin divers in navigable water-Program II-State Act 7398 Skin divers in navigable water-Program II-USL Act 5538 Skylight installation 3066 Skylight manufacturing 1624 Slag digging and crushing- 1741 Slate grinding- 1803 Slate milling- 1624 Slate quarry- 1624 Slate splitting or roofing slate manufacturing 2081 Slaughtering 3126 Sledgehammer manufacturing 2660 Slipper manufacturing 3574 Slot machine manufacturing-not vending machines 1430 Smelting, sintering or refining-lead- 1438 Smelting, sintering or refining-metals-not iron or lead-NOC 1438 Smelting-electric process- 3179 Smoke alarm manufacturing 5222 Smokestack or chimney lining-not metal 3270 Snap fasteners manufacturing 4410 Sneaker manufacturing 2710 Snow fence manufacturing: cutting lath from logs 3257 Snow fence manufacturing: wire twisting 9402 Snow removal-clearing snow from streets or roads- 3808 Snowmobile manufacturing or assembly-entire vehicle 2172 Snuff manufacturing 5191 Soap dispenser-installation and inspection 4720 Soap manufacturing-liquid 4720 Soap or synthetic detergent manufacturing 1803 Soapstone or soapstone products manufacturing- 9178 Soccer team 0005 Sod dealer-no farming- 0037 Sod farming- 5146 Soda fountain or counter installation 3076 Soda water fountain or apparatus manufacturing 4940 Soda water fountain or apparatus manufacturing (IL, MO, OK) 8018 Soft drink distributors-wholesale-no bottling 5183 Soft drink or beer dispensing unit equipment-cleaning 2157 Soft drinks-canning-carbonated- 2156 Soft drinks-canning-not carbonated- 4583 Soil conditioner manufacturing- 8102 Soil inspection for farms 4511 Soil testing research or analytical laboratory 8350 Solvents dealers-bulk- 9061 Sorority or fraternity houses 7605 Sound systems installation or repair- 4683 Soybean oil manufacturing-not using solvent extraction process 4686 Soybean oil manufacturing-using solvent extraction process 8044 Spa or hot tub dealer- 2002 Spaghetti manufacturing 1741 Spar or flint grinding 3648 Spark plug manufacturing 2883 Speaker enclosure manufacturing including assembly of components 3681 Speaker manufacturing 8832 Speech therapists 3574 Speedometer or taximeter manufacturing 9016 Speedways-automobile races 0037 Spice growing- 6504 Spice mills 3132 Spike manufacturing 4439 Spirit varnish or lacquer manufacturing 2131 Spirituous liquor bottling 2130 Spirituous liquor distillery 2841 Spool manufacturing-wood 4902 Sporting goods manufacturing NOC 8017 Sporting goods-retail 3303 Spring manufacturing 3257 Spring manufacturing-wire 3634 Sprinkler head manufacturing 5188 Sprinkler installation-fire- 6229 Sprinkler installation-irrigation- 5183 Sprinkler installation-residential- 8279 Stable or breeding farm 4036 Staff or plaster mixing 2812 Stage scenery fabrication 5437 Stair building (wooden)-erection 3040 Staircase fabrication-iron or steel- 2802 Staircase fabrication-wood- 8013 Stamp dealer 3270 Staple manufacturing 4703 Starch manufacturing 9410 State employees NOC 4251 Stationery manufacturing 2735 Stave manufacturing-wood 7539 Steam heating or power co.-all employees 6319 Steam mains or connections construction 3574 Steam or air pressure gauge manufacturing 5183 Steam pipe or boiler insulating 3507 Steam shovel, dredge or construction machinery manufacturing NOC 8726 Steamship line or agency-port employees: superintendents, captains, engineers, stewards or their assistants, pay clerks 8709 Steamship line or agency-port employees: talliers, checking clerks and repacking of damaged containers-coverage under Longshore Act 8719 Steamship line or agency-port employees: talliers, checking clerks and repacking of damaged containers-coverage under State Act 5645 Steel frame erection-interior-by carpentry contractors for one- or two-family dwellings 5403 Steel frame erection-interior-by carpentry NOC-contractors 5445 Steel frame erection-interior-by contractors engaged in wallboard installation- 5102 Steel frame erection-interior-by specialist contractor 1438 Steel grit manufacturing- 5146 Steel locker installation 8106 Steel or iron merchant 8265 Steel or iron scrap dealer 4299 Stereotyping 7309 Stevedoring NOC 8719 Stevedoring: talliers and checking clerks engaged in connection with stevedore work-coverage under State Act 8709 Stevedoring: talliers and checking clerks engaged in connection with stevedore work-coverage under U.S. Act 7317 Stevedoring-by hand or hand trucks exclusively 7327 Stevedoring-containerized freight 7350 Stevedoring-freight handling NOC-coverage under Longshore Act 7360 Stevedoring-freight handling NOC-coverage under State Act 2081 Stockyard & butchering 8288 Stockyard & salespersons, drivers 3632 Stoker manufacturing 1710 Stone crushing 5508 Stone crushing-by road building contractors as part of road project- 1803 Stone cutting or polishing NOC 4000 Stone digging for stone crushing plant- 1164 Stone mining-underground- 5348 Stone or marble setting-inside 5348 Stone, mosaic, terrazzo or tile work-inside 8380 Storage battery service station 8292 Storage warehouse NOC 8291 Storage warehouse-cold 8293 Storage warehouse-furniture 8010 Store: agricultural implement-not farm machinery 8046 Store: automobile accessories-retail NOC 8046 Store: automotive replacement parts distributors-wholesale 8010 Store: bicycles-retail sale or rental-including repair 8072 Store: book, record, compact disc, software, video or audio cassette retail 8810 Store: check cashing 8008 Store: clothing, wearing apparel or dry goods-retail 8032 Store: clothing, wearing apparel or dry goods-wholesale 8006 Store: coffee, tea or spice-retail 8006 Store: dairy products-retail 8006 Store: delicatessen-retail 8039 Store: department-retail 8045 Store: drug-retail 8047 Store: drug-wholesale 8008 Store: dry goods-retail 8032 Store: dry goods-wholesale 8010 Store: electrical hardware-wholesale or retail 8031 Store: fish, meat or poultry dealer-retail 8021 Store: fish, meat or poultry dealer-wholesale 8050 Store: five and ten cent 8001 Store: florist 8006 Store: frozen or frosted food-retail 8006 Store: fruit or vegetable-retail 8018 Store: fruit or vegetable-wholesale 8044 Store: furniture 8061 Store: grocery convenience-retail (FL, GA, MO, TN) 8006 Store: grocery-retail 8018 Store: grocery-wholesale 8034 Store: grocery-wholesale (AZ, MA, MO, NJ, OK) 8010 Store: hardware 8105 Store: hide or leather dealer 8013 Store: jewelry-retail or wholesale 8105 Store: leather or hide dealer 8021 Store: meat, fish or poultry dealer-wholesale 8031 Store: meat, fish or poultry-retail 8033 Store: meat, grocery and provision (combined)-retail NOC (supermarket type) 8010 Store: radio or television parts and accessories 8017 Store: retail-NOC 8008 Store: sewing accessories-retail 8032 Store: sewing accessories-wholesale 8010 Store: ship chandler 8008 Store: shoe-retail 8032 Store: shoe-wholesale 8033 Store: supermarket 8006 Store: vegetable or fruit-retail 8018 Store: vegetable or fruit-wholesale 8018 Store: wholesale NOC 5645 Storm doors or storm sash-installation-wood or metal 3169 Stove manufacturing 9519 Stove-installation, service or repair-residential 9402 Street cleaning 5515 Street or road construction (MO) 0042 Street or road construction-beautification work- 5506 Street or road construction-paving or repaving 5508 Street or road construction-rock excavation 5507 Street or road construction-sub-surface work 3507 Street or road making machinery manufacturing 0042 Street or road sodding or beautification work- 7382 Street railroads- 8385 Street railroads-garage employees 5022 Stucco or plastering work-on outside of buildings 5507 Stump removal operations-by specialist contractors 7133 Subway operation-all employees and drivers 2021 Sugar manufacturing-beet 3041 Sun dial fabrication-metal- 4683 Sunflower oil manufacturing-not using solvent extraction process 4686 Sunflower oil manufacturing-using solvent extraction process 8013 Sunglasses store 3581 Super charger manufacturing 7016 Supply boats-Program I 7024 Supply boats-Program II-State Act 7047 Supply boats-Program II-USL Act 4693 Surgical dressings manufacturing 3685 Surgical instrument manufacturing 4693 Surgical or pharmaceutical goods manufacturing NOC 8601 Surveyor 2501 Suspender manufacturing 9015 Swap meet operation 9402 Sweeping-parking lots & streets 9015 Swimming instructors-independent- 5069 Swimming pool construction-iron or steel 5223 Swimming pool construction-not iron or steel- 9014 Swimming pool maintenance-residential 9015 Swimming pool-public-operation 4751 Synthetic rubber manufacturing 2302 Synthetic yarn manufacturing 4825 Syrup manufacturing-for carbonated beverages 2112 Syrup manufacturing-fruit-for soda fountains 2021 Syrup or molasses refining 2021 Syrup or molasses refining-blending or manufacturing 2916 Table & desk top manufacturing-veneered, no veneer manufacturing 2881 Table assembling-wood 4307 Table pad manufacturing-from cardboard and fabric 4902 Table tennis set manufacturing 4111 Tableware manufacturing-glass-no automatic blowing machines 3270 Tack manufacturing (nail type) 8017 Tailor shop 2503 Tailoring or dressmaking-custom exclusively 1747 Talc mill 1165 Talc-surface mining- 4557 Tallow chandlers 3620 Tank building-metal-shop 2802 Tank building-wood-shop- 4635 Tank charging-gases or compressed air- 3726 Tank cleaning-oil or gas storage: inside 5474 Tank cleaning-oil or gas storage: outside- 3726 Tank erection or repair-metal-within buildings exclusively 5040 Tank erection-spherical steel 5403 Tank erection-wooden 3548 Tank gun manufacturing 3724 Tank installation-gas stations- 2883 Tank, seat or cabinet manufacturing-toilet-wood 2623 Tanning 4825 Tanning extract manufacturing 9586 Tanning parlor as a separate enterprise 9063 Tanning parlor in conjunction with health club 4923 Tape manufacturing-magnetic 2576 Tarpaulin manufacturing from canvas material 9586 Tattooing parlors 7370 Taxicab company--all other than garage employees 8385 Taxicab company-garage employees 9600 Taxidermist 3574 Taximeter or speedometer manufacturing 8380 Taximeters-installation or repair- 8006 Tea, coffee or grocery dealer-retail 8810 Telephone answering service 5538 Telephone booth-shop and installation- 7605 Telephone installation-by specialist contractor, not telephone company- 3681 Telephone manufacturing 7612 Telephone or cable TV line installation-contractors, overhead and drivers 7613 Telephone or cable TV line installation-contractors, service lines and connection and drivers 7611 Telephone or cable TV line installation-contractors, underground and drivers 3681 Telephone or telegraph apparatus manufacturing 7600 Telephone or telegraph co.: all employees except office exchange or clerical 8901 Telephone or telegraph co.: office, exchange, or clerical 2960 Telephone poles-treating- 7601 Telephone, telegraph or fire alarm line construction 4150 Telescope manufacturing-with lens grinding 3146 Television antenna manufacturing 8901 Television cable company-clerical employees 7610 Television or radio broadcasting station-all employees & clerical, drivers 7610 Television or radio broadcasting station-field announcers- 8017 Television or radio stores 3681 Television set manufacturing 5040 Television transmission tower erection 4112 Television tube manufacturing 3681 Television, radio, telephone or telecommunication device manufacturing NOC 9516 Television, video, audio or radio set installation, service or repair 4902 Tennis ball manufacturing 2576 Tent or awning manufacturing-shop 5102 Tent, awning or canvas goods erection, removal or repair 9014 Termite control 4053 Terra cotta manufacturing 5348 Terrazzo, mosaic, stone or tile work-inside 4771 Tetryl explosives manufacturing- 2305 Textile fiber manufacturing-synthetic 3515 Textile machinery manufacturing 2501 Textile mending-invisible textile weaving of wearing apparel 2211 Textile or fiber waste reprocessing 2413 Textile-bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing 9154 Theater NOC-all employees other than players, entertainers or musicians 9156 Theater NOC-players, entertainers or musicians 5146 Theater seats installation 9154 Theater-drive-in-all employees 6235 Thermal flooding-drilling in connection with oil or gas well- 3685 Thermometer manufacturing 5190 Thermostat installation-electric- 5183 Thermostat installation-not electric- 3179 Thermostat manufacturing 2416 Thread or yarn dyeing or finishing 2220 Thread or yarn manufacturing-cotton 2302 Thread or yarn manufacturing-silk 2960 Tie, post or pole yard 5478 Tile installation-non-ceramic 4024 Tile manufacturing-boiler or stoker 4062 Tile manufacturing-decorative-non-structural 4021 Tile or earthenware manufacturing NOC 5348 Tile, stone, mosaic or terrazzo work-inside 8601 Timber buyers and cruisers 6003 Timber wharf construction 5610 Timekeepers-construction or erection 3334 Tin foil manufacturing 3373 Tinning or galvanizing-not electrolytic 3400 Tinware manufacturing-pie plates, pails, waste baskets, ash cans, dustpans-metal stamped parts 3179 Toaster manufacturing 0037 Tobacco farms- 2174 Tobacco rehandling or warehousing 8017 Tobacco store-retail 8018 Tobacco store-wholesale 2587 Toilet or towel supply co. & route supervisors, drivers 4279 Toilet tissue manufacturing 3126 Tool manufacturing-agricultural, construction, logging, mining, oil or artesian well 3110 Tool manufacturing-drop or machine forged NOC-forging 3114 Tool manufacturing-drop or machine forged NOC-machining 3113 Tool manufacturing-not drop or machine forged-NOC 3632 Tool sharpening-industrial tools 4611 Toothpaste compounding or preparation-no manufacturing of ingredients 2841 Toothpick manufacturing 3548 Torpedo manufacturing 2587 Towel or toilet supply co. & route supervisors, drivers 9410 Township employees NOC 4511 Toxicology research or analytical laboratory 4279 Toy manufacturing-cardboard 2501 Toy manufacturing-cloth-stuffed animals or toys 3400 Toy manufacturing-metal stamped parts 2841 Toy manufacturing-wood 7382 Trackless trolley operators- 8385 Trackless trolley-garage employees 9016 Tracks-stock car, jalopy races 3507 Traction engine or power plow manufacturing 3507 Tractor manufacturing-Caterpillar-type 5192 Traffic control arm unit-installation, service or repair- 6325 Traffic signal installation- 3822 Trailer body manufacturing-not "home" type-die-pressed steel 3824 Trailer body manufacturing-not "home" type-other than die-pressed steel 2812 Trailer manufacturing-home-type 9015 Trailer parks or trailer camps-all operations 9180 Train operation-miniature at amusement park- 3681 Transformer manufacturing 4511 Transistor research or analytical laboratory 8831 Trappers-animal- 0005 Tree planting for reforestation- 0106 Tree pruning, spraying, repairing 6217 Tree removal operations-limited number from developed sites- 3865 Tricycle manufacturing 2388 Trimmings or ribbons-hand sewing on finished garments 2388 Trimmings-manufacturing fancy trimming or piping-not manufacturing binding tape or ribbon 3383 Trombone manufacturing 2881 Trophy manufacturing-wooden 3827 Truck engine manufacturing 8380 Truck leasing company-long-term--all employees other than salespersons 8748 Truck leasing company-long-term-sales employees 3808 Truck manufacturing or assembly-entire vehicle 8002 Truck rental -all employees other than garage employees 8385 Truck rental-garage employees 3179 Truck trailer refrigeration systems installation or repair at insured's premises 3724 Truck trailer refrigeration systems installation or repair away from insured's premises- 7720 Truck weighing station inspectors-permanent location 8370 Trucking: mechanics and garage employees (MO, NM, SD) 7250 Trucking-hauling explosives or ammunition-all employees (AZ, MO) 7228 Trucking-hauling explosives or ammunition-local hauling only-all employees 7229 Trucking-hauling explosives or ammunition-long distance hauling-all employees 7228 Trucking-local hauling only-all employees 7229 Trucking-long distance hauling only-all employees 7231 Trucking-mail, parcel or package delivery-all employees 7232 Trucking-mail, parcel or package delivery-under contract with the U.S. Postal Service-all employees 7222 Trucking-oil field equipment-all employees 7230 Trucking-parcel or package delivery-all employees 2883 Trunk manufacturing-metal frames or fittings to be separately rated 2881 Tub assembly-cooperage 3334 Tube manufacturing-metal-collapsible 3028 Tubing manufacturing-iron or steel-for automobile exhaust systems- 3022 Tubing manufacturing-non-ferrous-for automobile exhaust systems- 5022 Tuck pointing performed by contractor engaged in chimney work assigned to Code 5022 5222 Tuck pointing performed by contractor engaged in chimney work assigned to Code 5222 5022 Tuck pointing performed by specialist contractor 6854 Tugboat building-iron or steel-State Act- 6843 Tugboat building-iron or steel-U.S. Act- 7016 Tugboats-Program I 7024 Tugboats-Program II-State Act 7047 Tugboats-Program II-USL Act 9019 Tunnel (vehicular) or bridge operations 6251 Tunneling-not pneumatic-all operations 6260 Tunneling-pneumatic-all operations 9402 Tunnel-spray cleaning of interior 3581 Turbo supercharger manufacturing or repair 0016 Turpentine farm 3122 Tweezers manufacturing 2220 Twine or cord manufacturing-cotton 2220 Twine, cordage or rope manufacturing NOC 3114 Twist drills manufacturing-drop or machine forged 3113 Twist drills manufacturing-not drop or machine forged 3336 Type foundry 3574 Typewriter manufacturing 4251 Typewriter ribbon or carbon paper manufacturing 5191 Typewriter-installation, service or repair 8742 U.S.O. activities performed by Travelers' Aid Society 7380 U.S.O. activities-mobile units- 9063 U.S.O. activities-permanent location 2501 Umbrella manufacturing 9505 Undercoating-automobiles 5703 Underpinning buildings or structures 9620 Undertaker 9077 United States armed service risk-all employees 9522 Upholstering 9521 Upholstering-away from shop 2585 Upholstery, carpet or rug cleaning 9519 Vacuum cleaner service and repair 3179 Vacuum manufacturing 3634 Valve manufacturing 8393 Van conversion operation 4561 Varnish manufacturing-oleo-resinous 4439 Varnish manufacturing-spirit 5057 Vault construction or installation 0008 Vegetable growing 8209 Vegetable packing 2300 Velvet or plush manufacturing 3559 Vending machine manufacturing 5192 Vending or coin operated machines-installation, service or repair & salespersons, drivers 2714 Veneer manufacturing 2915 Veneer products manufacturing-including veneer manufacturing 2916 Veneer products manufacturing-no veneer manufacturing 2881 Venetian blind assembly 9521 Venetian blind installation 2585 Venetian blind laundries- 1699 Vermiculite manufacturing 7016 Vessels-NOC-Program I 7024 Vessels-NOC-Program II-State Act 7047 Vessels-NOC-Program II-USL Act 7046 Vessels-not self-propelled-Program I 7098 Vessels-not self-propelled-Program II-State Act 7099 Vessels-not self-propelled-Program II-USL Act 7038 Vessels-sail-Program I 7090 Vessels-sail-Program II-State Act 7050 Vessels-sail-Program II-USL Act 6204 Vibroflotation process-building foundations- 5192 Video games-coin operated, installation, service or repair- 9516 Video, audio, radio and television equipment installation service or repair 2156 Vinegar bottling- 2143 Vinegar manufacturing 5403 Vinyl siding installation-all other than 5645 or 5651 type dwellings 5645 Vinyl siding installation-detached one- or two-family dwellings 5651 Vinyl siding installation-dwellings-three stories or less 5951 Virus, anti-toxin or serum manufacturing 4825 Vitamin manufacturing 9450 Vocational rehabilitation trainees 2130 Vodka distillery 3574 Voting machine manufacturing 3808 Wagon or carriage manufacturing or assembly 4036 Wall coating manufacturing-stucco type- 5538 Wall covering or metal ceiling installation & shop, drivers 3179 Wall switches manufacturing-electrical 5445 Wallboard installation-within buildings- 2688 Wallet manufacturing from leather, imitation leather or vinyl 4279 Wallpaper manufacturing 8017 Wallpaper or paint stores-retail 8018 Wallpaper or paint stores-wholesale 9015 Warehouse space rental-no storing of goods for others 8292 Warehousing NOC 8291 Warehousing-cold storage 8293 Warehousing-furniture- 2651 Washer or gasket manufacturing-not metal 5192 Washing machines-coin operated, installation, service or repair- 9519 Washing machines-installation, service or repair-residential 9014 Washing or cleaning of interior walls 3383 Watch case manufacturing 5610 Watch guards-construction or erection 3385 Watch manufacturing 3114 Watchmaker tool manufacturing-drop or machine forged 3113 Watchmaker tool manufacturing-not drop or machine forged 3724 Water cooling tower erection- 6235 Water flooding-drilling in connection with oil or gas well- 3169 Water heater manufacturing 6319 Water main or connection construction 3634 Water meter manufacturing 9180 Water skiing exhibitions- 9180 Water slides- 5183 Water softener-installation or service-domestic- 5040 Water towers-erection 9402 Water well cleaning-cistern type- 6204 Water well drilling- 5474 Waterproofing: application by brush or hand caulking gun- 6217 Waterproofing: excavation work necessary or incidental thereto- 9014 Waterproofing: exterior walls or subterranean structures by apparatus inserted in ground 5022 Waterproofing: exterior-with trowel 5480 Waterproofing: interior-with trowel- 5213 Waterproofing: spray gun, cement gun or other pressure apparatus 7520 Waterworks operation 9180 Wave pools- 4557 Wax manufacturing 4557 Wax products manufacturing 4279 Waxed paper manufacturing 8006 Wearing apparel or household furnishings dealer-retail 5437 Weather stripping installation 2302 Weaving mills using mixed yarns 2380 Webbing manufacturing 7016 Weed clearing by vessel-Program I 7024 Weed clearing by vessel-Program II-State Act 7047 Weed clearing by vessel-Program II-USL Act 7409 Weed control-spraying from aircraft 0050 Weed control-spraying from ground by specialist contractor- 8719 Weighers, samplers or inspectors of merchandise on vessels or docks or at railway stations or warehouses-coverage under State Act 8709 Weighers, samplers or inspectors of merchandise on vessels or docks or at railway stations or warehouses-coverage under U.S. Act 8832 Weight control services 3365 Welding or cutting NOC 3257 Welding rod manufacturing 8018 Welding supply dealers 3634 Welding torch manufacturing 3365 Welding-microscopic- 3365 Welding-robotic- 2688 Welting manufacturing-leather, latex, burlap, paper, twine, etc. 2014 Wheat milling 3803 Wheel manufacturing-automobile, metal-not cast 2841 Wheel or caster manufacturing-wood 3126 Wheelbarrow manufacturing-metal 2802 Wheelbarrow manufacturing-wood- 3865 Wheelchair manufacturing 4902 Whip manufacturing 2131 Whiskey bottling-not beer or wine, including warehousing rectifying or blending 2130 Whiskey distillery 3620 Whiskey still manufacturing 7038 White water rafting trips-Program I 7090 White water rafting trips-Program II-State Act 7050 White water rafting trips-Program II-USL Act 4558 Whiting manufacturing 9586 Wig styling 2913 Willow ware manufacturing 2913 Willow, rattan or twisted fiber products manufacturing 5057 Windmill erection-metal 2802 Windmill manufacturing-wood- 5102 Window frame & sash installation or repair-metal 3076 Window sash manufacturing-aluminum 2802 Window screen manufacturing-wood- 5645 Window screen or screen door installation-metal or wood separately rated 2841 Window shade roller manufacturing 9521 Window shades-installation 9521 Window shutter installation-wooden 5474 Window tinting-brush or spray-on method- 5491 Window tinting-plastic film exclusively- 9521 Window trimming 3648 Windshield wiper manufacturing 2156 Wine bottling- 2143 Winery 8103 Wiping cloth dealer and laundry operations 3255 Wire cloth manufacturing 1924 Wire drawing or cable manufacturing-not iron or steel 3241 Wire drawing-iron or steel 3257 Wire fence manufacturing 3257 Wire goods manufacturing NOC 4470 Wire insulating or covering 3300 Wire mattress or bed spring manufacturing 3240 Wire rope or cable manufacturing-iron or steel 6003 Wood bridge construction-pile driving over water 2790 Wood carving-by hand or machine 2710 Wood chip manufacturing 8232 Wood dealers-kindling and firewood 2014 Wood flour manufacturing 2960 Wood preserving 2731 Wood shaving (excelsior) manufacturing in planing or molding mill 2710 Wood shaving (excelsior) manufacturing in sawmill 2841 Wood turned products manufacturing NOC 2841 Woodenware manufacturing NOC 3632 Woodworking machine manufacturing 2211 Wool combing or scouring 8103 Wool merchant 2623 Wool pulling 2211 Wool separating 2286 Wool spinning and weaving 5146 Workstation-modular partition metal-installation 0034 Worm raising- 0035 Wreath or blanket manufacturing-evergreen- 7394 Wrecking-marine & salvage operations-Program I 7395 Wrecking-marine & salvage operations-Program II-State Act 7398 Wrecking-marine & salvage operations-Program II-USL Act 5213 Wrecking-not marine-all operations-concrete or concrete encased 5057 Wrecking-not marine-all operations-iron or steel 5022 Wrecking-not marine-all operations-masonry 6003 Wrecking-not marine-all operations-piers or wharfs 5403 Wrecking-not marine-all operations-wooden-including dwellings 3041 Wrought iron furniture manufacturing- 3685 X-ray apparatus manufacturing 5191 X-ray equipment, installation, service & repair 4112 X-ray tube manufacturing 6834 Yachts-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-State Act- 6824 Yachts-not exceeding 150 feet in length-building or repair-U.S. Act- 7038 Yachts-private-sail or power-Program I 7090 Yachts-private-sail or power-Program II-State Act 7050 Yachts-private-sail or power-Program II-USL Act 2286 Yarn manufacturing-wool 2416 Yarn or thread dyeing or finishing 2220 Yarn or thread manufacturing-cotton 2302 Yarn or thread manufacturing-silk 6504 Yeast manufacturing 9063 YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA, institution-all employees & clerical 3131 Zipper manufacturing 9102 Zoo


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